Joe Biden’s Disturbing & Unauthorized New ‘Federal Red Flag’ Gun Control Center…

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The Left is setting its sights on your guns, America. This isn’t an exaggeration; it’s the reality we’re now facing, and it’s only getting worse because “transforming” a country from within gets a whole lot tougher when its patriots are armed.



o what’s a tyrannical, evil regime to do? Well, naturally, they whip up a handy-dandy “center” and begin zeroing in on dissenters. And that’s exactly what Biden’s regime is up to.

In a blatant drive to transform American citizens into shameful informants for the government’s “brown shirts” by encouraging them to snitch on neighbors, friends and family, the Biden regime has, without Congress’s approval and in total violation of the US Constitution, established a “Red Flag Center.” This move is aimed at spying on “we the people” and infringing upon our Second Amendment rights through the use of civilian spies. It’s a ballsy step to bulldoze Americans’ constitutional freedoms and disarm us, literally and figuratively. This alarming “center” is set to be illegally run by Biden’s politicized DOJ, targeting anyone viewed as a political dissident. The same tyrannical and anti-American garbage we’ve seen time and time again from this regime.

Congressman Thomas Massie is among those deeply disturbed by this illegal move. He’s now exposing this unconstitutional center for exactly what it is. Here’s his take on the announcement of this alarming and unauthorized new “red flag center” established by the Biden regime:

Here’s a closer look at the statement from Merrick B. Garland:

This isn’t some small potatoes operation; Biden’s DOJ has big plans to disarm as many of you as they possibly can, by any means necessary.

The Left is setting its sights on your guns, America. This isn’t an exaggeration; it’s the reality we’re now facing, and it’s only getting worse because “transforming” a country from within gets a whole lot tougher when its patriots are armed.

Patrick Webb:

BREAKING: The DOJ with the help of the newly formed National Extreme Risk Protection Order Resource Center will be working with doctors, district attorneys, judges, and other federal agencies under the guise of “mental health” to handover personal information and collaborate on documents which would allow law enforcement the right to confiscate U.S. citizen’s firearms and imprison them under the pretense of “saving you from yourself”, according to new press release.

Here’s a closeup of the Twitter/X image:

Who is the first group they’ll probably target? Innocent vets, the very ones they’ve worn down with their endless “forever wars.” Here’s what folks online are saying about this dangerous new office:

“This is illegal and unconstitutional.”

“This was not approved by Congress.”

“Banana republic”

“This will be used to attack innocent veterans.”

“Your lies no longer work. The veil that has hidden your Communism, Marxism and Constitution shredding activities has been lifted. You work for the American people. Not the other way around. The time has come for tyranny to be tamed and the US restored to its “shining city” status.”

“This is an impeachable offense. And anyone going along with this needs to be fired.”

“This violates the privacy rights of people. Dr patient privilege.”

“Isn’t this a HIPAA violation?”

“Where did you get authority to do this?”

“Crooked Joe Biden’s Gestapo DOJ is the most extreme risk to our democracy”

“Unconstitutional. Who developed and authorized the creation of this?”

“My County Sheriff has been notified about this federal breach of Constitutional rights and he informed me that I should contact him if any DOJ employees contact me. Everyone should ask their County Sheriff if they will protect them from this criminal DOJ.”

“What part of “Shall not be infringed ” is so hard to comprehend?”

“Completely unconstitutional but this whole administration is so who cares right?”

“You’re the Redcoats of our time.”

“Great, great another arm of the government that is weaponized against its citizens. This is what the constitution was supposed to protect us from.”

In addition, this new “red flag” development really brings home the point of what Elon Musk said in reaction to a poll by a “former Democrat.” Check this out:

Elon is right. If we don’t see a red tsunami come election time, we’re looking at a truly grim reality for the country. “Red Flag Centers” will be the tip of the iceberg. Powered-up Dems will come after the American people with all the abusive power of the Federal Government, showing no mercy whatsoever. Welcome to the latest phase of the Biden regime: the new era of the government Thought Police. They’re just getting started…✪


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