How Close Are We To Actually Losing This Republic?

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



he Left is on the march and people on the Right are going about their daily lives as if all will be OK.  The left wing faction of the Democrat Party, which is now the MAJORITY of the Democrat Party are rabid, dyed in the wool Marxists. When Marxists are on the move, NOTHING gets in the way of them completing their goals.  This is what most Americans do not understand about Marxism-socialism-communism.  A Marxist revolution has succeeded every single time one has occurred around the world.

  • Russia to the USSR
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Brazil is in process
  • El Salvador

These have been violent revolutions, but have succeeded nonetheless.  In human terms, there have been over 150 million people slaughtered in the name of Marxism and people that live under the boot of a Marxist regime have a hard and difficult life. It is important to understand this historical context when looking what is happening here in the United States.

Over the past 90 years or so, Marxists have been playing the long game in this and have infiltrated and taken over nearly every government entity in this country.  The legal system, education, law enforcement, religion and churches, federal unions, large corporations, most federal agencies and Washington D.C. are controlled by Marxist entities.  These entities now have weaponized organizations such as ANTIFA and BLM to carry out their violence that comes with EVERY Marxist Revolution.  In fact, most people do not realize that ANTIFA is not just a bunch of unshaven stinky snowflakes that play at being communists.  ANTIFA has been around since the mid 1930s and has been a part of MANY color revolutions around the world.  These people are indoctrinated hard core soldiers for their cause and the same can be said about BLM.  They have no fear of any legal repercussions at all and in fact we witnessed this when ANTIFA and BLM indiscriminately took over portions of cities and made them autonomous zones or just outright burned down parts of cities. They beat, maimed and even killed citizens with no real consequence. Make no mistake, these two organizations are the muscle of the movement.

Department of Education: The Department of Education is now showing to be the most dangerous Marxist supported organization in this country.  Schools and school districts around the country are now openly indoctrinating our youth about the evils of capitalism, transgenderism, the benefits of communism and socialism and are punishing parents that are standing up to this attack on our children.  The school system is a perfect vehicle to use to break up the traditional, strong nuclear family that has been the core strength of the United States.  These school systems are getting our children to turn against their parents starting in grade school and finishing the job in our colleges and universities.  For the typical student, it is twelve to 20 years of constant indoctrination.  Most parents are just now becoming aware of what is happening and are starting to stand up to this massive takeover of our school systems, but is it too late?  When looking at the actual education production of our kids, it is clear that reading, writing and arithmetic have taken a back seat to social revolution and social engineering.  Our children have gone from leading the world in educational achievement to now low enough to be considered dead last.  However, our children are well versed in Marxist ideology through Critical Race Theory even if they are not aware of it.  This is how indoctrination works.

Department of Justice: The Department of Justice is now showing just how far it will go to shut down what is left of our Republic.  Never in the history of this country has the Department of Justice gone after every day Americans AND people it considers political enemies.  When parents began protesting in school board meetings about what was happening in their respective school districts, the Department of Justice immediately issued a memo to the FBI to begin investigating these parents who have EVERY right guaranteed in the Constitution to protest in the peaceful manner they displayed.  It has even gone to the point were the FBI was showing up at these parents homes to question them.  Now, with the left, there is no concept of political opposition, the concept has progressed to the point where any political figure that does not fall in line with the left’s ideology, are now political enemies that must be taken down at all costs.  The indictments that President Trump is facing is a perfect example persecution to get rid of a political enemy.  The left absolutely cannot face the fact that Trump, or ANY strong conservative could win the next election, so they are setting up numerous court battles to keep him out of the race and ultimately to imprison him.  If they do manage to take Trump down, of which there is a good chance, they will take down the next candidate that stands up to their ideological machine.  The Department of Justice has mobilized District Attorneys, prosecutors, judges, government agencies and any entity they can use to take out political opposition.  One simply cannot deny that this is actually happening.  The DOJ is now openly defying congressional committees when they are subpoenaed, indicted or required to hand over incriminating documents.  These are unelected officials now making policy in DEFIANCE of an elected congressional body.  We all know the details of the lengths the DOJ is using to shut down political opponents, but what we are less aware of is the DOJ colluding with social media to shut down speech they do not agree with.  NOW we are getting into some very dangerous territory here.  The DOJ even created an office of “Disinformation” that was going to be used to hunt down and suppress political speech THEY determined was disinformation.  It has now been shown that the DOJ has colluded with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Disqus and other platforms to either suppress free and protected speech OR use the social media platforms to sway voting habits of the American people.  The Department of Justice has been weaponized against conservative America and many do not realize this yet.

The Alphabet Agencies: Working in concert with the DOJ are the various alphabet agencies such the ATF, DEA, FBI, FDA, CDC, FEEMA and others that are working in collusion to further the agenda of the left.  In order for this to happen, the left has made sure that these departments are headed by carefully chosen men and women that will follow along in LOCK STEP with the leftist agenda.  The COVID lockdowns are a perfect example of these various agencies working together to keep the American people in a state of virtual prison.  Millions of businesses went under, people died in hospitals because medical protocol did not allow physicians to prescribe life saving medication and our youngest children were denied the positive aspects of attending school for learning and socialization.  These agencies are known as the Deep State.  In fact, these agencies have grown so large and so powerful, they have essentially neutered our ELECTED officials in the House and the Senate.  The left knows this and is fine with it.  They know that they can use any of these various agencies to push their agenda and the right will still be oblivious by just holding hearings and congressional sessions like that is the cure for this – and the Left just laughs.

Electioneering:  It was Joseph Stalin that said, “Its is not about who casts the votes, it is about who COUNTS the votes.”  It is VERY obvious that the left has acquired their ultimate lynchpin and that is being able to control the outcome of an ENTIRE national Presidential Election.  They will deny day and night that there was election interference or fraud, but EVERYONE has seen with their own eyes what happened.  But since this furthers the left’s agenda, they will continue to deny it even exists while secretly enjoying the show.  Those on the right have accumulated MOUNTAINS of election fraud evidence across the nation.  We have all seen it, we know it is real but if no court in the nation will take up these cases, it is a lost cause and the Marxists know this.  They will run the exact same scams they ran last election, but without the sloppy mistakes like not filling in the down ballot entries that raised so much suspicion.  The left at least learns from their mistakes.  This type of activity has been seen in local elections all the way to the big show and there does not really seem to be a way to stop it.  The Republican Party even refuses to talk about it.  They are proceeding as though in election cycle, the left will play by the rules.

There are MANY more examples and facts that could be stated to show that the left is on the march but the right keeps their heads  buried in the sand that this is happening.  But EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN that believes in freedom, liberty and the Constitution better have a knot building in their gut that our way of life is nearly at an end.  Every single agenda the left wants to push is working its way to reality. Now we can have officials tell us we are not allowed to have gas stoves, or gas powered vehicles in a few years, or natural gas, coal or nuclear energy in our future.  The Bill of Rights can now be ignored at every turn by the Left and the Right LETS it happen.  The time has come and gone for ANY type of civil resolution to what is going on in this country.  As with every other Marxist Revolution that has occurred around the globe since the Russian Communist Revolution, this one is winning here in the United States.  We are closer than one generation or one election from losing everything.  It is here at our doorstep and freedom loving Americans MUST be willing to stand.  The last line of the Declaration of Independence now has taken on an even more profound meaning and Americans that want to preserve this country better understand that we are on the last breath of our Constitution. Are you willing to undertake what the founders pledged in the last line of the Declaration or are you ready to just let it all go?

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”


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