Copper John: Marxism is Alive & Well And On The March In The US

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



he Left is on the march in this country as people on the Right go about their daily lives as if all will be OK.  The extreme left wing faction of the Democrat Party, which is now the MAJORITY of the Democrat Party are rabid, dyed in the wool Marxists. When Marxists are on the move, NOTHING gets in the way of them accomplishing their objectives.  This is what most Americans do not really understand about Marxism, socialism or communism.  Historically, marxist revolutions have succeeded every time they have been launched around the world:

  • Russia to the USSR
  • China
  • North Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Venezuela
  • Cuba
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Brazil is in process
  • El Salvador

These have typically been violent revolutions, but have nonetheless succeeded because of their violence.  The cost inhuman terms has been enormous. At least 150 million were people slaughtered during the last century in the name of Marxism; and people who are forced to live under the boot of Marxist regimes have very hard, unhappy and difficult lives. It is very important to grasp this historical context when looking what is happening here today in the United States.

Over the past 90 years, Marxists have been busy playing the long game in America by infiltrating and taking over nearly every government entity & institution in the country.  The legal system, public and higher education, law enforcement, religion and churches, federal unions, large corporations, most federal agencies and Washington D.C. are now all controlled by extreme Marxist operatives.  These operatives have now successfully weaponized other extremist groups such as ANTIFA and BLM to carry out the violence which is inherently part of EVERY Marxist Revolution.  In fact, most people still do not understand ANTIFA is not just a bunch of unshaven, unwashed, stinky snowflakes who play at being communists.  ANTIFA is highly organized and has already been around since the mid 1930s, playing an important part in MANY color revolutions around the world.  These people are indoctrinated hard core communist foot soldiers for their cause; and the same can be said about BLM.  They operate without any fear of legal repercussions whatsoever. In fact, we already witnessed this when ANTIFA and BLM indiscriminately took over portions of American cities during the summer riots in 2020 and made them autonomous zones or just outright burned everything down. They stole, looted, burned and even killed innocent citizens without suffering any real legal consequences. Make no mistake, these two organizations are the muscle of the current marxist movement in America.

The Department of Education:  The Department of Education has now revealed itself to be the most dangerous marxist supported Government agency in this country.  Schools and school districts around the country now openly indoctrinate our children into transgenderism, Critical Race Theory, communism and socialism. They openly threaten and attack parents who stand up to defend their children.  The school system has become the perfect marxist vehicle for breaking the traditional, strong nuclear family institution which has previously been a core value of American culture & society.  The public school systems’ programs for turning children against their parents now starts in early grade school and continues all the way up into our colleges and universities.  For the typical student, it amounts to anywhere between twelve to 20 years of constant brainwashing indoctrination.  Most parents are now only just becoming aware of what is really happening in their children’s schools and starting to stand up to this massive marxist takeover, but is it already too late?  When looking at the actual education statistics of our kids, it’s really clear reading, writing and arithmetic have taken the back seat to social revolution and social engineering.  Our children have gone from once leading the world in educational achievement to now almost dead last.  However, many of our children are well versed in Marxist ideology through Critical Race Theory even if they are not aware of it.  This is how their indoctrination works.

The Department Of Justice:  The Department of Justice is now showing just how far it will go to shut down whatever is left of our functioning Republic.  Never before in the history of this country has the Department of Justice pursued and persecuted every day, normal Americans AND people it considers to be political enemies of the Left.  When parents began to protest at school board meetings because they were unhappy about what was happening in their respective school districts, the Department of Justice immediately issued a memo to the FBI to begin investigating these parents who have EVERY right guaranteed by the Constitution to protest in the peaceful manner they displayed. Things have now even gotten to the point where the FBI showed up at these parents homes to question them.  With the Left, they now consider anyone who does not completely agree and conform to their ideology as the enemy and their political opposition. They are now considered to be political enemies who must be taken down at all costs.  The indictments President Trump has endured are perfect examples of the Left’s current strategy of persecuting the opposition to eliminate their political enemies.  The Left absolutely cannot face up to the fact Trump, or ANY strong conservative may win the next election, so they have weaponized the justice system to set up numerous, bogus court battles to keep Trump out of the race and ultimately imprison him.  If they succeed in taking down Trump; of which there is a good chance, they will continue using the same strategy on any and all opposition candidates who decide to stand against their ideological machine.  The Department of Justice has also mobilized local district attorneys, prosecutors, judges, government agencies and any entities they can use to take out their political opponents.  Americans simply cannot deny this is actually happening now.  The DOJ is now openly defying congressional committees and subpoena, stonewalling and refusing to comply with direct orders to produce incriminating documents for investigations.  These are unelected officials who are now making policy in DEFIANCE of an elected congressional body.  We all know the details of the lengths to which the current DOJ under Biden and Garland will go to shut down their political opponents, but what is less obvious is the DOJ collusion with social media to shut down freedom of speech, particularly during an important election season.  This development places the country in very dangerous territory.  The DOJ even went so far as to create an office of “Disinformation” that was intended to hunt down and suppress political speech THEY considered to be disinformation.  It has now been shown that the DOJ colluded with Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Disqus and other social media platforms to either suppress free and protected speech OR abuse social media platforms to influence the voting habits of the American people.  The Department of Justice has been completely weaponized against conservative America and many still do not realize this yet.

Government Alphabet Agencies: Also working together with the DOJ are the various government alphabet agencies such the ATF, DEA, FBI, FDA, CDC, FEEMA and others to specifically advance the Left’s social and cultural agenda. In order for them to succeed, the Left has made certain these departments are headed by carefully chosen and installed men and women who will follow in LOCK STEP with the leftist agenda.  The COVID lockdowns were perfect examples of how these various agencies worked together to keep the American people under the thumb of tyrannical government control in a state of virtual imprisonment.  Millions of businesses went bankrupt and innocent people needlessly died in hospitals because medical protocols did not allow physicians to prescribe life saving medications. For almost three years, our children were also denied the positive aspects of attending school for learning and socialization. Together, these government agencies are known as the Deep State.  In fact, these agencies have grown so large and so powerful, they have essentially neutered our ELECTED officials in the House and the Senate, rendering them ineffective.  The Left is perfectly aware of this abuse of agency power and apparently, is totally fine with it because it directly supports them.  They know they can use any of these various, weaponized agencies to push their agenda and the Right will continue to be oblivious by holding hearings and congressional investigations which never really go anywhere or produce any positive results. The Left just laughs at this stupidity.

Electioneering Fraud:  It was Joseph Stalin who said, “Its is not about who casts the votes, it is about who COUNTS the votes.” After the 2020 STEAL, it is now VERY obvious that the Left has perfected their illegal and clandestine system of being able to control the outcome of an ENTIRE national Presidential election.  They will of course cloud and confuse this issue by denying day and night that there was never any election interference & fraud, but EVERYONE has seen it with their own eyes and knows exactly what is happening.  However, since election fraud and manipulation are now valuable tools to the Left which further their agenda, they will of course continue to deny it even exists while secretly enjoying the show. 

Those of us on the Right have already accumulated MOUNTAINS of election fraud evidence across the nation.  We have all seen it and know it is real, but if no court in the nation will hear these cases, our electoral system is a lost cause and the Marxists know this.  They will run the exact same gambit next November they ran during last election, but will this time avoid their earlier sloppy mistakes which raised too much suspicions like failing to fill in the down ballot entries.  At least the Left is still smart enough to learn from their mistakes. I wish I could say the same about our side.  All sorts of fraudulent election behavior has been documented across all levels of races; from local elections all the way up to the main event. Currently, there does not really seem to be any way to stop it because the Left now almost completely owns the system. The “leadership” of the Republican Party is completely MIA and refuses to even talk about it.  They have for all practical purposes, ceded complete control of our electoral system over to the Left.

There are too MANY more examples and situations I could cite and discuss here which demonstrate how the Left in this country is on the march while the Right mostly continues to bury their heads in the sand; however, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN who believes in freedom, liberty and the Constitution should now feel a knot tighten every day in their gut.  EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN who believes in freedom, liberty and the Constitution should also be very concerned about all the threats mobilized against our way of life. Every single part of the Leftist agenda is working its way to reality. We now have unelected and unaccountable government administrative officials telling us we are no longer allowed to buy or use gas stoves.That gas powered vehicles, natural gas, coal or nuclear energy have no use as our future domestic energy resources. 

The Left also completely ignores the Bill of Rights with almost NO political consequences.  Unfortunately, the time for ANY type of civil resolution within this corrupted system to all of this has already come and gone. We are not going to be able to vote our way out of a marxist revolution as this one appears to already be succeeding here in the United States.  We are probably only one generation or one election away from losing everything.  It is already here at our doorstep and freedom loving Americans MUST be willing to stand NOW.  The last line of the Declaration of Independence has taken on an even more profound and ominous meaning and Americans who wish to preserve this country for future generations should understand the Constitution is now on its last legs. As a freedom loving American, are you willing to commit to what the founders pledged in the last line of the Declaration or are you already prepared to just let the Left win and destroy everything?

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”