Copper John: The US Government’s Assassination Of The Bill Of Rights

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he Unites States Constitution was ratified on June 28th 1788 and implemented as the Law of the Land on March 9, 1789.  Most Americans do not even know the significance of these dates. They mark the specific time in History when the document giving the most freedom to the greatest number of people in history was activated and put into effect. Of course, there were problems then within the Union which still took many years to overcome; however, what many people do not realize is the United States Constitution was first ratified and put into effect WITHOUT the Bill of Rights.  Many members of the new government and a few, but not all of the Founding Fathers, did not believe the original Constitution alone was enough to provide for individual freedoms and liberty.  George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts proposed that the Constitution MUST also contain a written and codified “Bill of Rights” which would guarantee specific “inalienable rights,” freedoms and liberties the newly formed government could NOT violate.

On September 12th 1787, the first proposal of the Bill of Rights was unanimously REJECTED by the delegates of the Constitutional Convention as “unnecessary” to protect individual rights. This rejection put both the actual Constitutional Convention and the Constitution themselves in jeopardy. Many of the Founding Fathers felt a Bill Of Rights guaranteeing personal freedoms was essential to the new government; while others thought it was only a frivolous gambit.  However, after much debate and with the forceful personality of Thomas Jefferson, 12 Amendments were finally delivered to be ratified by the states; and ultimately on December 15th, 1791, the first Ten Amendments known as the “Bill of Rights” were finally added to the United States Constitution.

These Ten Amendments acted to secure freedoms and liberties which had NEVER been offered to the ordinary common man by any government before in history. They were quite literally, a revolutionary development in the history of governance.  Such rights as religious freedom, the right to redress your government with grievances, the right to keep and bear arms, the right against unreasonable search and seizure, the rights of the accused and many others were finally guaranteed to all citizens of the United States. Many governments around the world were astonished at the amount of freedom and liberty the new United States Government was guaranteeing to its citizens. Originally, the functions of Government as outlined in the Constitution were few; and easily summarized on only a single piece of paper. The Bill of Rights were added to make certain the citizens of each state could live in freedom without any government interference intruding in their daily lives.  Such was the folly of men because even in this wonderful country guided by such a magnificently written document as the Constitution, the endless lust for power and wealth still created an environment where our “elected” officials became so enamored with their own power and longevity in government, they were more than willing to forego EVERYTHING contained in the Bill of Rights in order to achieve their personal goals as well as those of their respective political parties.  Most of the people currently employed in the higher levels of Government service are lawyers who are very adept at wording the language of their duties as government officials to subvert the meaning of everything outlined in the Bill of Rights. However, the Government violations of the Bill of Rights are no longer subverted through language….they are now overtly being dismantled by our Political Elite Class.

1st Amendment – The Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press and Assembly are listed in the First Amendment for a reason. Throughout history, people have been attacked and persecuted for speaking out against their government & practicing their religious beliefs with no recourse to protect their individual liberties in these areas. The authors of the Bill of Rights thought Freedom of Speech & Religion were so important that they made these GUARANTEES the very first amendment to the Constitution.  However today, there is not one part of the First Amendment which isn’t under attack by this government.  Examples abound, such as raids on ministers’ homes by federal law enforcement as the consequences for protesting in front of an abortion clinic across the street. The Religious Freedom Clause in the First Amendment specifically states: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.  The last part is undeniably clear when it says “the free exercise thereof.”  It’s very simple in the interpretation: ANY law prohibiting those freedoms violates the First Amendment. 

Perhaps one of the greatest assaults on our First Amendment is the ongoing crusade of censoring what some like to call “disinformation.”  This strategy comes directly out of the Marxist handbook.  The big question about “disinformation” is, specifically who decides and determines the definition of “disinformation?” That would most likely be the party in power which gets to determine what is and is not proper speech. The First Amendment GUARANTEES the Government cannot determine this and yet, we now have government entities controlled by the Left who are defining “disinformation.”  In fact, the Government may even scrutinize this article in an effort to determine if it is “disinformation” or not. Such Government determinations are direct violations of freedom of speech AND the press as prohibited by the Bill Of Rights.  It’s clear to see how the Government has significantly weakened the protections provided by the First Amendment.

Second Amendment – If ever there was a single amendment in the Bill of Rights which is currently under FULL attack by the government, it’s the Second Amendment. This is the ONLY Amendment containing the words, “shall not be infringed.”  The Founding Fathers were very serious about arming the public, including local militias in order for them to defend themselves. They weren’t talking about the individual freedom to bear arms only for hunting. That is a “misinformation” narrative the Left continues to promote. The intent behind the Second Amendment provides for a forceful means for citizens to address any government which has grown tyrannical or too authoritative towards “We the People.”

The list of our Government violations of our Second Amendment rights is lengthy, and most Americans are already very familiar with these attacks. If the Supreme Court of the United States was truly interested in upholding the Bill of Rights, the Justices need only point out and affirm where it says “Shall not be infringed” each time a case against the right to bear arms in self defense was brought before the court. Instead, the number of new gun control laws grows every year. The same judicial system sworn to uphold the Constitution has instead in effect assassinated the Second Amendment.

Fourth Amendment – The Fourth Amendment GUARANTEES the right of Citizens to be free in their persons, houses and papers from unreasonable Government searches and seizures without warrants or probable cause. Official search warrants must be VERY SPECIFIC in detailing the scope and limits of a search.  Perhaps theses current violations of the Fourth Amendment are the most dangerous to our Republic. Unfortunately, most citizens do not even realize what is happening.  We’ve all seen the homes of citizens who protest at school board meetings raided and searched. We have seen homes of religious leaders raided for their particular religious beliefs. We have even witnessed the home of a former President of the United States raided for documents while presidents of the opposition party have not.

The most dangerous and insidious violations of the Fourth Amendment are the new forms of electronic surveillance now taking place on everyday American citizens. Our private emails, chats, social media accounts and all other forms of electronic communication are now under siege from the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies. Federal Courts have not issued any warrants giving the Federal Government the authority to monitor and log our private electronic communications. Yet they are still doing it anyway; and, there is no indication that there is any legal recourse available to the average American to stop this deliberate intrusion into our private lives. Clearly, federal law enforcement agencies have already assassinated our Fourth Amendment rights.

6th, 7th & 8th Amendments 

  • Sixth Amendment – The right to a speedy trial by a jury of peers and the right to legal counsel.
  • Seventh Amendment – Provides for the rights of a citizen to have a jury trial in federal courts with civil cases where the claim exceeds a certain dollar amount.
  • 8th Amendment – Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

What can we say about the government abuses of the 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments specifically in regards to the January 6th protestors and the 45th President of the United States?  The January 6th prisoners are now considered political prisoners and most are still languishing in jail cells awaiting adjudication of their cases without the chance of BAIL.  Still others who have already been convicted face absurd lengthy prison sentences which are more extreme than those given to violently habitual criminals.  The judicial system has gone out of its way to ruin the lives and the families of these protestors, yet NONE of them have formally been charged with insurrection.  Even President Trump has personally suffered from the Government’s complete disregard of the Bill of Rights.  He was denied a jury trail because of a loophole set up by his legal conspirators. He also faced a judge who from the very beginning, made it clear that he was going to convict Trump no matter whatever it required. That judge also denied President Trump his right to a full and vigorous defense. 

In two cases, judges awarded OUTRAGEOUS fines: a nearly $90 million dollar settlement to a woman who claimed Trump had raped her but could not actually PROVE it in court.  Another $400 MILLION dollar judgement in which there was actually never a crime or victim. The 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments were set on FIRE in the courtrooms where these inexcusable miscarriages of justice occurred. There is no defense team on Earth which could have succeeded in these courts where the judges displayed absolutely ZERO impartiality. The 6th, 7th and 8th Amendments have been assassinated buy the Judicial System itself.

It ‘s clear the Bill of Rights no longer plays any part in the decisions the United States Government makes or the actions it undertakes. This complete disregard by the current government for individual freedoms and liberty as guaranteed by the Bill Of Rights will unfortunately continue until one of two things happen:

  • The citizens of the United States, in ONE loud, combined voice tell their government they’ve had ENOUGH and the Bill of Rights must be restored and reaffirmed as the primary guiding influence of all government action, or…
  • The Government will eventually completely abolish both the Bill of Rights and the Constitution after they decide it is much easier just to oppress the American people; in the same way as every other despotic government in history has already done by turning their citizens into SUBJECTS.

Our great nation now stands on the precipice of future tyranny. The American people who still believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights need to take a stand and with deafening voices demand in no uncertain terms, this rogue Government return to upholding the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. ✪


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