JB Shurk: Globalism Thrives On Crisis

Globalists know that nothing drives public policy so much as the fear of impending death.  Nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles may have scared the snot out of anyone living through the Cold War, but they were (and still are) the gifts that keep on giving for the military-industrial complex and national security surveillance State...



he more catastrophic the consequences of any perceived threat, the more likely that otherwise skeptical human beings will hand over their freedoms in exchange for the elusive promise of personal security. Political systems specialize in exploiting this “Save Me!” impulse for maximum leverage.  “Looming apocalypse” is Big Government’s best salesman every year. 

Ghost stories about “global warming” work the same way.  If voters can be convinced that their economic freedom is leading to humanity’s extinction, then they will accept costly regulations and “green energy”-induced inflation.  If they can be brainwashed into believing that hydrocarbon energy is evil, then they will actively protest for a future with intermittent yet expensive electric power.  If they can be deluded into thinking that only politicians and central bankers can save the planet, then they will embrace communism in order to fight “climate change.”  Given the fact that Earth’s climate is always naturally changing — whether humans are alive to notice or not — governments’ success in conditioning gullible people to fear every change in the weather has been remarkably effective in creating voluntary slaves. 

It’s also no surprise that UN Secretary-General António Guterres and other doomsayer charlatans are now hyperventilating about “global boiling.” Generations who were told they would die decades ago have learned to discount apocalyptic warnings.  Human experience creates a natural immunity to bullsh*t.  Conversely, totalitarianism succeeds only when society’s level of anxiety can be ratcheted up well above eleventy!  That’s why every iteration of the so-called “climate emergency” must sound more scary than the last.  It’s also why each new season of “Climate Change: the Coming Armageddon” targets children who have never seen old episodes of the boring series.  It may be the longest running television program of all time, but ignorant youths — who cannot imagine that their governments would ever lie to them — fall for the dying planet horror show every time.  

This is the kind of madness that “green” false prophets perpetrate upon unsuspecting peoples — stoking irrational fears in a misanthropic and Machiavellian quest for raw power.  Twentieth-century totalitarians also came to power by spreading madness and inflaming irrational fears.  Whereas Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao obsessed over foreign ideas, capitalist leanings, religious beliefs, and racial impurities, today’s globalists obsess over hydrocarbons, “white supremacy,” and “hate” speech.  Future generations will see no distinction.  Just like the monsters of the past, today’s Deep State agents seize power by manufacturing emergencies.  Dictators always arrive on triumphal chariots that run on lies. 

The German Deep State is similar to the American Deep State — in that both love to lecture the world about “democracy” and “freedom” while censoring conservative speech, criminalizing political dissent, spewing propaganda and manipulating elections.  Both also have a penchant for creating committees and agencies that engage in behaviors they pretend to police — disinformation boards that spread lies, humanitarian aid groups that foment war, pro-democracy coalitions that seek to ban political groups and public debate.  For the German and American Deep States, language is a weapon for deceiving the people.

In one particularly laughable example, German law mandates the operation of an Ethics Council — an independent body of “experts” — that seems dedicated to finding ways to justify the government’s unethical behaviors.  How else do you convince people to accept unscientific lockdowns and experimental “vaccines?”  Tell them that a nonpartisan crew of credentialed “experts” has checked for ethical landmines and determined that everything’s hunky-dory.  A few weeks ago, the morality Star Chamber published an opinion about “Climate Justice” that lays the groundwork for a future when all German activity will be strictly monitored for carbon-rationing compliance:

“On grounds of justice, it can be morally required to contribute to measures to tackle climate change.  If one’s own exercise of freedom interferes in an unjust manner with the freedom and welfare of others or of future generations, for example through consumption that is harmful to the climate, the authorities may intervene with restrictions of freedom.”

As with all Deep State initiatives that say one thing while doing its opposite, Germany’s Ethics Council promises the public that it is wholly opposed to suspending “democratic freedoms” but encourages the government to create “supportive framework conditions” — including carbon taxes, personal emissions limits, product bans, and “compensatory payments” to “ongoing neo-colonial dependencies” — that will nudge Germans to do the right thing.  Ahh, nothing says freedom like new taxes, forced redistribution of wealth, regulatory kicks to the groin, financial blackmail, and total personal surveillance!  Just because the government holds a gun to the back of your head while you make decisions doesn’t mean you are any less free — the unethical Ethics Council says so!

There’s something so spectacularly German about the morality police redefining totalitarianism as merely “supportive framework conditions.”  Who could argue against a “supportive framework?”  It’s the kind of linguistic chicanery that other Western nations will readily mimic.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau didn’t confiscate the bank accounts of Freedom Convoy protesters in order to quell dissent and chill free speech; he was merely creating “supportive framework conditions” for their abject submission.  Australia and New Zealand didn’t set up Stasi roadblocks, checkpoints and involuntary detainment camps during the Great COVID Hoax; they simply constructed a “supportive framework” for a functioning police State.  Barely-there Joe Biden and his vindictive Attorney General Merrick Garland haven’t weaponized the justice system to persecute conservatives, freedom-lovers, Christians, Trump and his voters; they have implemented “supportive framework conditions” that helpfully disarm, censor, and imprison any American who resists the Deep State.  Yes siree, governing is easy when the Ethics Council condones property confiscation, coercion and controlled speech!

At the end of the day, globalism thrives on crisis.  It is a political philosophy in perpetual search of apocalyptic threats that can be used as expedient pretexts for justifying why a small cabal of financial titans and global elites should exercise total control over local communities.  Crisis is its brand, its currency, and its product.  For globalism to persist, no crisis can ever be solved unless a new one is on its way.

The inherently destructive nature of globalism has left the public in a permanent state of anticipatory dread.  Roughly two-thirds of Americans not only expect a third world war to break out within the next decade but also believe nuclear conflagration is inevitable.  The idea that the American Deep State will instigate some kind of “false flag” incident prior to the 2024 election is discussed as broadly among well-known public figures as it is among ordinary commenters online.  Catherine Herridge, Ron Paul, Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson and General Mike Flynn have all expressed concern that an unforeseen “Black Swan” event will occur before the end of the year.  Flynn says forthrightly that globalists will conclude, “Look, there’s no way in the world that [Biden] can win a legitimate, fair election, so let’s not have one.”  And “in order to not have one,” the Deep State will “create the conditions” to produce that “outcome.”

That nuclear war, election rigging, and “Black Swan” disasters are spoken of so matter-of-factly reflects an almost fatalistic consensus that everything will soon fall apart.  In other words, globalism has largely succeeded in cultivating a pervasive expectation of our impending social death.  That’s an astonishing indictment of the path Western leaders have forged over the last century.  As they have burned the world to the ground, their legacy is general misery.  For free and happy people to live, globalism must surely die. ✪


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