Rock Legend Alice Cooper Laments That Young People Have Rejected Jesus Christ


he legendary rocker Alice Cooper recently spoke out to lament the fact that today’s young people have rejected Jesus Christ. “Most people I know, young people, think Jesus Christ is a swear word,” said Cooper, age 75. “They have no idea who Jesus Christ is.”

“He’s not preached or taught nearly enough,” Cooper continued. “The most written about man of all time in history; and yet people still go out of their way not to believe in him or accept his message.”

When asked why this is, Cooper replied, “I think it’s because people don’t want to give up their Earthly godship.”

“They believe the Hollywood version of ‘I do more good than bad,” he added. “And I go ‘why is that?’ Satan’s got you right where he wants you.”

Check out Cooper’s full comments about his Christian faith in the videos below:

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Despite being one of the most famous rock musician ever, Cooper has also long been open about his strong Christian faith.

“I grew up in a Christian household,” Cooper said back in 1996, according to MovieGuide:

“My dad was a pastor and he was an evangelist for 25 years. I used to go up and do missionary work with him with the Apaches in Arizona. My grandfather was a pastor for 75 years… My wife’s father is a baptist pastor, so I always refer to myself as the real prodigal son because I went out and the Lord allowed me to do everything and then just started reeling me back in.

“When you get out there you realize that you’ve had every car, you’ve had every house and all that, you realize that that’s not the answer, that there’s a big big nothing out there at the end of that,” he added.

“Materialism doesn’t mean anything. A lot of people say that there’s a big God-shaped hole in your heart and when that’s filled, then you really are satisfied. I think that’s where I’m at right now, I’m very young in the faith even though I grew up in it.”

Cooper’s faith helped him to beat a crippling battle with addiction after his wife Sheryl Goddard, who he’s been married to since 1976, threatened to leave him if he did not quit drugs and alcohol.

“After about two weeks, Sheryl had gone to Chicago and said ‘I can’t watch this.’ But the cocaine was speaking a lot louder than her,” Cooper previously recalled. “I looked in the mirror and it looked like my makeup but it was blood coming down, I think, I might have been hallucinating.

“I flushed the rock down the toilet and went to bed for three days, and I woke up, and I called her and I said, ‘It’s done,’” he recounted. “She goes, ‘Right, you have to prove it.’ That was the beginning of our relationship coming back. One of the deals was we start going to church. I was a poster boy for everything wrong and then when I got sober and came back to the church I realized that’s where I belonged.”

Cooper went on to reveal what led him to Christ. “I came to Christ because of my fear of God,” he admitted.

“I totally understood that hell was not getting high with Jim Morrison, hell was going to be the worst place ever. In fear I came back to the Lord but I went to another church and that pastor preached the love of Christ, which, now you put the two together, and it was exactly right.”

In a 2006 interview, Cooper revealed why he chose to continue pursuing rock after finding God. “Christianity is basically a one-on-one relationship with Jesus,” he said. “If you’re a disciple of Jesus… [it] doesn’t say anywhere in there that I can’t be a performer. It doesn’t say anything in there that I can’t be an artist.”

“I don’t do Christian rock, but I’m a Christian who does rock,” he continued.

It’s incredibly rare to find such an unapologetic Christian in the music world today. God bless you, Alice Cooper. Rock on! ✪

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