Joe Biden Is Sending Pallets Of Cash To The Taliban In Afghanistan

The U.S. Central Command recently made a big deal about announcing that it had killed two mid-level ISIS officials during a raid in Syria. We were assured that this was a great victory and that Americans were much safer now that these two individuals were no longer with us…


No doubt the men who carried out this mission are amongst our finest. No doubt the world will be a better place without the two ISIS leaders who were killed. One cannot help but wonder, however, about the priorities of the Biden Administration and its avowed dedication to American national security.

From The DailyWire:

“ISIS continues to represent a threat to the security and stability of the region. This operation reaffirms CENTCOM’s steadfast commitment to ensuring the group’s enduring defeat,” said Joe Buccino, a Central Command spokesperson. “The death of these ISIS officials will disrupt the terrorist organization’s ability to further plot and carry out destabilizing attacks in the Middle East.”

No doubt the men who carried out this mission are amongst our finest. No doubt the world will be a better place without the two ISIS leaders who were killed. One cannot help but wonder, however, about the priorities of the Biden Administration and its avowed dedication to American national security.

ISIS in Syria is a shadow of its former self. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, a much more formidable enemy, the new terrorist super state of Afghanistan grows in power by the day unimpeded. In fact, not only are we not stopping the Taliban from increasing in power we are now financing them.

Earlier this week photographs from Afghanistan showed stacks of crisp new U.S. $100 bills being delivered in Kabul. The cash, $40 million in all, was being delivered to Da Bank of Afghanistan, the Taliban-controlled central bank of Afghanistan, which is headquartered in Kabul. The bank tweeted several images of the cash. 

Another package of humanitarian aid worth $40 million dollars arrived in Afghanistan and was handed over to a commercial bank in Kabul. This is the second package that has arrived in Afghanistan this week,” the caption read. 

While the bank did not say specifically where the cash came from, it is almost certainly the latest in a series of payments from the Biden Administration. Biden announced in September that billions of dollars in frozen Afghan funds would begin to flow back to Afghanistan for “humanitarian” purposes.” The Afghan Fund will help mitigate the economic challenges facing Afghanistan while protecting and preserving $3.5 billion in reserves from Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), Afghanistan’s central bank, for the benefit of the people of Afghanistan,” Wally Adeyemo, U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, said at the time. 

Because guys who engage in international terrorism, sell heroin on an industrial scale and employ an entire brigade of suicide bombers in their military are reliable partners in the distribution of humanitarian assistance.

The amount of cash going to the Taliban is staggering. More than $1.7 billion has been delivered since Afghanistan fell in 2021. The pace of deliveries appears to be accelerating. In the last three months, the international terrorists who control Kabul, enslave women, and are working to destabilize Pakistan have received $640 million.

Amu TV reported recently that Afghanistan received $120 million in cash in September of this year, $200 million in October, $240 million in November, and $80 million in the first week of December this year – all of which was reported by the bank as arriving in batches of $40 million.

Sources in Afghanistan report that there has been an increase in U.S. dollars in circulation among money exchangers at Afghanistan’s Sarai Shahzada money market.  Abdul Rahman Zirak, the spokesman for the exchange union at Sarai Shahzada in Kabul, said that the flow of US dollars in the market has increased.

“I am delighted to say that recently, the value of the Afghani is commendable compared to other currencies and has been kept stable. The main reason for this is that humanitarian [cash] aid is coming. A lot of U.S. dollars are available in the market. On the other hand, the central bank auctions 10 to 17 million dollars per week,” Zirak said.

The Taliban are the biggest drug dealers on the planet. They engage in money laundering on an industrial scale. The number two man at the Da Bank, Ahmad Zia Agha, is a senior Taliban military and financial leader sanctioned by the United States for managing and distributing funds to Taliban commanders and Taliban associates worldwide. He is officially designated by the United States as an international terrorist.

Agha is now in control of Afghanistan’s financial sector. He is, in fact, laughably enough, the guy officially responsible for combatting money laundering in Afghanistan. The central bank’s governor, Haji Mohammad Idrees, also is a senior member of the Taliban government.

Staggeringly enough, even as the Biden administration pumps money to the guys building the terrorist super state that will inevitably launch the next 9/11, it has directed U.S. government agencies to withhold information on where the money is going and how it is being spent. The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) recently issued a report in which it stated:

“The United States remains Afghanistan’s single largest donor, having provided more than $1.1 billion in assistance to support the Afghan people since the Taliban’s takeover in August 2021. However, SIGAR, for the first time in its history, is unable this quarter to provide Congress and the American people with a full accounting of this U.S. government spending due to the non-cooperation of several U.S. government agencies. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), which administers the majority of U.S. government spending for Afghanistan, and the Treasury Department refused to cooperate with SIGAR in any capacity, while the State Department was selective in the information it provided pursuant to SIGAR’s audit and quarterly data requests, sharing high-level funding data but not details of agency-supported programs in Afghanistan. This is in direct violation of Section 1229(h)(5)(A) of the NDAA for FY 2008 (requiring the agencies to provide information and assistance upon request) and Section 6(c)(1) of the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended. SIGAR has notified Congress of this matter.”

Biden is pumping billions to international terrorists dedicated to our destruction, and you are not allowed to know where it is going or how it is being spent. He wants you to believe the fairy tale that 6th-century barbarians will spend it to improve the lives of the Afghan people.

How do you think they will spend it? ✪


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