Boris: The Moses Of Climate Change

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared himself the Moses of Climate Change, and said that global warming is worse than Covid and therefore “we have to listen to the scientists.”

Speaking at the Global Investment Summit at the Science Museum in London on Tuesday, the prime minister claimed that free-market capitalism, which produced the world’s coronavirus vaccines, needed to be mobilized again to “face a challenge that is even bigger for humanity” and “a threat to our way of life that is ultimately far worse than COVID”: alleged manmade climate change.

Referencing the COP26 climate change conference set to take place in Glasgow, Scotland, next month, the prime minister said: “In just a couple of weeks, the world will assemble in Glasgow. And I hope that many or all of you will be there.

“Because the lesson of COVID is absolutely clear. We have to listen to the scientists. We need urgent government action.

“But we must mobilize the markets. We must bring in the private sector.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared to be attempting to convert the government’s ‘covid crisis’ strategy for the ‘climate crisis’.

On analogous lines, Claire Fox, Baroness Fox of Buckley, predicted in exclusive comments to Breitbart London that governments would try to rebrand climate change a public health crisis in order to expand their powers, as they had done successfully during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

‘The lesson of Covid is absolutely clear we have to listen to the scientists’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says climate change is a challenge ‘that is ultimately far worse than Covid’ and urgent action is needed.

— LBC (@LBC) October 19, 2021

Speaking to this publication during the Reform Party conference in Manchester earlier this month, the politically unaffiliated lawmaker — who previously served as a Member of European Parliament (MEP) for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party —  said: “I think you can expect to see a whole range of issues being dressed up as public health issues and I’ve even noticed that climate change has been posed as a public health risk rather than the green ideology.”

Continuing: “I get very anxious, because I think public health legislation will be used quite considerably over a range of issues by the government to simply hold on to the powers they have at the moment.

“If a government realizes that when public health is deployed as the specter to frighten people, then actually they can accumulate a lot of power for themselves without too much opposition.”

Exclusive: Govt Will Brand Climate Change as a ‘Public Health Issue’ to Expand Their Power, Says Baroness Fox

— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) October 5, 2021

Characterising himself as the Moses of Climate Change, Prime Minister Johnson continued that the “ten-point plan” of his “green industrial revolution” is “the new Decalogue that I brought down from Sinai last year, which is today being elaborated in our plan for net zero, to build back greener”, and presumably, Build Back Better.

The prime minister also announced further details on his net-zero strategy on Tuesday, including pledging billions of pounds in investment to “green technologies” and “helping people with their boiler upgrades” to environmentally-friendly heat pumps.

The controversial issue of ending the sale of gas boilers by 2035 was further made contentious when it was revealed that just 90,000 homes will get the £5,000 voucher to make the switch.

“Utter nonsense, what is the point?” Brexit leader Nigel Farage remarked on the report.

Johnson also announced from the Global Investment Summit a £400 million investment package with Bill Gates to boost environmentally-friendly technology, including that related to carbon capture, hydrogen technology, and zero-carbon aviation. Mr Gates said that he would be working with the British government to choose the projects to be supported by the new fund.

Our Net Zero Strategy:

▪️ Unlocks billions of pounds of investment in green technologies
▪️ Creates thousands of jobs in new, future-proof industries
▪️ Sets out how we will end our contribution to climate change and reach #NetZero by 2050

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— UK Prime Minister (@10DowningStreet) October 19, 2021

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