Flagging Disqus Spammers & Trolls

Before We Begin:

❇️ REMEDIAL LEVEL: This tutorial contains very basic, easy to understand information requiring very little to no previous computer or technical knowledge.

❇️ For this tutorial, we’ll assume you’re using a desktop computer or tablet & have very little to no previous computer knowledge and/or experience.

❇️ Don’t worry about making mistakes; you really can’t mess up anything.

Ready To Start?

First, A Little Basic Information About Spammers & Trolls:

Spammers & trolls are any unwelcome user or account which appear on a website with the intent of causing trouble or exploiting the bandwidth and exposure of the website for their own purposes. They are digital parasites.

They can either be actual persons, groups of persons or a collection of computer commands specifically designed, organized and generated to appear like a real person. An artificial human spammer or troll account such as this is called a bot (short for robot).

Spammers & trolls often post distasteful & objective content; or, flood a comment forum with numerous links in an attempt to drive the legitimate users there to a different webpage in the hopes they will purchase products.

Left unchecked, spammers & trolls will take control of a comment forum & eventually destroy a website by degrading the user experience to the point they drive away serious users with the overwhelming proliferation of unnecessary posts.

WARNING: Under no circumstances whatsoever should you ever click on a link posted by a troll or spammer. Doing so could infect your computer with malware or viruses. Also avoid commenting or discussions about the troll or spammer with other users, as this only encourages them and wastes valuable bandwidth.

However, there is ONE very powerful action you can take to fight & counter the bad intentions of any spammer or troll: FLAG their comments.

FLAGGING an undesirable or unwanted comment in Disqus is very easy & very powerful. A FLAGGED comment immediately places the offending content or post directly in the crosshairs of the website’s moderators, who can promptly remove and dispose of it.

How To FLAG Spammers & Trolls In Disqus

There’s a pulldown menu on each comment that you may never know is there until someone points it out to you. If you run the tip of your mouse cursor over at first what appears to be blank, empty space at the far right side of your comment, you’ll eventually find & see a small hidden gray dash mark and downward pointed triangle side by side.

If you click on the gray dash mark, the comment collapses and the gray dash mark changes into a gray plus sign. Clicking again on the gray plus sign expands the comment once again.

However, when you place the tip of your mouse cursor over the gray inverted triangle and click, a small menu box with two choices will appear:

BLOCK USER: Selecting this option will make ALL of the posts (past & present) of that particular user disappear. Instead, wherever this person posts a comment you will only see a blank space with the words THIS USER IS BLOCKED. This is a really great tool to block someone who often posts frequent comments you may not like. After you BLOCK them, you will no longer see any of their comments. If you change your mind later & want to UNBLOCK this person, that’s also very easy to do; however, not a subject we will cover here now.

FLAG AS INAPPROPRIATE: This is the selection you want to make in order to FLAG a spammer or troll. Once you select Flag as inappropriate, this selection box will immediately appear under the comment:

Click on the Spam – posted spam comments or discussions selection and then click on the blue Flag Comment button to send the flag directly to the moderators.

Congratulations! You have now just played a very important part in helping to rid your comment board of unwanted riff raff. Thank you in advance!

Until Next Time: Remember To Always Get The Most From Your Post!