Joe Biden: Enemy Of America

From the moment Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office as president it became clear that he stole the job in order to destroy America from within…

He stopped the construction of the Keystone Pipeline on day one, costing thousands of good paying jobs.  He stopped the construction of the southern border wall, costing more jobs and leaving millions of dollars’ worth of equipment rotting in the desert.  

Biden would not even let Texas use the construction materials themselves; any wall would impede the Biden plan to import over two million migrants from around the world, to be given funds and to spread them throughout the nation into unsuspecting cities.  

The Democrats voted unanimously that these illegal invaders would not be required to be vaccinated or even tested for Covid.  That should tell us everything we need to know about how seriously the left really takes this phony pandemic.  They know it is phony because it’s worked for their advantage from the outset.  They had to do something to derail President Trump.

So, with a stroke of Biden’s pen, the energy independence Trump had achieved was gone.  Biden removed Trump’s sanctions on the Nord Stream pipeline, making Germany now dependent on Russia for gas and making Russia infinitely wealthier! What a colossally stupid thing to have done.  Natural gas prices for Americans have doubled.  Fuel gas prices have gone up by at least forty per cent.  Biden and his DOJ are cancelling other pipelines and oil leases on federal land and offshore.  This is allegedly in the name of the environment but that it is a lie.  It is to bring the middle and working classes to their knees.  This administration wants runaway inflation, the better to punish the Deplorables, to make them more compliant. 

Biden’s gross manipulation of Covid fear porn is beyond egregious.  The more we learn about the horrific dangers from the vaccines, the more the doctors trying to inform the public are suppressed, censored and defamed, the more the administration, the media and the CDC double down on the lies, the lie that anyone under the age of twenty-five or thirty ever needed the vaccine in the first place.  But the last thing the Biden administration wants is an informed public.  Censorship is their new religion.

The public should not be able to discern that Biden’s energy and vax mandate policies have caused the supply chain problems that have left grocery shelves around the nation empty of some essentials.  The totally useless Pete Buttigieg is by now beyond a joke. His big idea?  Total surveillance via speed cameras because “they are less racially biased than cops,” and “to prevent potholes?!”   

As for the supply chain disaster, he hasn’t a clue about that.  It hasn’t occurred to him that the vax mandates are at the root of our air traffic problems, not to mention sidelining thousands of truckers.  The man is an embarrassment, just as Energy Secretary, the corrupt Jennifer Granholm is clueless and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorakas is a mousy little coward who should have been sacked on day two.  He cowered in the corner the other day while Border Patrol agents expressed their utter frustration at the non-stop invasion of our southern border. 

As those Border Patrol and ICE agents can attest, Biden is now a full partner in collusion with the drug and human traffickers that are the cartels.  In fact, Biden is probably, it’s fair to say, the largest sex and human trafficker on the planet right now.  When will we learn to where how many thousands of unaccompanied children have been shipped and to whose “care?”  

The volume of fentanyl flowing into the US has gone up 300% as have overdose deaths in this country.  In short, the Biden presidency is a terrible blight upon America.  

This President has done more damage thus far than any foreign enemy has ever done in our nation’s history.  The insane withdrawal from Afghanistan made of fool of the US throughout the world and pleased China, Russia and Iran mightily.  Biden is wholly responsible for the deaths of those thirteen of our young troops and an innocent family of ten that he droned in Afghanistan as the entire project went belly up.  

He is responsible for the forced wokery and evisceration of our military, first by kicking out soldiers who were pro-American patriots and then for kicking out soldiers who wisely refused the vaccines.  There is mounting evidence that the vaccines interfere with the body’s natural immune system.  The record of vaccine damage among the military is catastrophic and the Biden mandates are to blame. 

None of the available vaccines were fully or properly tested, which is why Pfizer wanted to delay the release of its data for seventy-five years.  The trials were rushed and emergency authorized by the FDA illegally.  No vaccine is to be authorized if there are available therapeutics, which they were and are.  Big Pharma lied, the FDA lied, and the CDC lied.  The vaccine roll-out is part of a get-fabulously-rich scheme of Fauci and his cohorts in those and other bureaucratic institutions, all of which have been hopelessly politicized by the left.  Biden is not above using them all in his drive to ruin America. 

Biden has refused to demand information from China on the origins of the virus, but most real scientists agree it was created in a lab and did not occur naturally in nature.  Still, Pelosi has resisted holding hearings on the origin and Biden can’t bring himself to ask Xi.  Oh, he says he did and that XI said no.  

Biden has the strength and influence of a wet dishrag.  Now he is actively fomenting war between Russia and Ukraine for his own purposes; he thinks it makes him look tough when in fact it just makes him look stupid.  His dog wagging has already cost Ukraine ‘s economy dearly.

Zelensky has angrily told Biden to knock it off.  But Biden and his cabinet of hawks are champing at the bit for a war somewhere, anywhere.  If they think the public is behind them, they are oh, so sadly mistaken.  Just in case the Russia-Ukraine thing doesn’t work out, he’s giving in to Iran, letting them get the nukes they crave.  That should make for an interesting scenario.  

Biden is so out of it that he seems to think he’s playing at war games rather than with actual people and nations.  China, Russia and Iran must each be having grand laughs at our expense.  

Thanks to this wholly incompetent and illegitimate President and his equally incompetent inner circle and cabinet, America is a sitting duck, vulnerable to all manner of attack from enemies that Biden has emboldened and who are gleefully licking their chops at this moment, at the prospect of bringing America low. 

Arrogance, ignorance, and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situations. No sirree. Not a pretty cocktail in an office-mate and not a pretty cocktail in a head of state. In fact, in a leader, it’s a lethal cocktail.  – Graydon Carter

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