How Far Can Conservative Americans Be Pushed?

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



ost Americans want to live their lives in peace, raise their families and live the American Dream.  Americans want to be successful, raise respectful and responsible children and leave a legacy for their descendants to enjoy.  But all that is now under siege by the left.  EVERY single aspect of the American ideal is under attack from the radical Left.  Family, children, education, business, government, religion and anything that is guaranteed in the Constitution is taking heavy fire from these radicals and they will not stop until they are physically stopped.  When you step back and REALLY take a look at what is happening, the view over the cliff is terrifying.  While God fearing, hard working Americans went to work, raised their families and lived their lives, the Left has been busy laying the ground work to get rid of the way of life our Founding Fathers spilled their blood for.  The radical Left HATES the concept of personal freedom and responsibility…they HATE the idea of making your own way and being as successful as far as your effort and ambition will take you.  The Left believes that everyone should live equally and successful people owe their spoils and achievements to everyone else that is not doing as well.  We all know this as socialism and ultimately communism.

The Left has done their work; they have strategically placed their minions in ALL aspects of the American Machine.  Our government is run by Marxists, our education system is run by hard core Marxists who will stop at nothing to indoctrinate our kids.  The Christian Churches have been infiltrated by pastors that push LGTBQIA2S+ as accepted by Christ and is preached that it is actually accepted by God.  Businesses now have a ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)’ Index that measure how ‘woke’ a corporation is.  The Higher the DEI index the better the company is rated.  Our cherished freedom of speech is being cancelled in the name of ‘misinformation,’ a term that we never even heard of five years ago.  Our Federal law enforcement agencies no longer heed the 4th Amendment and will search and seize anything from anyone at anytime.  Perhaps conservative, main stream Americans should place some of the blame on themselves for letting this insidious infiltration occur.  Americans took for granted that their freedom and their Constitution would always be there, we took our eyes off the ball.  The Left saw this as an opportunity, and took full advantage to lay the groundwork that they have put in place over the last 60 years.

Now we are seeing the outright persecution of oppositional political leaders.  Donald Trump has been hounded by BOGUS legal issues from the second he announced his candidacy for the Presidency. Crossfire Hurricane, Jan 6th impeachment, Ukraine Impeachment, New York City indictments, & Federal indictments are all rolling on one after another and this is completely by design.  Along the way, many of Trump’s inner circle members have actually been ruined, imprisoned, arrested and indicted.  Yes, this is really happening.  It is now clear that the Left has perfected the use of lawfare to go after their political opponents and instill FEAR in ordinary Americans that want to stand for their God Given Rights, their beliefs and what they know is RIGHT.  Americans who have not even been CONVICTED OF A CRIME have been rotting in prison since January  6th, 2021.  Others who were merely present at the Capitol for the January 6th protest have also been convicted of sedition and other charges. Concerned parents who have shown up to school board meetings have been contacted and investigated by the FBI.  Christians peacefully protesting abortion have been arrested, charged and tried in FEDERAL COURT.  So when you look at it, this government has been weaponized against conservative American from the very highest levels to the local to bottom as it were.  The Left has locked it down on ALL levels.

The question is, when will Americas that believe in the Rule Of Law and the Constitution say ENOUGH.  What is the breaking point?  How far will Mr. and Mrs. Smith be pushed in ALL aspects of their freedom before they stand up and say Molon Labe – Come and take my freedoms because I am not giving another inch to the evil that is the radical Left.  The Left has made their final intentions clear and those focus our children.  This is the point where conservative Americans will stand and push back.  We have witnessed the burning of cities, persecution of our Conservative leaders, communist thugs take over parts of cities, Black Lives Matter instill their brand of hatred towards white American and conservatives of all color and just watched it happen.  Now that they are using the LGB community, drag queens and every other type of enticement to lure our children, this is were it will end.  This is where Americans will draw their line in the sand and say enough is enough.  We are seeing parents get vocal, pull their kids from schools, protest pornographic books offered in schools, run for school boards and many other positive, direct oppositional activities.  This is where the Left will overstep their strategic advantages they have put in place.  We have seen them indoctrinate in secondary and collegiate levels and have just sort of put up with it.  However, once it became a struggle for control of our young kids, the fight was on and it WILL expand to all aspects of what the radical Left is pushing.  America will stand and America will survive and we will be a stronger, more conservative nation because these bullies picked on our kids. ✪


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