Biden’s Corruption Implicates The Entire US Political Establishment

The basic contours of the Biden family’s corruption scandal have been known for years, but the details have been suppressed. What the public knows, it knows despite the efforts of the media, the Democrats, and the “intelligence community” to bend, twist, and bury the truth…



or instance, it is no secret that Biden pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was investigating his son’s business partners. In fact, Biden even bragged about it. But in the conventional narrative, Biden was doing this not out of personal interest, but as part of an institutional effort to root out corruption. This is the kind of obtuse, self-serving nonsense that passes for “journalism” today.

Far from being “debunked,” the Biden corruption “conspiracy theory” has never received a full and fair hearing. In 2020, Hunter Biden’s trove of damning emails were falsely labeled Russian propaganda and censored days before the election. Behind the scenes, the FBI and DOJ knew the infamous laptop was real. The DOJ blocked a search of Biden’s guest house because of the worrying “optics” according to a pair of IRS whistleblowers (Donald Trump, of course, received no such courtesy). The federal investigation of Hunter Biden was blocked at every stage, until culminating, three years into his father’s presidency, in a sweetheart plea deal that has since unraveled in court.

The plea deal whitewashed more serious crimes than tax evasion. Republicans in the House have only begun to piece the puzzle together with an investigation of the Bidens’ shady shell companies. In a text to a Chinese associate, Hunter writes, “I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.” Hunter’s business partners knew Joe Biden as the “Big Guy,” a name that evokes a mob boss rather than the “decent” everyman Biden pretends to be. The turpitude of the first family is especially damning because of the ham-fisted propaganda about them that has been shoved down the throats of voters. When Biden’s son wasn’t shaking down foreign lobbyists for lucre, he spent his days hooking up with prostitutes and occasionally his widowed sister-in-law. No decent people would want to be friends with such “folks” as these.

Few issues arouse public passion like official corruption. There is nothing abstract about it, unlike, say, “climate change.” Everybody has, in the course of this life, dealt with liars and cheats. Corruption stinks especially when times are tough. Despite the bogus being plugged by the administration and its propagandists, the middle-class is being squeezed into oblivion, thanks in no small part to Biden’s policies. Regular “folks,” the “folks” Biden pretends to represent and champion, don’t get sweetheart plea deals or $83,000 a month sinecures in Eastern Europe. They just pay the taxes and wait for justice to arrive.

With all his billions, Donald Trump is more relatable than the Bidens because he is on the outside of the circle of power. A laughable pretext of DOJ “independence” has enabled rogue prosecutors to harass Biden’s chief enemy in the name of the law, as Biden makes false appeals to a common destiny with his endless hectoring about “our democracy.” The press continues to browbeat the public with its patronizing Dear Leader narrative as new details of Biden’s misdeeds surface in the few news sources that still report anything factual. Oily creatures like FBI director Christopher Wray snap contemptuously at the mere suggestion that there are two standards of justice. Democrats, as is their wont, rant and rave about “conspiracy theories” and defend Biden and his bodyguards in the FBI at every turn. The putrescence of the “swamp” has never been exposed like it is now.

Joe Biden is the venal face of the degenerate political class that wields power in “our democracy.” The Borgia-esque exploits of the Bidens implicate not just them, but the rotten system that has promoted and protected them. The criminals and looters in power, and their institutional spokesmen in the Democrat Party, know the story of Biden’s corruption is a potent one, so they are determined to cover everything up. The stakes are too high to let truth get in the way. ✪


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