The ‘Heavy’ Exposé: Five Fast Facts You Need To Know About Darrell Brooks Jr

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The man who was taken into custody in connection with the Waukesha Christmas parade tragedy told police that his name was Darrell Brooks Jr. when he was detained, and they found a Ford key on him, according to scanner audio obtained by Heavy…

Police squads were at a Milwaukee address used by Darrell Brooks Jr. after his name was mentioned on the scanner in connection with the Waukesha parade incident in which at least 40 people, including many children, were injured when a red Ford Escape plowed through the crowd. He complained of shoulder pain when taken into custody.

Heavy confirmed that two Milwaukee police squads were outside the home listed to Brooks on N. 19th St. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heavy also obtained audio from the scanner indicating Waukesha police obtained an ID in the name Darrell Brooks Jr. inside the red Ford Escape they recovered in connection with the Waukesha parade investigation. He also goes by the name Darrell E. Brooks Jr., and Darrell Edward Brooks, Jr. He is 39-years-old. He had prolific social media accounts, but some have already been deleted.

The City of Waukesha now says that five people are deceased and over 40 are injured. “However, these numbers may change as we collect additional information. Many people have self-transported to area hospitals. The Police Department has the person of interest in custody,” they wrote, without naming that person.

Here’s what you need to know:

ONE: Red SUV Is Seen in a Rap Music Video by Brooks & He Posted About the Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict on Facebook. Darrell Brooks Jr. raps under the name MathBoi Fly.

On another MathBoi Fly Facebook page belonging to Darrell Brooks, in the name Jay Brooks, he wrote about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict; that trial occurred about an hour away from Milwaukee and Waukesha. To be clear, Waukesha police have not given a motive for the Waukesha parade tragedy.

When a friend wrote on the post, “Doesn’t surprise me, what a joke,” Brooks responded, “frfr…but u rite,I wasn’t surprised 1 bit 🤷🏽‍♂️.” The page is filled with religious sayings.

To be clear, Brooks’ exact alleged connection to the parade incident is not known. Authorities have not released the names of any suspects. The police chief said in a late-night news conference that police have a “person of interest.” He did not name that person. Brooks is not listed in the Waukesha County Jail database.

The motive is not clear. David Begnaud of CBS News tweeted that, according to a law enforcement official, the parade suspect was “fleeing another scene – possibly a knife fight” before injuring 40 people in the parade. “Several LE sources say preliminary: Wisconsin incident appears to be vehicle fleeing a separate crime scene (stabbing) when it plowed into parade. One person in custody. Investigation ongoing but so far no initial link to terror or the recent Rittenhouse verdict w/@tom_winter,” NBC reporter Jonathan Dienst wrote on Twitter.

Heavy discovered that a red vehicle similar to the Escape actually shows up on Google Maps for the address listed to Brooks in Wisconsin online court records – the home along 19th Street where the squads were sitting on November 21, 2021, in the hours after the parade tragedy.

In addition, a red Ford Escape lists to an older woman who lives at the home. Brooks gave that address as his home address in a Wisconsin felony case filed only days before the Waukesha parade carnage.

TWO: Brooks Has Open Felony Cases in Wisconsin’s Court System:

Brooks has an extremely long criminal history including open cases.

Darrell E. Brooks Jr. of 19th Street has open charges filed November 5, 2021, in Milwaukee courts for resisting an officer (misdemeanor), felony bail jumping, second degree recklessly endangering safety (felony) with domestic abuse assessments, disorderly conduct and battery (both misdemeanors, also with domestic abuse assessments.) He posted $1,000 cash bail on November 19, 2021.

That’s despite the fact he has another open felony case in Milwaukee County, from 2020. That case is for second-degree recklessly endangering safety – felony with use of a dangerous weapon (two counts) and possessing firearm convicted of a felony (felony charge.) The case was filed in July 2020, but it remains pending. Milwaukee County courts is dealing with a major backlog in cases.

In the above case, hearings were repeatedly adjourned. He requested a speedy trial, but the court tolled the time limits for that (this has occurred recently because of a two-year backlog, the chief judge has said, which she has attributed to COVID. The backlog also persists with jury trials, she said.)

In February 2021, with Judge David Feiss presiding, the court lowered his bail to $500, noting, “Due to reasons stated on the record, the court is unable to honor the speedy trial demand in this case. Defense bail motion argued and GRANTED by the Court. The Court lowered cash bail to $500.00.”

In June 2021, the court notes say, “Matter scheduled for Jury Trial. Parties are ready to proceed. Due to court congestion, Court is unable to hear jury trial at this time.”

The case continued, with some plea negotiations. “JusticePoint PreTrial Services Supervision/VIOLATION Report dated November 10, 2021; received and filed,” says a recent entry. There was a “further proceedings” on November 11, the last date.

He also has these prior convictions:

Bail jumping (misdemeanor) and marijuana possession (misdemeanor).
Marijuana possession second plus offense (felony). 2011.
Obstruct an officer (misdemeanor). 2005 and 2003.
Marijuana possession (felony). 2002.
Substantial battery (felony). 1999.

He has a lengthy arrest history. Read it here.

THREE: Brooks Calls Himself a Rapper & ‘Stoner.” He Posted Anti-Police Rhetoric on Social Media:

On one of his Twitter pages, Brooks wrote, “Milwaukee,WI born &raised rapper /songwriter/producer/stoner/philosopher next big thing out the Midwest if u aint know,get in tune.”

He wrote about the Derek Chauvin case on one of his pages:

In 2019, he wrote, “in kase yall dnt know how f***ed up my xity is… I got ties ta Detroit my dad whole family frm the D,nd Iwas born nd grew up in Milwaukee,who aint frm the trenches???”

Brooks also has a Twitter page that contains tributes to people like Kobe Bryant and Juice WRLD.

Brooks also posted anti police rhetoric, such as this post on Twitter:

One post referred to Black Lives Matter and showed BLM carved into fruit:

On SoundCloud, he wrote, “Born nd raised in Milwaukee, WI in the dangerous west side neighborhood of Washington Park, Fly turn to the streets at a very young age..after multiple legal battles, Fly started turning the life he lived in the streets into music, with his 1st mixtape released in the summer of considered the best underground artist in his city, keep looking out for more big moves by the best Milwaukee artist of this era..”

This post was circulating on Twitter, but, unlike the others, we were unable to verify it on Brooks’ actual social media accounts before they were deleted:

FOUR: Police Say 40 People, Including 12 Children, Were Taken to Hospitals

Local residents told Heavy that their loved ones were barricaded in stores after a vehicle drove through the crowd; many people believed the suspect was shooting from it as gunfire echoed through the parade route, but the police chief Dan Thompson now says he doesn’t believe shots were fired from the SUV. “An officer did discharge his weapon at the suspect vehicle to try to stop the suspect vehicle,” he said. No people were injured by the gunfire.

Authorities said 11 adults and 12 pediatric patients were transported to six area hospitals. Their conditions are not clear; they said some people died, but they did not have a number of deaths. Then they upped the total to 40 injured with five deceased.

A horrific video showed the red truck running people over. The Waukesha South High School marching band was among those hit, according to a man who was there.

Local residents reported many people lying on the ground, injured or dead. A law enforcement source said one of two suspects are in custody; another is being sought. The police chief would say only that police have apprehended a “person of interest.” Listen to scanner audio later in this article.

Shawn Reilly, the mayor, said, “Tonight was a traumatic situation for the City of Waukesha. We don’t have all the details.” The mayor said in a second press conference, “today we experienced a horrible, senseless tragedy. I walked in the parade at the beginning. I saw all of the happy children sitting on the curb…. I can still see the smiling faces. A parade is a celebration for our community.”

The chief said that, at 4:39 p.m. on November 21, 2021, a red SUV “drove into our Christmas parade…more than 20 individuals were injured.” he said the SUV drove through barricades down Main Street. “It struck more than 20 individuals. Some were children, and there were some fatalities as a result of this incident.” The names of victims and the number of those dead were not released. He said it’s not clear whether the incident has any “nexus to terrorism.”

Thompson said the Waukesha Police Department has “recovered a suspect vehicle. It’s an ongoing investigation. The victims were transported from the scene via ambulance. Officers transported some of the injured people and took them to the hospital. It’s a very tragic incident. Very chaotic. There are no other threats involved.”

Waukesha is a suburban city in a conservative, affluent county next to Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

“Several LE sources say preliminary: Wisconsin incident appears to be vehicle fleeing a separate crime scene (stabbing) when it plowed into parade. One person in custody. Investigation ongoing but so far no initial link to terror or the recent Rittenhouse verdict w/@tom_winter,” NBC reporter Jonathan Dienst wrote on Twitter.

The abandoned SUV was later located by police officers in a driveway, according to scanner audio. An officer said on the police radio that a bullet struck the windshield but there was no evidence anyone inside the vehicle was hit. According to the scanner, police found the suspect’s ID in the vehicle and a Ford key on him.

To be clear – authorities have not officially released any suspect information, including race, age, or gender. These are preliminary accounts from eyewitnesses and other local residents, and sometimes preliminary reports can be wrong.

FIVE: A Man Described How the SUV Came a Foot From His Son, Saying, ‘They Have a Whole Block of Main Street That Is Casualties’ One man’s son was almost struck by the truck, and he gave Heavy this extremely graphic and disturbing account:

“We just heard screaming up the parade route and looked over, and the red jeep or SUV came barreling through,” Michael Hurst, a woodworker from Waukesha whose son was almost hit by the truck, told Heavy in a phone interview. “I pulled my son away. He probably got missed by about a foot. There was a little kid next to us that got hit. I did see dead bodies. The amount of people who are going to be dead from this, it might even be worse than that Las Vegas shooting. They have a whole block of Main Street that is casualties. We did hear that there were active shooters. We don’t know where that came from or if that’s true. The police pulled me into a building and said to stay in there, get in there, there’s active shooters. One officer told us they did stop the active shooters. My son was out in that street grabbing candy.”

He added: “At that moment I thought just to grab my son and family and get them on the curb. It was 100% intentional.” He believes the truck drove through the parade for about a mile. “I saw a young boy get hit. He was still alive. He was in a lot of pain. I am pretty sure he was going to have broken legs. I did see another guy who was laying in the street. I guarantee he was dead. There were about 20 ambulances coming and going. It looked like a war zone down there.”

An eyewitness at the parade route, Beth Ginnow-Mandl, told Heavy she saw the suspect’s face as the SUV drove past. “Couple dead right around us,” she said. “We all were screaming and running into a building. Store owner let us in. Went out to get a lay of the land. Incredible first responders doing cpr on at least 10 people around us. Ambulances came quick. We locked down an hour or so. Most harrowing thing we have ever witnessed. Saw driver’s face – focused. Intent.”✪

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