How To Post Photos In Disqus 101

Remember Before We Begin:

❇️ This is very easy information to learn, so stay with it until you achieve success. Once you can to do this 2-3 times, you’ll know how to do it forever.

❇️ REMEDIAL: For this tutorial, we’ll assume you’re using a desktop computer or tablet & have little to no previous computer knowledge and/or experience.

❇️ Don’t worry about making mistakes; you can’t really mess up anything. The worst that can happen is your photo or image doesn’t post or display. If that happens, just review this tutorial again to find out what you missed. You’ll get it!

Ready To Start?

Have you ever wanted to post a photo or image in a Disqus comment, but couldn’t because you didn’t know how? In this easy to follow, step by step tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to do just that.

Adding photos, images or memes (a meme is only a photo or image with added text ) is very easy once you know how; and increases your ability to express yourself & communicate online. It’s also a heck of a lot of fun!

Photo or Image

Meme: Photo or Image with Text

This is a simple 3 STEP process & you only do Step One ONCE.


The first thing you want to do is create a new folder on your computer and name it PHOTOS. If you already have a PHOTOS folder you’re using to store other personal photographs somewhere else on your computer, then name this new folder DISQUS PHOTOS so you won’t accidentally mix the two up.

You want to create a new PHOTOS folder on your computer because you need to have a familiar and easy to find place to store the photos, images and memes you plan to post online in your comments. Did I just say your new PHOTOS folder should be located in a very easy to find place? Yes I did; so put it somewhere you won’t have to navigate through five or six mouse clicks each time you want to find it.

I’m a MAC user, so my PHOTOS folder is directly on my desktop. I could also put it on my hard drive. If you’re a WINDOWS user, you can put your new PHOTOS folder in an easy to find spot on your C Drive.

Before we continue, let’s explain in very simple terms exactly what you will be doing every time you post a photo in Disqus:

▶️ You’ll be taking a photo or meme from somewhere on the internet by dragging & dropping it into your PHOTOS folder.

▶️ Once inside your PHOTOS folder, you’ll move it into a Disqus comment window to post.

These are the ONLY two actions involved: 1) grabbing a photo from somewhere on the web and dragging it into your PHOTOS folder; and 2) dragging your photo out of your PHOTOS folder into an open Disqus comment window. That’s really all there is to it.

To accomplish theses two actions we are going to use a very simple and easy technique called DRAG & DROP. The easiest way to explain DRAG & DROP is just to show you.

STEP TWO: GRAB your photo & DRAG it over into your PHOTOS Folder:

So you found a photo on the internet you’d like to post on Disqus and share with some of your friends. For our example, let’s say you’d like to steal…er, grab this Powerline image of Donald Trump surfing a red wave and post it somewhere else to share it with your friends.

Place your pointer cursor anywhere over the photo. CLICK the LEFT button on your mouse & HOLD it down. CONTINUE to HOLD it down as you MOVE your cursor point with your mouse off the webpage and toward your PHOTOS Folder. (No, your cursor point is not hot pink. I changed the color of mine so it would stand out more & be easier to see in this example.) You are now DRAGGING (Step One of DRAG & DROP) the photo towards your PHOTOS Folder.

You’ll know when you’ve correctly grabbed the photo with your cursor point, because as you DRAG it from the webpage over towards your PHOTOS folder, you’ll see a more transparent version of the image similar to the one above follow along with your cursor point.

CONTINUE to HOLD DOWN the LEFT button on your mouse & DRAG the ghost of the image with your cursor point all the way OFF the webpage & over to your PHOTOS folder. Make certain the TIP of your cursor point is directly ON TOP the PHOTO folder and then RELEASE the LEFT mouse button. The image will disappear as it DROPS into your PHOTOS folder.

OPEN your PHOTOS folder now. You should see an image file for your photo inside. This photo will remain in you PHOTOS folder indefinitely until you throw it away. You can either post it now in Disqus and/or at any future time. You can also post it multiple times on the same webpage or multiple times on many other different webpages. Later, if you become particularly adventurous, you can even use photo & image editing software like Photoshop, Gimp or Elements to modify & customize the image.

STEP THREE: DRAG your photo over into your Disqus comment window:

In this final step, you’ll drag & drop your photo in the very same way as in STEP TWO: only instead, this time you’re dragging your photo from your PHOTOS folder to drop it into an open & waiting Disqus comment window.

You can post your photo in either a top or reply comment window.

Place your cursor point over the photo image file in your PHOTOS folder & HOLD DOWN the LEFT BUTTON on your mouse. CONTINUE holding down the LEFT mouse button as you move & DRAG the image file out of the PHOTOS folder into the open Disqus comment window. RELEASE the LEFT mouse button once your cursor point is inside the comment window to DROP the photo image file into the open comment window.

Once you DROP the photo image file into the comment window, you should see it appear after Disqus takes a second or two to load it. Disqus will also rename the photo image file, usually with an outrageously long new file name. This is normal. At this point, you can also add TEXT by typing it directly into the comment window. Once the photo image file has finished loading into the comment window, CLICK on the “Post as…” button.

Congratulations on posting your photo! Use this same procedure every time you post a photo, image or meme. Does it always work 100%, guaranteed? No. Contrary to popular expectations & opinion, technology is far less reliable than we have been lead to believe. Thankfully, it works much more often than not; and, when it doesn’t, it’s usually because of something very minor and easy to fix.

I’ll cover tips for Troubleshooting Posting Photos in Disqus in the next tutorial.

In the meantime, have fun & happy photo posting!