Three Things American National Interests Demand After The Heinous Hamas Attack

Only exacting pressure from the American people and our legislative representatives will ensure the Biden Administration advances our interests over those of our enemies…



hen the Iran-backed jihadists of Hamas attacked Israel & butchered Jews in numbers equivalent to more than 45,000 Americans; raping them, kidnapping and taking them hostage, the genocidal Jew-haters sparked a potential global conflagration. By murdering and taking Americans hostage, as Iran and its proxies have been doing since the very start of the mullahs’ theocratic takeover in the late 1970’s, Hamas has also brought this fight to us.

That our greatest ally & most pivotal military, intelligence and technological partner; and, the first line of defense in an otherwise bellicose, often barbarous and anti-American region of the World is now under existential threat. That threat has also come for our people & compels an American response.

By the same token, many are rightly skeptical about involving ourselves in any new foreign conflicts; especially in the Middle East, a part of the World where over the last quarter-century, Americans have sacrificed so much in blood and treasure only to see our nation’s power erode and the threats remain. We are now a divided country, thinly stretched and war-weary.

Given this volatile situation and Americans’ competing concerns, what do U.S. national interests demand from us in regards to the war forced on Israel and us?

I propose three things:

1. Defend Americans & Secure The American Homeland

This starts with using all elements of our national power to pressure Iran and its proxies, including Qatar where Hamas’ leadership lives in luxury, to force the return of any and all American hostages immediately. The fact this has not already yet occurred is scandalous and only aggravated by the fact the Biden Administration’s coddling of the Teheran mullahcracy is primarily what has resulted in the kidnapping of Americans in Israel in the first place.

Securing the homeland also requires sealing our borders. If a hyper-vigilant country such as Israel fortified by legitimate walls, cutting-edge technology and a world-renowned intelligence apparatus, can suffer such a cataclysmic terrorist attack, imagine what could happen in America where our borders have neglected and remained wide open for years. It is imperative that we use every means available at our disposal to make certain not a single person with any Islamic extremist connections is ever allowed to enter our country by legal or illegal means.

We must also immediately harden our military and diplomatic facilities against jihadists globally.

Even if we succeeded in doing all of this, there’s still the daunting problem of dealing with the Islamic supremacists who are already here. The enemy is already within the gates. The thousands of “special interest aliens;” from countries with significant Islamic extremist populations which have been caught trying to cross into the United States just over the southern border during the last two years; and that still 1.5 million more illegal aliens who have reportedly evaded lax border law enforcement during the Biden Administration’s three years tenure, is an indicator of how compromised we almost surely already are.

This in addition to more than two decades of mass immigration from Islamic countries in general; without evidence of sufficient vetting or screening, yielding some 2.3 million more immigrants and roughly 150,000 students on visas per year. Authorities have also pursued hundreds of jihadist prosecutions in recent years, including those directly involving Hezbollah. And the throngs of protesters celebrating the Hamas Holocaust-level atrocities in American cities and across college campuses only underscores the peril we now face here at home.

In effect, we have permitted an internal national jihadist lobby to develop and establish itself within our own government and on our own shores. An institutionalized special interest group which now votes against and holds legislative veto power over U.S. national interests; imposed at the point of a gun. If only a fraction of the Islamic extremists now within our borders decided to do us harm, the consequences could be catastrophic.

Identifying this population and neutralizing their threat is going to be a Herculean task; particularly in a free and open society ripe for the jihadists to exploit.

2. America Must Do No Harm

By “do no harm,” I mean we must immediately cease all aid, support and comfort of any kind to the Islamic Republic of Iran, its proxies and those regimes and international forums that aid, abet and enable them. With respect to Iran, that of course includes recovering all unfrozen funds, strongly enforcing all sanctions and re-instituting the maximum political & diplomatic pressure to isolate the mullahcracy and starve it of the resources it needs to threaten America and its interests.

We should also terminate any government support for domestic American institutions which have shown themselves to be sympathetic to Hamas and other Iranian proxies; and, we should prevent any funds from flowing to institutions that receive largesse from associated malign regimes, entities, or individuals, such as leftist American think tanks and universities.

Defunding and disengaging from terror-supporting institutions should be the bare minimum we expect from our leadership.

3. Allow Israel To Vigorously Defend Itself

The strongest form of aid the U.S. can provide Israel is to allow them the freedom they need to defend their national security and sovereignty. If allowed to pursue and protect their national interests free of any Western conditions or constraints, (the freedom to pursue and destroy their adversaries and enemies), the resulting benefits would also align with our own national security and interests,

In addition, the United States should be prepared to sell Israel the munitions, technology and weapons systems it needs for defense, provide intelligence and diplomatically support it in hostile world forums such as the United Nations. The long term benefits in terms of international stability and security of these efforts far outweighs their costs. As we witnessed during the Trump Administration, a stronger Israel provides for greater stability in the Middle East and reduces the prospect of American exposure and involvement in any potential conflicts in the region.

Israel now faces a potentially massive, multi-front conflict for survival, because Iran (including the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps) and its proxies have all called for jihad against Israel across the entire Islamic world; from Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon and a coalition of assorted jihadist factions in Syria, Yemen and Iraq. The Islamic Republic of Iran now considers China and Russia as their strategic partners, so the potential for their version of extremist islamic terrorism now extends into Europe, Latin America and all the way to our own shores.

A grinding and grisly ground offensive squarely focused only on eliminating Hamas in Gaza could threaten to bog Israel down in a drawn out, high-casualty morass while allowing other enemies to strike from elsewhere. The Jewish state may have no other alternatives but to land dramatic, decisive and crippling blows to enemies far beyond Gaza. Israel will need to sever the head of the snake, Iran, to stop the expansion of a far more bloody and widespread war in order to achieve a meaningful peace. America must step out of the way and endorse foreign policy which allows Israel the freedom it needs to do what it must to survive, while still defending ourselves and our own vital interests.

Notwithstanding the Biden Administration’s recent supportive rhetoric in the immediate wake of the attack on Israel and the lip service it has always paid to border security, actual support for policy & action which bolster American national interest and security are unfortunately sadly lacking and completely predictable. As noted, the Biden Administration’s entire Middle East strategy, like the Obama-Biden Administration before it, centers around punishing Israel and weak appeasement to Iran as the strong horse in the region.

The culmination of Biden’s failed Middle Eastern foreign policy is the Hamas’ attack. The Biden Administration facilitated the flow of tens of billions of dollars of funds to the Hamas sponsors in Tehran and millions more directly to Gaza. Without this financial support, the attack on Israel may have not been possible. By browbeating and alienating the current Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Biden Administration is also guilty of destabilizing the country and creating the precise conditions Hamas was able to exploited.

Why should we now expect a complete about-face from Joe Biden and his administration in all but the most superficial ways designed specifically for domestic political consumption? We shouldn’t.

The Biden Administration has instinctively responded to the crisis on multiple occasions by encouraging Israel to engage in a ceasefire or at least limit their response to reward today’s modern Nazis for inflicting the worst massacre on the Jewish People since the Holocaust; and, in their own homeland. The Biden Administration has repeatedly defended their decision to release the $6 billion as a ransom payment for the five Americans imprisoned in Iran; the names and identities of whom we still know nothing.

Just as the Obama Administration before it sought to use US foreign aid as the lever to prevent Israel from more aggressively countering its enemies , the Biden Administration has also pursued diplomacy intended to constrain Israel while simultaneously creating the false appearance of supporting it. The Biden Administration is now actively working to box in the Jewish state with nominal rhetorical, diplomatic and military support: stressing Israel pursue a mission more to administration’s liking which means only limited rules of engagement against Hamas in Gaza to degrade it. The last thing Joe Biden and his administration want to see is Israel reclaiming Gaza or anything which would thwart future efforts to establish a “two state solution.”

There’s a very compelling case to be made that the Biden Administration is preparing to suffocate Israel’s self determinism by backing a new surge of U.S. forces into the region; creating the false appearance of bolstering Israel from regional threats; but in reality,  deterring Israel from eliminating them in service to Iran.

Only exacting pressure from the American people and our representatives will ensure the Biden administration advances our interests over those of our enemies. ✪


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