Britain’s Prince Andrew Is Accused Of Sexual Abuse During Ukraine Visit

Britain’s Prince Andrew is once again facing serious allegations of child abuse. His relationship with controversies seems to be unending. The fresh allegations against the Prince were made during his visit to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. He visited Ukraine in June.



n eyewitness claimed that he saw Prince Andrew misbehaving with two children at a club in Kyiv. The Prince was apparently part of the delegation that visited the war-ravaged country during British Foreign Minister James Cleverley’s recent visit. The Prince is now facing serious allegations of abusing 2 children in a high-profile club in Kyiv. These allegations were made by James Obasi, a Nigerian origin person who was entrusted with the responsibility of hosting the British delegation at the club in Kyiv. 

Obasi said that he was an eyewitness to this entire incident. He said that he was instructed to take good care of a VIP guest and that the VIP guest was Prince Andrew. He said that he saw two children being brought to the Prince. One was a 10-year-old boy and the other a girl, who was about 12. 

Obasi has recorded his statement on camera and explained the entire incident.

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Official Statement Of Eyewitness James Obasi

James Obasi, an official working in a club in Kyiv, says that Prince Andrew had asked him to arrange some food and drink for the two children. When he returned with food items for the children, he saw that Prince Andrew was behaving in an objectionable manner with the children. He kept the plate of food and went away from there. When James Obasi returned after some time, he found the children in a critical situation. There were hardly any clothes on the children’s bodies, the children were extremely scared and were crying continuously. According to James Obasi, he tried to take care of the children, but the security personnel took them away. It is alleged that two days later, the children were taken to Paris by a British delegation in a special plane.

Earlier Allegations Against Prince Andrew

In October 2019, Virginia Giuffre, an American woman, created a worldwide sensation by alleging that in 2001, when Virginia was just 17 years old, Britain’s Prince Andrew forcibly had sex with her several times. Virginia’s allegations were initially rejected by Prince Andrew and Buckingham Palace, but Virginia stood firm on her claims. 

Virginia Giuffre with Prince Andrew in 2001

She also released her photo with Prince Andrew and claimed to have many more photos. In her allegations, she had also made public the relationship of controversial American businessman and convicted child molester Jeffrey Epstein with Prince Andrew. Epstein was sent to a Manhattan jail in America in various cases of sexual abuse of children, where he died under suspicious circumstances in 2019. 

Last year, on behalf of Prince Andrew, the American Court was informed about the settlement with Virginia, under which it is said that a huge amount will be given as compensation. Not only this but when Jeffrey Epstein was released from jail, Prince Andrew secretly met him, the evidence of which has since become public.

Who Is British Prince Andrew?

Prince Andrew was born in 1960 at Buckingham Palace. He is the second son of British Queen Elizabeth. He is the younger brother of Britain’s current King, Charles. He received the title of Duke of York in the British royal family. Prince Andrew joined the Royal Navy as a pilot and also took part in the Falklands War of 1982. 

Earlier he was called a war hero and later became to be recognized as a playboy prince. After the worldwide scandal over the sexual harassment case, Buckingham Palace announced a separation in its relationship with Prince Andrew. The Queen of England withdrew all military honors from Prince Andrew and also banned him from using the royal address of His Highness.

Ukraine Accused Of Child Trafficking

Ukraine is also being accused of child trafficking amid the war. According to Russian intelligence agencies, children from Ukraine are being sold abroad on a large scale with the cooperation of Ukraine’s intelligence agency. 

Vasily Prozorov of Ukraine’s intelligence agency revealed in August that a gang that sexually assaults children in Britain is also very active in Ukraine.  Under the guise of adopting children from war-torn Ukraine, such gangs are taking children out of the country with them. The allegations against Prince Andrew have once again raised big questions about the international child trafficking in Ukraine. ✪


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