COPPER JOHN: Have Republican Law Makers Lost The PRIVILEGE To Represent Their Constituents?

A NEW original OP-ED authored by The New Americanist’s own Copper John…



t happens time and time again, over and over.  A crucial vote looms in either the Senate or the House of Representatives which is very important and yet the republican base is disappointed & let down time and time again by their Representatives and Senators who vote for their OWN interests and not in the interests of their state or district they supposedly represent no matter how vocal their base may be.  One merely has to look at our $34 trillion dollar debt that our Congressional representatives have saddled us with and it is too easy to see NOT ONE conservative American has ever asked their congressmen to put us that deep into so much debt, yet here we are.  The Conservative base constantly says things like ‘no more spending’ or ‘no more illegal aliens crossing the border’ or ‘no more wars’ and yet here we are stuck with $34 trillion in debt, ten million illegal border jumpers and multiple wars around the world that most of our politicians seem to want to be a part of.  Being elected to Congress as a Representative or Senator should be and honor and it should be a PRIVILEGE to cast votes for your state or district; however, it appears republican congressmen have actually lost their privilege to act as our representatives. 

There was a time when a bill would roll out and we could entrust our elected officials to know and understand the sentiment of the people in their district. We could trust them to actually read and study the bill before casting their votes with the consent and ONLY the consent of the people they represented back home.  Now it’s common for conservative Americans to be angry or downright pissed off after a vote because we have been betrayed AGAIN by a Representative or Senator that did not vote in the way WE WANTED THEM TO.  In order to be elected, these same people always promise to do the will of their voters; but as we all know, that’s just more hollow empty campaign promises these days.  Our republican lawmakers can no longer be trusted to read bills or make the TOUGH decisions we NEED them to make in our interests and on our behalf.

Take a look at the top, most destructive issue our nation is currently facing: it is not illegal immigration.  The greatest threat to our nation is the amount of debt our lawmakers have saddled us with.  The official number now stands at $34 trillion dollars racked up by lawmakers who seem to only know how to vote to spend and spend and spend. There are other very bad numbers floating around out there now like an additional $60 – 100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities & entitlements, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s just focus on that $34 trillion we know about for certain.  How did such a thing ever happen?  It happened because of these MASSIVE hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars “omnibus” bills which contain wasteful spending which really has very little to do with things which directly affect or improve the lives of Americans.  These omnibus or “continuing resolution” bills are usually loaded with wasteful pork and ridiculous expenditures which may be important to someone or a particular special interest or only ONE important thing to motivate a conservative lawmaker’s vote for or a presidential signature to pass.

When a lawmaker refuses to vote for that bill or the President refuses to sign it, then the entire spending bill is killed and Republicans are then labeled as the villains who killed this green regulation, denied this medicine to those sick people or any other number of claims which earn them the label of being “anti-something.”  We completely EXPECT our lawmakers to vote down these wasteful bills and yet they vote in favor of time and time again because they don’t have the guts to vote in accordance with how their base wants them to vote.  As each omnibus bill passes, we go further and deeper into a cycle of unrecoverable debt.  A debt which cannot and will never be paid back, while watch our lawmakers pat themselves on the back for a job well done as they publicly bemoan how difficult the process was. The only choice we have is to resent their betrayal once again.

The Constitution is VERY clear about illegal immigration. It states we are a sovereign nation which has the right and duty to defend its own borders.  From a Conservative standpoint, this type of legal clarity would seem to make votes on immigration policy very easy; but unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case.  Of course, there are many other things tied into this, but Republicans showed their hands as early as 2018 when several Senators started working on a “bipartisan” deal for a pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients. The president who started the DACA program even admitted that it was probably unconstitutional, but went ahead with it anyway.  Then there were all the usual ‘Republican’ suspects with their hands out wanting a piece of the DACA action. However, there was NEVER a call for any pathway to citizenship for these people from any of those Republican districts and states. Fast forward now to today and we have had over 10 MILLION illegal aliens come across the border into this country as FELONS during the last three years. And it continues on, day after day after day. Not a single Republican has ever voted to ENFORCE the plain language of the Constitution in regards to immigration law. Instead, they have chosen to waste our time by playing the same lawfare game the Left has championed. The Instead of following established constitutional laws, the Left writes stupid laws and regulations for asylum and amnesty. As expected, Republicans line up to counter this lawfare and millions more pour across our borders while the legal stalemate goes nowhere. The only thing Republicans need to do is enforce the immigration laws and the Constitution AS WRITTEN. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH POLITICAL PARTY IS IN POWER.  Nowhere in the Constitution does it ever say that if the party in power is not following the law of the land, then everyone else must do as they say. I have not seen ONE SINGLE Republican vote to enforce existing immigration laws, much less heard any one of them recommend this. It is clear this latest, stupid, so called “border security” bill (which was really a “fund foreign wars” bill) would have passed IF the constituents of the districts and states themselves did not read the bill and DEMAND their Congressional Representatives vote against it.

What is the point of all this?  The point is we are suffereing in our current condition because our lawmakers REFUSE to vote with the WILL of the people they directly represent.  Our Republican lawmakers have repeatedly betrayed their constituency and LOST our CONSENT to represent us because we can no longer trust them to do their jobs as they should. We can no longer trust them to read, study or debate important bills. We can no longer trust them to talk to the Americans they represent or vote in our best interests.  Mitch McConnell, James Lanford, Ken Buck, Mitt Romney and others are perfect, poster child examples of Republican lawmakers who vote based on how THEY want to vote as they continually disregard the will of their voters.  The days of trusting our elected officials to ‘represent’ us are now over and gone.  Instead, Republican voters of each state and district will have to do the job of the people we elect and send to Washington.  It now rests on us, ‘We The People’ to check the out of control, self serving Political Class before they completely destroy the country. It will now be up to “We The People” to become more active and involved in our own legislative process by fully reading and understanding each bill and create a consensus among ourselves to TELL the middlemen in DC HOW we want them to vote because they have lost our TRUST and the PRIVILEGE to represent us.

We are DONE being stabbed in the back buy corrupt, career politicians who are supposed to represent US. ✪