The Durham Report: TREASON Was Committed But NOTHING Will Happen

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



he Russia Hoax….perhaps the greatest attempt at electioneering ever done in this country.  Yes, it was intended to damage an administration, but it definitely had a part in the 2020 election results, along with all the other aspects of that election.  But the focus here is on the “Crossfire Hurricane” hoax manufactured by the FBI and paid for by Hillary Clinton and supported by the Main Stream Media.  How can this be anything but treason?

The Durham Report.  What exactly did this report reveal to the American People?  It revealed that the most powerful agencies of the United States Government are now in the game of picking winners and losers.  This report reveals that people in power are no longer satisfied with a Republic form of government.  These people have now taken it upon themselves to seize and keep power at any cost.  This report has revealed that unless something is done to the people that perpetrated this action against the American People and the Constitution, then this Republic will become a relic of the past.

Crossfire Hurricane was started by Hillary Clinton and her cronies, carried along by the FBI and other agencies and fully protected and propagated by the Main Stream Media. This was a three pronged TREASONOUS Conspiracy put in place to take down a presidential administration and influence an election.  We are not covering the details of the conspiracy, we all know that by heart now, but must be recognized as one of the most grievous acts perpetuated on the American people by one side of the government in our nation’s history.  FBI agents testified in Congress about a FALSE narrative.  Members of Congress, Adam Schiff in particular, stated they had irrefutable evidence of Trump colluding with Russian power brokers.  This went on and on all while conservative Americans knew this was the largest frame job in history by ANY COUNRY ever against one of its leaders.  This report has revealed that our once proud Republic has morphed into one of, if not the most corrupt governments on earth.  These treasonous acts are right up there with Central African dictators seizing power and butchering people to get it.  This act is no better than all the East Asian corruption that has gone on for centuries.  In fact, it is corruption so deep, we may NEVER save this Republic.

Now we have batteries of attorneys that run both parties.  These attorneys would not hesitate to charge anyone in this country with treason given half the chance.  But lawyers from one party cannot charge lawyers from another party with treason because, as we have seen time and time again, they will legal-speak their way out of their crimes and accuse the other side of doing what they have been accused of.  But charge these people we MUST.  They have gravely wounded this great country so we MUST find a way to get these “Public Servants” and hold them accountable for what they have done.  The have forgotten or at least ignore that they do indeed work for “We the People” and they need to answer to us, not some hearing in DC that will go nowhere.  The Game of Thrones in DC must come to an end and the ONLY answer is the citizens of this country to fix it.  If this is just ignored, then the agencies and people that did this will surely do it again.  They will plot and scheme to set up the next Republican and ruin his life.  This WILL happen unless we say we have had ENOUGH.

Finally, the American People recognize the high treason involved in this crime.  I know that your typical Democrat knows this as well but will never admit it.  But knowing what these people did to a man, his family, his administration and this Republic, do we still live under their new laws and regulations they push on us or do we become ungovernable in the face of their treason?  Our Founding Fathers started a revolution on far less than what is happening to us now.  But I fear, nothing will be done and the lie will go on to another election. ✪


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