Copper John: Is The 4th Amendment Now Just A Forgotten Pipe Dream?

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



ike Johnson is the current Speaker of the United States House Of Representatives in Washington DC. Mike Johnson is also a member of the Republican Party and claims to be a Christian. He was elected as House Speaker after Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a vote after outrage which developed over McCarthy’s betrayal & poor handling of several large, key votes, meaning he sided with special interests and the Deep State against the best interests of the American people.

You would expect Americans could sleep soundly at night, knowing their country and the Constitutional liberties they cherish are being responsibly stewarded by a Christian Republican Speaker Of The House, but they do not because they are not. Speaker Johnson has demonstrated yet once again that The Machine that is our Federal Government in Washington D.C. is just too big & full of its own power to ever consider abiding by anything as outdated and insignificant as the documents and ideals upon which this great country was founded. They clearly have other plans and ideas.

In one of the most blatant and rapid political flip flops we have witnessed in recent history, Johnson went against his own principles & promises to the public by overseeing the passage of the FISA 702 extension provision which would grant a continuation of the Government’s “right” to surveil and monitor Americans’ private communications in the name of “public safety.” (where have we heard that reason given as an excuse before?) Speaker Johnson did MORE than just bring the FISA Section 702 extension provision to the floor for a vote, he actually cast the winning, tie breaking vote himself to guarantee the provision’s passage. What a guy.

Johnson’s excuse was that he was summoned to the White House for a special ‘intel briefing” on the day before the vote which completely changed his mind and his position on FISA Section 702. In simplest terms, FISA Section 702 ALLOWS the Federal Government to surveil and spy on American citizens without a formal warrant. Government officials in the US Intelligence Community claim Section 702 is only applicable to foreign citizens and their communications but we all know they have NO intention of limiting their meddling to only foreign citizens. These same intelligence officials also claim an indefinite extension of Section 702 is necessary in order for them to protect the United States from another major terrorist attack. All fine and good I suppose except for the very inconvenient fact that the current President of the United States has said on more than one occasion that normal, patriotic Americans are now the greatest threat to our national security. In addition, he has ordered his Department Of Justice to weaponize it’s enforcement resources against anyone in the country who believes or claims the 2020 election was stolen. Just look at what they are doing now to Donald Trump.

Allowing the Government to use FISA Section 702 to continue spying on American citizens is just another wrong step & bad decision in the latest insanity which has led us down the slippery slope into a virtual avalanche of illegal, blatantly unconstitutional acts such as a $34 TRILLION dollar debt, soaring crime, the invasion of the southern border and other egregious acts against the this Republic. (Not surprisingly, Mike Johnson also flip flopped on his original promise to the American people of NO new “aid” for Ukraine.)

I want to be completely clear here. Any and all Government abuses of FISA Section 702 against American citizens, especially to collect information on political opposition, are flagrant violations of the the Fourth Amendment of The Constitution Of The United States. The Fourth Amendment guarantees Americans the right to be secure in their personal communications and protects them from Government seizure of their private property:

There’s an important reason WHY we have the Bill Of Rights. Because the Constitution would probably never been ratified if it was not eventually included with the original document.  Like ALL of the other Amendments found in The Bill Of Rights, the 4th Amendment is VERY clear in its wording and meaning. It provides that as an American, you are free from Government searches and seizures unless the Government is able to produce a court ordered warrant established by PROBABLE CAUSE.  As things stand right now, the entire population of the United States is now somehow subject to surveillance by governmental law enforcement due to claims of probable cause for some reason or another. It’s as if every single decision this government makes is based on an excuse for additional intrusions into the private and personal lives of every day Americans. THIS was never the intent of our Founding Fathers. I use and continually refer to the term ‘United States Government’ because these losses of our liberties at the hands of Government are NOT a partisan “Democrat” or “Republican” issue. Once Speaker Johnson cast the tie-breaking, winning vote to pass the FISA Section 702 extension, it then became an unconstitutional matter pitting this entire Government Machine AGAINST ‘We the People.”

Ask yourself, will this government ever abuse FISA Section 702 against Americans here at home? I can guarantee you the answer to that question is a definite YES.  The entire Steele Pee Dossier/ Russia Hoax/Operation Crossfire Hurricane operation against the 2016 Trump Presidential Campaign was completely set up through illegal FISA surveillance on Trump and the surrogates in his campaign. The members of the FBI who requested these illegal search warrants from a FISA judge later admitted that they KNEW ALL of this information was false and a lie, but they went ahead with it anyway in an illegal attempt to prevent a candidate that they did not like from being elected. After failing at that, they then proceeded to limit his powers by damaging his presidency once he was elected. Our country is still reeling from the effects of this illegal FISA campaign wrongfully targeting a man, his candidacy and eventual presidency. The power of the FISA court and the Federal Law Enforcement agencies was put on FULL display by a complicit media machine which fell in lockstep to this illegal rogue government activity by Intelligence Community officials trying to deploy a successful shadow operation against a hated opposing political party candidate.  It should also be very chilling for Americans to note that not ONE of the criminals in Government who abused the FISA powers against a former president has ever been punished much less held accountable in any way for their crimes. In fact, they are the very people who are now in charge of running this country into a ditch.

The latest extension of FISA Section 702 has been slightly reformed: it has been shortened from an original period of five years to a two year period. It seems this was done more as a ploy to attract support and sway votes for the extension’s passage from gutless holdout GOP RINOs. We could also speculate that there was some serious deals made to secure the necessary votes. However, merely shortening the timeframe from five to two years does nothing to increase the provision’s constitutional compliance. The fix for that is really quite easy. All the Section 702 reforms should specifically REQUIRE documented probable cause against ANY American citizen before a WARRANT can be issued for any law enforcement surveillance operations. In other words, any spying on American citizens would first require a court issued warrant. Is that really asking too much of the Government?  It seems so. It would also prove to be a very inconvenient headache for Big Tech, the Government’s favorite partner of choice in illegally spying on Americans. Apparently, not ONE federal law enforcement agency wants to interfere with that arrangement. In fact, We The People will probably have to take Big Tech all the way to the Supreme Court before we can force them to stop spying and recording our private communications. It all comes down to whatever is the easiest for the Federal Government to do. The Bill of Rights was created and put in place to make it very difficult for the government to do ANYTHING against law abiding citizens. The entire purpose of The Bill of Rights is to specify the LIMIT OF GOVERNMENT POWER AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS.  However, The Federal Government machine has now discovered new ways to either circumvent or just completely ignore The Bill Of Rights altogether.

The Biden Government & Garland DOJ have already demonstrated and proven beyond any doubts, they are again prepared to ignore any reform safeguards or provisions in Section 702 which actually protect the privacy of American citizens. Federal law enforcement agencies and the national Intelligence Community have yet to order Big Tech companies to stand down; cease and desist all electronic surveillance against everyday Americans. That means they are still ignoring the Fourth Amendment and collecting private information from American citizens. The Fourth Amendment applies to ALL entities which surveil citizens, not just government agencies or law enforcement. Currently, Big Government is pretty much completely free to do whatever it wants. They can search whomever they wish, whenever they want to go spying to look for a crime where none may actually exist. If they can do this to President Trump, they can do it to YOU & I.

Of course, there are some VERY bad people out there who want to do very bad things to this country and its citizens. Ironically, many of them are already here, no thanks to this same Federal Government who fails to enforce security at our borders and insists we must surrender our privacy as a precondition for being “safe.” That’s still no excuse to allow them to completely ignore the Fourth Amendment while spying on American citizens. Federal law enforcement already has plenty of ways to go after foreign nationals who are intent on damaging this country, but that is a completely different consideration than targeting average citizens who may be the political opposition. It doesn’t matter how bad or dangerous a particular person may be, the Government should still be required to GET A WARRANT BASED ON DOCUMENTED PROBABLE CAUSE. In other words, DO YOUR JOB as directed by the Constitution. Is it any wonder most Americans now have ZERO trust in the Government to provide for their actual safety when they tell us not to worry because the proper ‘reforms’ have been put into place in Section 702?  Do you believe them? Federal law either follows constitutional compliance or it doesn’t. There is NO room for excuses, rationalizations or equivocations on this issue. White House ‘intel briefings’ are NO excuse for ignoring the Constitution.

The most important challenge we face is how to awaken MORE of the citizenry of this country to DEMAND that everything this outlaw government does completely complies with constitutional principles. For far too long, we have neglected most of the activities of federal law enforcement because we have generally been operating on an established TRUST in them to have our best interests in mind.  We NEVER anticipated one day partisan politics could extend into federal law enforcement agencies to such an extent that they would weaponize that power against American citizens; or, to take out an opposing presidential candidate in order to maintain power and control. It should be crystal clear to every American who loves this country that the Left is now making a full court press in their quest to institutionalize cultural marxism and “fundamentally transform” America. A two year extension of FISA Section 702 gives them more power to accomplish just that while claiming they are actually saving ‘democracy.’  Unfortunately, our so called Constitutional Conservative leaders (including our Christian, Republican House Speaker) are all in on this play. We MUST make our voices heard and DEMAND the only way forward is through strict adherence and compliance to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; otherwise, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the 4th Amendment will become just barely more than a pipe dream. ✪


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