Chauvin’s ‘Verdict-By-Mob’ With Threats From Domestic Terrorists Marks The End Of America

If justice is dead in America, then America is on the brink of death. That’s not hyperbole. We cannot survive as a nation if we do not mete out justice based on evidence and circumstances. We’re just not made for the sort of judicial corruption that is commonplace in so many other countries. Our nation was built an a foundation that is naturally attracted to truth and fairness. Without that foundation, we might as well be Cuba...

The guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin on all counts was based almost solely on the jurors’ desire to protect themselves, their families, and their community. Sure, they may have seen evidence that helped them justify the decision within themselves, but give them each a dose of sodium pentothal and they’ll admit the threat of violence against them and others played a major role in their decision.

It took nine hours for them to release their verdict. We can assume that some if not all of them had come to their conclusion long before deliberating. They’ve seen the news. They’ve heard of the rioting and looting perpetrated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They’ve seen the threats made against anyone and everyone who dares to stand up to these domestic terrorists. They’ve seen businesses with “BLM” signs clearly visible on their windows get busted out and looted. Some may have heard from family members that there have been threats made against them. In 2021, nobody’s identity in a jury can be kept secret for long.

The evidence seemed clear enough to warrant a not guilty verdict on the second and third degree murder charges, at the very least. George Floyd had ingested enough Fentanyl to kill him whether there was a knee in his back or not. Video of his behavior leading up to the knee going into his back may not have justified Chauvin’s actions, but it demonstrated that Chauvin and the other officers struggled for a while just to try to get Floyd into the police vehicle. That alone should negate the possibility of murder, leaving only the manslaughter charge to apply.

Ian Miles Cheong broke it down in a Tweet, posting, “Just think about Chauvin’s guilty verdict for a moment: they convicted him of intentionally murdering George Floyd on the basis of race.”

But manslaughter wasn’t going to be enough. The jurors knew anything short of guilty on all counts would leave them vulnerable to repercussions. They made the decision, conscious or not, to put the full force of the law on Chauvin regardless of evidence that pointed to the contrary. And they did this in nine hours. They wanted this behind them and they wanted to send a message. No, that message was not one of justice. It was a message of, “Hey, we did our part. Please don’t hurt us.”

This is verdict-by-mob, period. The only difference between the pressure applied by Black Lives Matter and pressure applied by mafia enforcers is that the former was given the stamp of approval by leftists and endorsed by mainstream media. The entirety of the Democratic Party and far too many so-called Republicans have backed this play whether they publicly support domestic terrorists or not. All the while, one man’s life and another man’s death were pushed around like pawns on a political board.

We can game out the possible scenarios of how things will play out going forward, but we cannot get around the lack of fairness in this pursuit of justice. Perhaps Chauvin was doomed from the start, damned to be made an example of by Cultural Marxists and anarcho-communists. Or, perhaps this was the verdict that was necessary to allow for proper appeals, which is certainly what’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter. Chauvin was played. Floyd was played. America was played.

Like fiddles.

Unfortunately, the mob justice doesn’t stop with Chauvin, as Daniel Horowitz pointed out, referring to Representative Maxine Waters. “Yeah, but we live with mob justice. Which judge would have the guts?”

I’m not going to justify Chauvin’s poor policing just as I wouldn’t justify Floyd’s drug problems. Both men clearly played a role in the events that have brought us to here even if Chauvin’s knee didn’t contribute to Floyd’s death. But the evidence points to acquittal on both murder charges at the least and possibly even the manslaughter charge. We didn’t get an evidence-based verdict. We didn’t even get an emotionally charged verdict, as some are claiming. This was a mob’s verdict, and that’s not what America in the 21st century is supposed to be about.

Our Constitution was built to protect people like George Floyd AND Derek Chauvin. Moreover, the expansion of our legal code has added more protections. Combine this with the evolving sentiment favoring diversity and we should be seeing the clearest paths to appropriate verdicts that we’ve ever seen in this nation, perhaps the whole world. But the Cultural Marxist factor has changed things. Progress away from bigotry hasn’t been reversed, per se, but it has been redirected. The bigotry of today comes very blatantly from the radical left and manifests in forms unlike anything we’ve experienced. The lucid activists of the past like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, pushed against segregation while today’s “activists” promote segregation above all things. They want the nation divided. This, more than anything else, is why we had the verdict saw today.

America cannot continue down this path. It is our destruction. If threats and riots are enough to sway political decisions as we’ve seen very clearly in Democrat-run cities and states for a while, we can address that by voting them out. If companies go “woke,” we can do our business elsewhere. But if the legal system is less interested in justice and more interested in fear-induced social justice, there is no recourse. The “legal” power over life and freedom will be wielded by the mob. That’s what happens in other nations. It cannot be allowed to become the new normal here.

Some will argue, perhaps rightly, that all of the posturing is not for the sake of a Derek Chauvin guilty verdict but to force a reversal. This theory has some legs. If we’ve learned anything over the last couple of years, it’s that the left seems to be thinking much further ahead than the right. While most conservatives seem to focus on fixing immediate problems, progressives are focused on creating tomorrow’s problems. A “victory” today with the verdict that is eventually overturned would prolong and exacerbate all of the rioting we’re seeing today.

A guilty verdict may slightly subdue some of the domestic terrorism today, but a successful appeal will spark a revolution. This is what the radical left so desperately wants. We’re all getting played like fiddles right now. ✪

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