Copper John: American Lives Are Dirt Cheap To The Progressive Left

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



We see it almost every single day now. Innocent Americans being murdered or terrorized in our own country by ILLEGAL ALIEN TRASH the Left has purposefully imported to flood this country with chaos and division. Unfortunately at this time, the lawful citizens of this country seem POWERLESS to stop this ongoing slaughter unless we are willing to risk being persecuted by this corrupt Biden regime. Indeed, the invading hordes have been afforded more rights and protection than normal US citizens. This is NOT right and must NOT be allowed to stand.

It seems we read or hear daily about how violent criminals from other countries are provided with numerous forms of aid and assistance (paid with our tax dollars this progressive Biden Government has stolen & misappropriated) to cross the border into this country only to go on to commit violent crimes such as rape, robbery and murder against American citizens. Many of these criminals are already members of foreign organized crime gangs such as MS-13 or the Mexican cartels. Once here, they proceed to establish themselves by setting up shop on our soil to engage in drug sales & human trafficking. 

We have also witnessed how the progressive Left doesn’t hesitate to discard the valuable lives of our military service men & women whenever it fits their needs; as we saw during Joe Biden’s disastrous and irresponsible withdrawal from Afghanistan. It matters not how they lie or spin it with their numerous dishonest excuses. The body counts of needlessly wasted lives cannot be denied or forgotten.

Before we discuss the disaster that is our southern border and the resulting crime wave Biden & Mayorkas have unleashed upon this country, we first need to take a closer look at what happened in Afghanistan on August 6th, 2021. It was on that day the lives of thirteen brave soldiers and Marines were needlessly sacrificed because the Biden Administration completely abandoned the plan for safe & orderly withdrawal originally put into place by President Trump before the end of his term. A plan designed to provide a SAFE exit framework for our troops from that war torn country. Trump originally informed the Taliban in NO uncertain terms that he would kill them if one single American was injured during our phased withdrawal. NONE WERE.

However, Biden and his staff decided they know better and selected to forgo Trump’s original plan by leaving Bagram Air Base in a recklessly coward manner during the middle of one night; completely surrendering the base and abandoning BILLIONS of dollars worth of valuable ordinance and weaponry to the Taliban; who then allowed the Chinese Military to come in and occupy the base. Bagram was easily defendable and would have provided a much safer and more sensible place from which to organize and stage an orderly departure from the country. Instead, Biden and his ‘generals’ opted for chaos by evacuating everyone from the Abby Gate at the Karzai International Airport in Kabul. According to sources on the ground, US Marine Corp snipers had already identified and sited in the bomber who would eventually kill 13 American servicemen and scores of other innocent civilians, but were NOT ALLOWED to take the killing shot and eliminate that bomber. They were ordered to “stand down.” A preposterously STUPID & fatal decision by our military “leadership.

Unfortunately, these service men and women died from what everyone now knows was a completely avoidable disaster. However, the greatest insult to the memories of these fallen warriors was the inexcusable behavior by the Commander in Chief when their flag draped caskets finally arrived back on American soil.  Not only did the families of these fallen warriors have to suffer the most painful loss that a military family can face, the loss of a loved one in combat, but they also were forced to endure the public spectacle of the United States Commander In Chief repeatedly checking his watch while flag draped coffins of their lost loved ones were unloaded. Those families, as well as the entire United States Armed Forces were insulted & betrayed by the obvious apathy and lack of concern from Joe Biden, the man most influential over the course of events which would eventually lead to this horrible tragedy.

None of us will ever forget that photo of Joe standing on the tarmac, checking his watch, as if he had other better places to be or was perhaps thinking it was almost time for ice cream again. It’s a shameful image of the ‘Commander in Chief’ which is now permanently embedded in the psyche of the American Military and the families of those fallen warriors. The impression that image confers is that American lives are disposable to the Left whenever political convenience or expediency demand. In fact, American lives in general are CHEAP for marxist Democrats. The NEXT insult in this fiasco was having to listen to this horrible Administration LIE to the country by claiming their withdrawal operation was a rousing success. However, we know better and we will NOT forget.

The FINAL insult occurred during the Presidential debate when Joe Biden touted NO American military lives has been lost under his watch. I guess he just forgot about the thirteen service members killed at the Abby Gate in Kabul.

Now let’s look at what this traitorous & corrupt administration has allowed to happen here on our own soil. They have done nothing less than sponsor and finance the massive invasion and occupation of our country by allowing all kinds of dangerous people to enter America unchecked and unscreened. They don’t care. The result has been nothing short of a national disaster of gigantic proportions the Left continues to dishonestly rebrand through propaganda as “a humanitarian effort to help asylum seekers find a better life in the United States.” Current international laws state that asylum seekers need only travel to the neighboring country next door in order to claim sanctuary. NOT somewhere half way around the world, bypassing other countries which could provide safe haven & asylum. The Biden Administration has turned the United States into a dumping ground for people who have NO regard for our customs, language, history, traditions of way of life. NO regard for our system of morals or laws. NO intentions to ever assimilate or contribute anything worthwhile to American society in return. 

Ever since this administration opened up the borders with NO restrictions, we have seen a crime wave of unprecedented magnitude sweep across the country. We have also seen a resulting drop in economic activity and displacement of American citizens in housing, labor, healthcare and education. From a purely constitutional perspective, the duties & functions of United States Government are expressly limited to maintaining an effective Military while safeguarding the lives & safety of its citizens. However, this concept seems to be completely lost to marxist Democrats who have shown us time and time again the unbelievably blatant and callous contempt and disregard they hold for this country and all Americans. It is absolutely mind numbing to watch this Government stand by and do NOTHING as American are beaten, robbed raped and murdered in their own country by people who have just walked across our open borders.

It’s now practically become an everyday occurrence to see a story reporting a rape, robbery or murder committed by an illegal intruder brought here by this government; paid for & supported by our tax dollars. We see police officers being beaten or ambushed in the streets; murdered for simply doing their jobs to protect the public welfare. We see children being trafficked and sexually abused at ever increasing rates. We see American veterans being removed from their homes to provide housing for non-citizen aliens; or, denied important health coverage to free up the resources for the legions of imported third world trash. 

However, there are NO explanations forthcoming for any of this from our so-called leaders. NO remorse whatsoever because they really just don’t care. To them, American lives are CHEAP & expendable in the name of their agenda; to replace the native population and create a permanently entitled underclass who will always vote for them to keep the giveaways coming. Who will always vote to keep the Democrats in power forever. For this reason, they will continue to allow ANYONE from ANYWHERE into this country; the damage or cost to the rest of us be DAMNED. Have you heard any member of the Elite Political Class call for a pause or moratorium in immigration while some kind of responsible system can be developed and implemented to address this crisis? Of course not, so why should we be looking for any kind of solution from the very same people who created this problem? So the flood of unlimited human sewage into our great country continues with no immediate end in sight.

Of course, all of this is completely unsustainable. It must not be allowed to continue and cannot go on indefinitely. At least that much now is obvious to everyone but is still no deterrent for the Left to stop sacrificing innocent American lives only for the sake of their political power. Apparently, if that means completely replacing the entire domestic American general population with an imported entitlement class which will NEVER know what it means to be an American, the Democrats are all in. This is sedition on a grand scale. This is tyranny by the establishment of permanent one party rule. The Constitution clearly provides provisions which allow our government to take a stand against this invasion (such as Article IV, Section 4); however, it seems that there is nobody in our Government who is willing to stand up for the interests of We The People and say we have the RIGHT to expel these invaders at the border. Until this happens, innocent American citizens and their families will continue to pay the price for this corrupt and selfish irresponsibility with their lives. And what is the cost to the Left and their voters who don’t give a damn about the slaughter happening now? They’re not the one’s paying the price but rather reaping the advantage from all of this chaos, lawlessness and social misery. If you want to make an omelet, sometimes you have to break a few eggs. Indeed, American lives are DIRT CHEAP to the progressive Left. ✪




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