A Call To Action To All Patriots

You’ve felt powerless long enough. Tomorrow, patriots are called to action to take back America and ensure our future. You’ve watched the left belittle your faith, your values, and your patriotism. You’ve seen them open our borders to illegal aliens. They’ve done all they can to take from the responsible citizens and give your hard-earned money to the irresponsible...


Instead of protecting the victims of crime, they have enabled criminals to take what they want. They’ve tried to silence you by shaming you and controlling the mainstream media and social media platforms. Tomorrow is your day to show what you can and must do-reject every Democrat candidate who supported President Biden’s radical liberal agenda. Here is what you can and must do:

VOTE! If you have to walk to your polling place, walk. If you have to wait in a long line, wait. If you have to show evidence of your citizenship and sign your name, do so with pride. But do not squander your hard-earned right to vote for who you want to send to represent you. Never forget-Now is your chance to vote the bums out of office. SO FIRST AND FOREMOST, MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!

PRAY! Start this very minute. Pray for our country. Pray for the citizens voting. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and strength for our candidates who will represent us. Pray for our election process and the workers who are called to ensure a safe and fair election. Pray for the punishment of anyone who attempts to cheat or introduce false results; bring them to justice. Pray that every voter will look beyond party to what needs to be done to ensure the future of this country and the freedoms we treasure. Pray that no voter will be silenced or demeaned no matter how they vote. Pray that God’s hand will be on our country to protect our freedoms and help guide our elected officials. BUT MAKE SURE YOU PRAY! HELP GET SUPPORTERS TO THE POLLS! If you know friends, family, or neighbors who have difficulty exercising their right to vote, offer to help them get to the polls. Do not limit your help to those who agree with you. HELP EVERY CITIZEN EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT TO VOTE! 

OPENLY VOICE WHY YOU VOTED: No one wants to hear any more political ads or long speeches. They’re ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But people deserve to know your passion for your country and why this election is important to you. No more hiding that you’re a patriot. Where the sticker proudly that you have voted. Be prepared to share the three most important issues that inspired your vote. What are they-securing the border, law and order, personal responsibility, fair taxation, an end to entitlement dependency, energy independence, the right to life, a plan to deal with inflation, economic opportunity… The list of vital issues is almost endless, but be ready to voice why you voted for Republican candidates. Fill in the short assertion that fits you: “Nothing could keep me away from voting today. I proudly voted for candidates who would fight for….(list your top three issues). This was my opportunity to exercise my citizenship.” PROUDLY VOICE YOUR REASONS FOR VOTING!

THANK AND SUPPORT THOSE WHO HAVE JOINED THE BATTLE AND ARE WILLING TO SERVE! Win or lose, support your candidates who stepped up to run for office. They deserve our thanks and support. This is not the time to criticize but a time to applaud their willingness to run. In any war that matters, some battles are lost. Give our candidates comfort in defeat. Win or lose, build up the team for all they’re doing to take back America. THANK AND SUPPORT ALL PATRIOTIC CANDIDATES.

BUILD A REALISTIC EXPECTATION FOR WHAT A RED WAVE CAN ACCOMPLISH. We want more than mid-term victories; we want to take back the White House in 2024 and pick up even more seats in the House and the Senate. Even if we control both houses, President Biden will be able to use his veto to make some changes impossible. But with victories in both houses, investigations can be launched into election abuse and the Hunter Biden influence peddling. Republicans will be able to pull back some of the four trillion dollars Biden’s administration has authorized spending that is fueling inflation. Yes, Republicans who win will feel pressure to produce results, and, in some ways, putting a stop to what Biden wants to do is significant enough to warrant your vote. Expect them to do all you can to stand for change but give them time. MANAGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS EVEN IN VICTORY.

Republicans, seize the day! You’ve felt powerless. On Tuesday, you can finally exercise the one power you have as a citizen. You can and must vote. If we win big, they can’t cheat. May it be so.✪


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