Reuters Reports Another 20,000 Migrants Are Now Headed To The US

‚ú™ The Biden administration has managed to halt¬†the news videos¬†of¬†the 15,000 migrants massing at a squalid camp in Del Rio, Texas, by swiftly sweeping¬†them into the interior of the country, but that didn’t solve the problem they thought they had solved. They actually exacerbated the problem…

According to the report by Reuters:

Up to 4,000 migrants, most of them Haitians, have passed through the treacherous jungles of the Darien Gap in Panama on the Colombian border as they make their way north to the United States, two Panamanian government sources said…

…Between 3,500 to 4,000 migrants are passing through migration reception stations in Darien and Chiriqui, said a source with Panama’s security ministry, who requested anonymity. The group includes Cubans and other nationalities, the source said.

Meanwhile, some 16,000 migrants are stuck in the northern Colombian beach town of Necocli, awaiting their turn on limited boat transport toward the Darien Gap, where smugglers guide groups through one of the most dangerous and impassable regions of Latin America.

Apparently, they’ve triggered a landslide of illegal aliens now that they’ve cleared Del Rio, a migrant army on the march, getting ready to invade the U.S.¬†¬†There are even more mass migrations of supposed “asylum-seekers”¬†on the way now based on the news that the huge recent group¬†of 10,000+ illegal border-crossers have¬†been dispersed throughout the U.S., quite a few with just requests to turn themselves in to ICE authorities to obtain¬†a court date.¬†¬†People who have already demonstrated their contempt for U.S. law by breaking in are now asked to demonstrate their fealty to U.S. law by presenting themselves to U.S. authorities, with¬†no¬†consequences if they don’t.¬†

You can bet that news reverberated around the world, particularly in the circles of would-be illegal migrants whose social media sites follow such news closely: come here illegally, be permitted to stay.¬†¬†It’s a lot easier than waiting in a costly legal immigration line, and the service is instant.

And not only are migrants being permitted to stay, but the U.S. asylum process, under which this open-border policy is being directed, is free for the abusing.¬†¬†Many of the Haitians in this group are previously resettled refugees and don’t qualify for asylum, but they can apply anyway and get several years of work in the U.S. as well as generous welfare packages as they wait.

The¬†purpose of declaring someone a refugee, which many of these people have already¬†been declared as¬†in the wake of the 2010 Haitian earthquake, is to get someone to a safe third country.¬†¬†It does not need to be a prosperous or free one; it just needs to be a safe one.¬†¬†These migrants have already had that process ‚ÄĒ and lucked out, actually, by being declared refugees in prosperous places¬†like Chile and Brazil.¬†¬†Now they’re country-shopping for better package deals, and the easily abused U.S. asylum process is just the vehicle.¬†¬†Anyone ‚ÄĒ even someone who’s been declared a resettled refugee in some place like Chile ‚ÄĒ can come here and claim asylum as if his case were just as meritorious as that of the political dissident¬†who fled North Korea in a cargo hold ‚ÄĒ and win several years of U.S. residency with the right to work or take welfare before the case is thrown out of court.¬†¬†After that, he may be ordered deported, but there’s no need to leave ‚ÄĒ the Biden Administration won’t allow its agents to look for him.

Those kinds of realities are all over social media and by word of mouth.¬†¬†Study after study shows that migrants get their messages from word of mouth and social media.¬†¬†Even¬†Bill Gates¬†has said in the past that migrants get their word from word of mouth from other migrants who’ve tried what they want to try.

Meanwhile, social media continue to enable such word of mouth to multiply and spread.¬†¬†Coyotes openly advertise their services to migrants, with slow shutdowns from Facebook.¬†¬†Other kinds of Facebook sites cater¬†to illegals, too.¬†¬†Reuters in¬†this report¬†mentions an influential citizen-journalist named Luis Rodriguez who informs migrants that their window for getting into the U.S. without papers is short, so get in while the getting’s good.¬†¬†I can’t determine his¬†site yet, but it was¬†in the Reuters¬†report.¬†¬†Here’s¬†one¬†that¬†features advice from left-wing lawyers to illegals ‚ÄĒ information about how to register to vote in municipal elections in Georgia, sports news, news of WhatsApp updates (illegal smuggling networks use these), the phony story about “whips” and how Biden demonized the Border Patrol agents as racists for attempting to enforce U.S. border law on horseback in the absence of a commonsense wall,¬†as well as¬†official statements from various countries illegals traverse.¬†¬†Meanwhile, a search of “immigrante” on Facebook shows news stories from¬†Chile, where the¬†local media¬†are reporting that Haitian migrants have begun setting up roadblocks with demands that authorities take them to the northern border in order to begin the journey north, while angry Chilean locals in that northern town of Iquique have burned migrant tents, not wanting their town overrun with mass migrant camps on the way north.

There’s a lot going on here to be researched, but one thing can be absolutely certain: migrants don’t pay attention to laws or even what officials say.¬†¬†They pay attention to what officials do and base that on the word of what their friends experience.¬†¬†With each successful entry into the U.S. from a lazy, indifferent Biden administration that wants illegals to ensure Democrat votes, but not camera shots of illegals coming in, a new word-of-mouth vector is created to encourage other illegal aliens.

Biden’s failure¬†with mass migration waves flooding the U.S. border is actually just starting.¬†¬†Clearing that migrant camp in Del Rio created thousands of word-of-mouth messages to migrant after migrant ‚ÄĒ and, based on this Reuters report, just¬†exacerbated the problem. ‚ú™

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