Democrat Anti-Police Bill Will Cripple Local Police Departments And Empower Criminals

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It may not be a plank in the official Democratic Party platform, but it’s clear that Democrats and their supporters want to eliminate state and local police. The radical left, which now controls the Democratic Party, is making a frontal assault on the police with their calls to defund and dismantle police departments. Democratic members of Congress are fighting a rearguard action through their dangerous Jerry Nadler-Nancy Pelosi anti-policing bill.

During the hearing on the Nadler-Pelosi monstrosity, Democrats rejected every amendment offered by Republicans, even when Democrats agreed with the substance of the amendment.

Included in the Nadler-Pelosi bill was a provision that limited the sentence of a person convicted of lynching to 10 years. The Democrats doggedly fought to defeat an amendment offered by Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas that would have made lynching punishable by life imprisonment or death-penalty eligible. Nadler argued that the death penalty was barbarous. But then, so is lynching.

In an effort to ameliorate Nadler’s concerns, Gohmert proposed a change that would maximize the penalty for lynching to life in prison. Nadler and the Democrats rejected this, apparently content with the bill’s maximum of 10 years punishment for lynching.

The heart of the anti-police bill is an effort to eliminate all legal protections police officers have. Since Democrats are also attempting to bring all police power to the national government, their bill is also chock full of tactical mandates on local police departments.

A court-made rule gives police officers limited, qualified immunity for their acts. Because of language in a Supreme Court ruling, there is a need to reform immunity provisions, while protecting police. Many Democrats seemed to acknowledge the need to give some protection for officers who do not intentionally or recklessly harm a citizen but were unwilling to accept any Republican attempts to reform the immunity laws. Democrats preferred a total elimination of all legal protection to our police officers.

If the Democrat bill becomes law, here is what will happen:

All police officers will be personally liable for any decision they make and for any accident they cause. Currently, officers receive internal discipline, and in cases where an officer is alleged to have committed a crime, such as the George Floyd case, the officer is subject to the civil authorities. Victims have a claim on the department in all cases.

Because an officer has virtually unlimited exposure under the Democrats’ proposal, an officer will not only put his life on the line every time he is working a shift, but he will put his home, his possessions, and the sanctity of his family on the line.

That means the risk of being a career cop will immeasurably outweigh the rewards.

It also means that it will be even harder to recruit and retain officers. Departments that are already depleted by vacancies will find it harder to fill those vacancies. Officers who have been on the force will leave to find a job that does not impose the risks Democrats insist are necessary.

For those officers who are serving and believe they cannot change careers, the choice will be whether to get involved in a volatile situation and risk losing not just their lives, but everything they have worked for, or to wait until the volatility ends and the officers can enter the scene without those risks.

In other words, enforcement will be spotty, and many officers will leave the force to find other work. The ultimate result of the bill will be an emasculation of local law enforcement and higher crime rates.

Democrats want to reduce or eliminate transfers of certain military surplus equipment to state and local police forces. Democrats fail to remember history. Before police forces received military surplus, they were hopelessly outgunned by street gangs and violent thugs. Further, some of the equipment involves machinery necessary to conduct rescue operations.

Ultimately, neither party has fully acknowledged that there is no authority for the federal government to control local law enforcement except in cases where federal civil rights are being violated. An example of this would be in the “autonomous” area in Seattle where constitutionally recognized rights are being trampled on, and the state and local officials are failing to protect those rights. The U.S. representative from that area, a Democrat, touted the peaceful nature of the people who have forcefully taken over the area, and described a portion of this unlawful takeover as a “community garden.”

When it was pointed out that antifa was fomenting violence, Democrats asserted that antifa is merely a fiction, a fantasy. Not even reading to them the reporting from leftists at CNN would penetrate the fog of their belief.

Were the Democratic bill to become law, the best police officers will leave, the best recruits will find something better to do, and local police agencies will die on the vine. That is the Democrat design. Let the crazy, violent, “fictional” groups such as antifa or Black Lives Matter agitate to eliminate state and local police departments, while Democrats in Congress squeeze the life out of local police agencies.

Look for higher crime rates across the nation & police power centralized in Washington, D.C.


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