Commentary: THE RETURN OF 1848

A dark specter of History now haunts the West...



n Serbia and Belarus, the people demonstrated against fraudulent elections. In Brazil, the people swarmed into government buildings after a fraudulent election. In America, the people swarmed into Congress after a fraudulent election. In Sri Lanka, the people swarmed into Temple Trees—the Prime Minister’s residence—over a mismanaged economy. In Holland, farmers revolted over the government’s plan to destroy agriculture. In Germany, the farmers revolted when the government targeted them. In France, farmers sprayed manure onto government buildings. In France, the offices of Blackrock were breached and trashed. In Iceland, it was the Pots and Pans Revolt. 

It’s beginning to look like people are finally realizing their governments are their enemies; and starting to resemble 1848, when the peoples of Europe suddenly decided that they were tired of their oppressive, arrogant elites and rose up in revolt.  

The uprising began in January in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies (neither Italy nor Germany were unified at this time) where the king pacified the revolutionaries with a constitution. France was next in February, where the monarchy was once again overthrown and a republic established, this time without the previous Terror. There was a feeling of déjà vu among the rest of the European aristocrats, but no Napoleon emerged. What did emerge were revolutions within their own domains.  

In March, revolution broke out in Bavaria, Piedmont, Austria, Baden, Denmark, Prussia, Lombardy, Hungary, Venice and Poland. In April, it spread to Saxony, Transylvania and other states.  

The uprisings in some cases were successful in that the king abdicated, a hated minister resigned (e.g., Guizot, Metternich) and/or the people obtained rights and constitutions while in other states they were crushed, either through the military or from foreign intervention after the loss of life. In most cases, reforms were agreed upon, whereupon the assurances (or the reforms) were withdrawn once the revolutionary fervor was spent, and the inevitable bickering divided the reformers.  

Perhaps it is wishful thinking, but it feels like there is presently the making of another 1848 in the World. People are fed up with the arrogant multinational elites ramming their unpopular ideologies down our throats, trying to erase our national and religious identity while expecting us to quietly to submit. Specifically, they promote homosexuality and transgenderism among children, impose total censorship, persecute Christians and suppress the Christian religion, crush dissent, impose control of the population, promote racism against white people, erase national boundaries, eliminate national/cultural identities, aid and abet illegal immigration from rape cultures, falsify history, eliminate humor and comedy, raze monuments, indoctrinate children, the police, and the military and promote anti-Semitism. In short, it is a multifaceted totalitarian movement by the international Elites, from the top down. 

It’s not hard to identify the indicators of repression and hatred of native populations. In Holland, an elected parliamentarian was prosecuted for pointing out facts unpalatable to the Elites. In Finland, a group of Muslim “refugees” raped underage girls. One of the victims committed suicide. When this came to light, the Finnish police made sure to inform the population that “there is no phenomenon of sexual offenses in which foreigners go rape in the streets. These just happened at the same time,” and stressed that “not all people with foreign backgrounds are dishonest or criminals.” The rapists were sentenced to no more than four years of incarceration. The Finnish Supreme Court ruled that having sex with a ten year old girl was not rape.  

In Germany, a nine-person gang rape of a teenage German girl resulted in all the perpetrators receiving only probation. In Portugal, the Senegal-born head of an anti-hate group spoke on the necessity of killing white people at a conference called, “Racism and the Advancement of Hate Speech in the World.” In Sweden, state-run television produced a documentary where the original Swedes were shown to be black. Criticizing Islam on Facebook in Sweden will earn one time in jail. 

In Scotland, a war memorial commemorating a regiment of men who rescued people being besieged in an Indian city was changed because of the taint of imperialism. In England, a man with the English flag was told that the flag was racist and to leave a rally where Palestinian flags were waving and the participators were calling for Jewish genocide. Meanwhile, Britain continues to import hundreds of thousands of people from South Asia and Africa. 

In Germany, the newly formed AfD Party, a populist movement called fascist by the Elites, has been under constant attack, both physically and with propaganda. 

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leye, has urged the European countries to admit even more Muslim “refugees.” 

Throughout Western Europe, Christian churches are being vandalized and desecrated by illegal migrants from Muslim countries. In Britain, a man quietly standing with a sign stating, “The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended,” was ridiculed & called “Nazi scum;” assaulted by Antifa and the leader of Black Lives Matter UK. The European Union passed a law imposing internet censorship. In Italy, the island of Lampedusa was suddenly overwhelmed by thousands of African illegal invaders, vastly outnumbering the native inhabitants. 

In France, assaults of French people by migrants have become commonplace, as they have in Germany, Italy and Scandinavia; from rapes & riots to murder, including one instance of a foiled attempt at cannibalism. The governments only encourage more invaders to enter these countries. 

As with other European countries, the Elites in Ireland have openly welcomed the invaders into their country, while diluting their own citizens’ national and ethnic identity. In fact, Dublin’s City Council decided to fly the Palestinian flag on the City Hall Building. When a Muslim emigre stabbed a woman and three children, the citizens rioted. The Irish Elites were not outraged by the stabbings, but instead, saved their consternation for a Dublin graffiti that read “Irish Lives Matter,” which was denounced as hate speech. In fact, this outrage was even voiced in Northern Ireland. The Irish prime minister was so outraged that he is pushing for even more censorship. 

In Switzerland, a man was sent to jail for calling a fat lesbian a fat lesbian. In Scotland, parents who try to prevent their children from being sexually mutilated can be sentenced to prison for seven years. 

In America, the FBI is being abused by the government against the opposition as a weapon of political persecution. 

In Canada, Justin Trudeau, who has repeatedly voiced his admiration for the Chinese Communist Party and is rumored to be the son of Fidel Castro, has ordered streaming online venues to register with the government so that they can be monitored and “regulated.”  Free speech has become criminalized everywhere in Canada. 

In the United States, Donald Trump was removed from the 2024 presidential race ballot in several states by local Democrats, who stated that in order to save “democracy,” they would not allow people vote for their candidate. The global Elites have clearly stated that Trump’s election victory would be a threat to them. 

Endless organized waves and waves of illegal immigrants in the millions, are shipped to enter the southern border of the United States, aided and abetted by the very same government that is supposed to secure the border from invasion. When Texas finally started to thwart the invasion, the Federal Government attempted to block their actions

There are numerous demands from liberals that the U.S. Constitution be completely abandoned because it stands in the way as an obstacle to their total power & control. In America, Leftists are advocating concentration camps for MAGA supports. Others just want mass executions of Trump supporters. 

In British Columbia, a law has been proposed that would jail any doctor giving professional advice that contradicts the government. In North America and Britain, financial institutions debank people whose political positions are contrary to those of the Elites. 

Democracy no longer really exist in the West, though it is unclear if that now really matters much. There is little difference between the different established political parties, which just take turns at the public trough. Occasionally, something comes up that momentarily differentiates them, like Brexit, but they soon coalesce again into the Uniparty.   

In America, there remains only a tiny nucleus of Republicans in Congress infuriated at their colleagues doing nothing to thwart the hellbent race towards leftist totalitarianism, but the majority of Republican politicians lack sufficient backbone or integrity and are primarily committed to maintaining the status quo. They do not appear to be very concerned about the people, the country, the economy or the Constitution. This has not gone unnoticed by an irate constituency. 

Recently, new political parties have made great inroads in Western European countries and this has led many dissatisfied citizens to believe that perhaps at last, the Elitists’ insanity will be coming to an end. However there still persists an entrenched government bureaucracy practically everywhere that is determined to sabotage any real reforms. Moreover, the parliamentary system of government found in many countries inevitably results in compromises that dilute the energy behind new party reforms. As in 1848, many beneficial reform proposals are just outright ignored and discarded.

Conspiracy theories are real; and only a minute of reflection is necessary to substantiate this fact. We, the lowly peasants, have no seat at the table of meetings in which government officials force nations to import hordes of invaders from Third World countries—many of them criminals. Likewise, we are not represented at the WEF meetings of the Davos über-elites while they work to increase the energy costs for everyone on the planet in order to make owning a home or driving a car prohibitively unaffordable for the sake of combating the lie of “climate change.” We are not permitted to attend any meetings between network executives when they decide which news items to obsess over for weeks and which to suppress. We peasants are not involved in the woke decisions of movie studio executives when they cast black actors to play important white historical figures like Cleopatra, Achilles, Anne Boleyn or Hannibal. Nor do we have any say or hold any influence to stop the production of films and children’s media content which openly promotes homosexuality and pedophilia. We are locked out of the meetings where Elites decide that cows are bad for the environment and must be killed. Ee peasants are lectured to consume less, own nothing and eat insects while the same Elites live in high luxury and feast on beef at their tables. We have no voice at meetings where Elites promote study materials which will inevitably create race wars. 

The destructive decisions & actions of the Elites are too numerous, openly arrogant and intolerant to be merely coincidence or random. The telltale sign is the Principle of Simultaneousness: the manifestation of their poor decisions & harmful actions concurrently in numerous areas. That’s how we know something much bigger is being deliberately orchestrated behind our backs. 

The Elites now express an open arrogance and contempt for We the People which comes through loud and clear; and, apparently, which they no longer feel any need to conceal. They have completely forgotten they only govern by the consent of the governed. That’s us.

Yet they continue on, imagining they somehow still represent the majority of the people and know better than the rest of us about everything. When we hold referendums on their policies, they are often shocked when the results are unfavorable towards them.

In the United States, we have seen several examples of this type of disconnect between governing Elites and their constituencies; such as the Congressional drama queen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling for a boycott of Goya products because Goya’s CEO openly supported Trump. As a result, the sales of Goya products in the United States rose dramatically; leading the company’s president to award AOC as the “Employee of the Month.” The Leftists’ call for the boycott of a popular country music song instead sent it to Number One on the charts. When Apple attempted to shadow-ban a conservative rapper, his song became a hit.  

Meanwhile, legacy news outlets like Sports Illustrated, which feature transgender models on the cover of its swimsuit issue, have gone bankrupt. The Right also boycotted a beer (Bud Lite) and its parent company took a $20 billion hit. As someone very well known once said, “Get woke & go broke.”

Everyday, we see how the Elites are clueless in their cocooned wealth, power and inflated sense of self importance; oblivious to the fact we greatly outnumber them.  

Allow me to repeat & reemphasize that: we outnumber them. ✪