EXPOSED: Google’s Lobby List Of ‘Conservatives’ Paid To Claim Big Tech Bias Is a ‘Good Thing’


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The National Pulse publishes a previously undisclosed “go to” list of “conservative” influencers that Big Tech firm Google lobbies & uses to influence the political dynamics in Washington, D.C.

As the battle over Big Tech rages in Western capitals, The National Pulse was provided with an exclusive leak of the list of think tanks and activists who Google lobbyist Max Pappas reached out to on the back of the Federalist/Zero Hedge demonetization story.

Pappas – hired by Google in 2017 – took Google’s damage control messaging to nearly 100 influential figures on the right on Tuesday night.

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The list (at the bottom of this article) includes key conservative influencers from major think tanks and publications – some of whom are believed to be beneficiaries of large Google donations.

Featured in the list are high-profile “conservative” organizations which solicit conservatives in the public for donations, all the while promoting Big Tech talking points, and/or taking grants from Big Tech companies which continue to censor conservatives online.

The Heritage Foundation, the CATO Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, R Street, the Competitive Enterprise Institute and more were named. The National Pulse reached out to both Google and Max Pappas before publication, though neither responded to our queries.

Some of these same influencers haven taken to social media in the past 24 hours to defend Google, or draw attention to the Google talking points on the back of the demonetization story.

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) visiting scholar Mark Jamison tweeted ahead of the news an op-ed entitled “Big Tech is biased… and that’s a good thing.”

Jamison’s colleague at AEI, James Pethokoukis, appears to have taken his marching orders from Pappas’s email, hurriedly publishing an article on the AEI website endorsing Google’s actions, and claiming that “the ongoing conservative alarm about anti-conserative [sic] bias by America’s tech titans continues to fail that test [of reality].”

In fact, Big Tech’s bias against conservatives is well documented.

Julian Sanchez – a CATO and Reason magazine contributor – stated “only conservative sites whine publicly about it, because other sites aren’t nursing a martyr complex:”

CATO’s Matthew Feeney – director of the think-tank’s “Emerging Technologies” project – used the opportunity to attack Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Senator Tom Cotton, while defending Google:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI)’s Patrick Hedger, also a writer for the NeverTrump blog The Bulwark, took to the CEI website to defend a multitude of Big Tech companies.

He claims, despite evident monopolistic practices in the Big Tech sector: “these companies compete with one another in some way, suggesting that competition in the broader tech sector remains robust and lacking a justification for government investigation, let alone intervention.”

Hedger also pounced upon conservatives on Twitter:

The “actually“, anecdotal argument Hedger makes was never true, though it didn’t stop CEI’s Hedger digging himself deeper.

Mercatus’s Adam Thierer blasted conservatives who believe in regulating the tech sector, while Robert Winterton from an opaque group called ‘NetChoice’ based in a suite on K Street in Washington, D.C. attacked Sen Josh Hawley:

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