Commentary: The Left Has Created A Monster It Cannot Control

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



For around 60 to 70 years now, the Left has been working tirelessly to create an indoctrinated group of followers who will do WHATEVER the bidding is of the Democrat Party.  While the average, normal patriotic Americans were busy raising their families, going to work and doing the daily business of the country, the Left was busy taking over all parts of the apparatus of this country with their Marxist ideology.

Over that time, the Left has co-opted the education system from grade to graduate school.  All government agencies have been taken over by Marxist ideologues, from the FBI to the EPA; and most are now firmly in control of the Left.  We are now also seeing religion and Christianity being taken over by the Left.  In the Protestant arena, we see ever increasing LBGQ+ ministers who openly celebrate that particular lifestyle. In Catholicism, we have a Pope who has turned away from traditional Catholic values to many of the same values the Protestant churches are now supporting. 

However, one thing happening the Left did NOT expect, and that is the ever rising level of anti-Semitism and outright public HATRED against Israel and Jews in general.  For years, the Left has enjoyed and directly benefitted from the cancel culture displayed towards the Right in many areas, but they did not anticipate the level of current hatred and protest after the October 7th Hamas terror attack against Israel.

The October 7th Hamas terror attack against Israel was swift, amateurish and BRUTAL.  The Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel murdered men, women and children in the most heinous methods imaginable.  Babies were decapitated and burned, women were raped, slaughtered and then mutilated on camera. Entire families were cut down together and hundreds of hostages were taken and shipped back into Gaza to be held as bargaining chips.  It was a level of brutality in a terror attack which has seldom ever been seen. However, because of the whitewashing of the attack by our American media, most Americans will never really know the true level of horror involved in that attack.  Instead, what has risen since the attack, is something completely different and totally unexpected; the support for Palestine and Hamas by a young generation of indoctrinated students who have been fed lies for years upon years by hardcore academic ideologues and cultural Marxists who have seen Israel as a prime target to spread their ideology.  The protests in favor of Hamas have been massive and violent in this country and MANY Democrat lawmakers were surprised by the public reaction to the October 7th attacks.

Now we are seeing HUGE anti-Israel protests in New York’s Times Square, violent protests in Washington DC and other cities around the country.  In fact, one of the most violent protests of these rabid leftists was at the DNC Headquarters in Washington DC. United States Capitol Police stated that the protesters were “not peaceful” and said the protestors moved dumpsters in front of the exits and pepper sprayed police officers.  House Minority Whip, Katherine Clark even stated that she was much more fearful during the siege of the DNC Headquarters than she was during the January 6th protest at the Capitol.  This violent and hateful development has gotten to the point where Chuck Schumer was forced to come out and publicly condemn the overt display of anti-Semitism displayed by his own young Nazis of the Left. 

After the attack, Jewish students at Cornell University had to barricade themselves in their rooms on campus because of threats of violence against them by student groups opposed to Israel who supported Palestine and Hamas.  Harvard University also had a student group supporting Palestine and Hamas publish a public document announcing which groups on campus condemned Israel and supported the Hamas attacks. CEOs around the country were immediately interested in knowing the names of these groups along with all their members to avoid any potential future situations where they may hire those students after their graduation.

The point is the Left has created a rabid, fully indoctrinated, anti-semitic group of people they can no longer control.  These groups are now not only attacking Jews and Israel, but also any other leading democrats who may also support Israel.  This unexpected backlash has caught the Democrat Party completely by surprise.  The entire goal of their constant indoctrination has always been to create of group that will follow their marching orders to the letter; however, the October 7th Hamas terror attack revealed the incredible amount of hatred for our allies and Israel and Jews in general created by our Marxist controlled government and in our Leftist controlled education system. 

Those of us on the Right have already seen this coming for a long time because you cannot try to completely control a population without any unexpected results.  The Left on the other hand, has shown unbelievable hubris throughout all of this by believing everything they’ve done will benefit their cause one hundred percent.  You can sense the uncertainty on the Left about what they should do next as they have been totally embarrassed by the behavior of their young acolytes. How will they force these pro-Palestinian and pro-Hamas activist groups back into line to conform once again with their agenda? 

In fact, it is this very conundrum which is now driving much of how the Biden Administration decides to handle the war in Israel.  This new group of rabid, anti-Semite leftist activists have seemingly come out of nowhere and caught them off guard . The Left already supports activist organizations such as BLM and ANTIFA, but that support has also garnered those organizations a level of trust and loyalty with the modern Democrat Party.  That trust and loyalty has resulted in these organizations being allowed to get away with doing whatever they want with no REAL consequences.  However, this new Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish faction which has recently arisen is NOT under the control of the Democrat Party; and in fact, will become a force which will severely cripple the Left. The Democrats can no longer claim any “moral high ground” in regards to bigotry because of this new and previously unseen level of hate towards Jews and Israel.  Indeed, this is a monster that the Left has created through their constant indoctrination process which has grown into something that they are now unable to control.✪


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