RFK Jr Throws Moms For Liberty Under The Woke School Bus And Pledges Pro-LGBTQ Stance

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has garnered support from both leftists and conservatives. But conservatives who admire RFK Jr. for speaking hard truths should also be aware of how he back-stabbed a parental rights group on TV in order to pander to an intolerant homosexual activist who wants LGBTQ propaganda in schools…



he group Kennedy rejected was Moms for Liberty, which just held a summit featuring 2024 Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Ron DeSantis. But not Kennedy. Moms for Liberty’s mission statement reads:

“Moms for Liberty is dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.”

All they want to do is prevent the government-enforced indoctrination and sexualization of children in schools and make sure parents are made aware of such tremendously important things as whether their children are masquerading as the opposite sex at school. The group does not attack LGBTQ people — indeed, LGBTQ activists are the ones harassing Moms for Liberty.

At a town hall on Wednesday, News Nation allowed audience members to ask Kennedy questions. James Williams, the CEO of a social media consulting firm, asked the candidate why he agreed to and then drew back from an invitation to speak at a Moms for Liberty conference. While Moms for Liberty is specifically geared toward preventing parents from being pressured into letting their kids be indoctrinated, Williams claimed Moms for Liberty tries to tell people how to raise their children.

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Williams then brought up the immensely corrupt and sexually licentious Sen. Ted Kennedy, RFK’s uncle and Williams’s former boss. He said there was “no bigger champion or stalwart for LGBTQ equality” than “the late Ted Kennedy.” Practically crying, Williams demanded to know why he should vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. when the latter originally agreed to speak at a conference with a group “that wants to ban my marriage and tell…other parents how to treat their children” (again, a complete misunderstanding of Moms for Liberty’s goals).

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. rushed to reassure the intolerant activist that he “didn’t speak at that group.” RFK began, ”When somebody on my staff accepted that invitation, and I was unaware of it —”

Williams, too worked up to let Kennedy actually finish his sentence, jumped in and self-righteously announced that, as a former congressional staffer, he thinks blaming staff is “the wrong answer.”

Instead of respectfully but firmly telling Williams not to lecture and talk over him, RFK hastened to appease the overwrought leftist. Since he’s at the start of his campaign, he has no “long-term staff,” Kennedy explained. “When I found out that that was [Moms for Liberty’s] position,” Kennedy went on, not explaining what that position was and presumably referring back to James’s misrepresentation of the group, “I declined to go.”

So is RFK saying he doesn’t support parental rights? That he supports the sexualization of children in schools? That would seem to be what he affirmed here. That’s deeply concerning.

”There will be nobody in the Oval Office who is more supportive of LGBTQ rights than I am,” Kennedy went on, apparently forgetting (as his family has so often forgotten before) that he is a Catholic and therefore cannot, religiously speaking, support homosexual marriage.

“I was with Teddie campaigning…in 1980. We — it was the first political, presidential campaign that ever courted the gay vote…it’s very important to me, it’s a civil right…my family has stood for, has fought for [these rights], and I will do the same”

Kennedy then delivered what amounted to an apology. “I made a mistake by accepting that invitation, and when I found out those positions,” (said again without any clarification), “I didn’t show up.” But apparently, that sickening statement wasn’t good enough for Williams, who demanded Kennedy “denounce” what Moms for Liberty “stand[s] for.” Kennedy at least refused to do that, but he added, “I don’t agree with anybody who says that we shouldn’t respect gay rights, or anybody else’s rights.” Except parental rights, evidently.

“Everybody should respect [gay rights], and, you know, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that they’re — those are protected, and I always have,” Kennedy ended. Again, this isn’t about respecting people as Americans with the same basic rights as all Americans. What Kennedy did was bow to the rainbow mafia and turn his back on a group that wants to prevent homosexual pornography in elementary schools.

Democrats, even those who say a lot of good things, are never to be trusted unequivocally. If Robert F. Kennedy prefers to appease the rainbow mafia over supporting parents who just want to ensure their children aren’t indoctrinated without their knowledge, then no conservative can trust him. Our children are too important for any compromise with LGBTQ crazies. ✪


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