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Announcing the Addition of TNA Donate Page & Link.

Since the premiere of The New Americanist back in January, many have asked about donating to support this site. Until now, there has been no formal donation mechanism. I originally intended to provide a donation link when the site first launched on January 25th, but pulled it when I realized the site was hobbled by serious technical issues for the first 35 days due to very poor GoDaddy WordPress Hosting. It didn’t feel right accepting donations on a website that wasn’t working properly.

Once technical issues were finally resolved by the first week in March, the CV19 pandemic hit with shutdowns & closures to soon follow. Those closures included all of the County Clerk offices in Nevada. Instead of being able to file for a new business license in a single afternoon, the pandemic “mail only” process required by the state took almost two months. I spent those two months waiting & fine-tuning most of the site’s graphic elements.

After almost five months of delays, I am pleased to announce all the stars have finally lined up and The New Americanist is now able to accept user donations.