SHOCKER: Former CIA Directors Are Also On The Burisma Payroll

The Biden Crime Family Syndicate weren’t the only recipients of illegal Burisma payouts. This story remains completely under reported…



t was Antony Blinken, the limp wristed Secretary of State who bends over for all US adversaries while calling it a success, who reached out to ex-CIA Director Mike Morrell to cobble together a group of “intelligence experts” who would sign a false statement calling the Hunter Biden laptop “Russian disinformation” so Biden could use it a hammer to pound Donald Trump in their debate. Morrell was eager to help. After all, he was motivated to do so. Financially motivated.

In 2017 the thinktank Atlantic Council signed an agreement with Burisma despite knowing it was corrupt.

The Atlantic Council began working in early 2017 with Burisma Holdings, even though a director at the prominent think tank expressed “uneasiness” regarding the Ukrainian energy firm in an email to a State Department official.

The Board of the Atlantic Council has some pretty interesting characters.


3 of the CIA directors serving as advisers to Rob Reiner are also on the board of the Atlantic Council. Michael Morrell, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta. Did I mention the Atlantic Council was sponsored by Burisma & signed a Burisma partnership deal.

(Rob Reiner has advisers???? Ex-CIA advisers??? If you catch Meathead on Twitter, the Trump hatred he spews will now make sense to you)

Part of that 2017 deal were the financial perks:

WASHINGTON — A Ukrainian company that employed Hunter Biden paid more than $450,000 to a prominent Washington think tank, including picking up the tab for energy-related conferences as part of a campaign to burnish its image in the United States after it was accused by Western officials of corruption.

Burisma’s support of the Atlantic Council was detailed last week by the Wall Street Journal, which said the company had given the think tank $100,000 per year for three years starting in 2016. The council lists Burisma as a contributor on its website.

The Atlantic Council told Yahoo News Tuesday that in addition to the $100,000 given annually by Burisma, the company “also reimbursed speaker travel and event costs, which … amounted to around [$50,000 to $70,000] per year.”

Burisma and the Council worked together several times.

As part of the partnership, the Atlantic Council and Burisma hosted several several events together in Washington, New York and Kiev.

Remember that in 2014 Burisma put Hunter Biden on its board at a cool $83,000 per month. Seems Burisma was looking for insurance in addition to its Biden insurance. Things get even worse.

Chris Krebs, as CISA censorship czar at DHS, deputized disinformation flagging to the Atlantic Council, whose London-based team censored US opinions about mail-in ballots in 2020. Atlantic Council has 7 living CIA directors currently on its board.

…That’s not a typo. Seven living CIA directors – Michael Hayden, James Woolsey, Leon Panetta, David Petraeus, Michael Morrell, William Webster & Robert Gates – on the board of the group deputized by DHS to censor your opinions about mail-in ballots during the 2020 election cycle.

They had a financial reason for censoring you and me.

Amanda Devine:

What a coincidence! Those same three are members of the Dirty 51. They signed that letter falsely claiming Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Morell organized the dishonest missive at the prompting of then-Biden campaign operative Tony Blinken, now SoS. The Dirty 51, mainly ex CIA, including Biden’s partner in Ukraine’s destabilization, John Brennan, signed the letter to help Biden win the 2020 election, as Morell has admitted in testimony to Congress. They wanted to give him a response when Trump called him corrupt during the final debate. Worked a treat. Most of the Dirty 51, if not all, still have their security clearances that are worth a motza in civilian life.

Morrell and company were protecting their own asses and their own wallets when they signed that garbage document. What better protection (outside of the Bidens) could Burisma get than former CIA Directors? This was election interference writ large.

It explains why Morrell and company were so anxious and eager to besmirch Donald Trump in 2020. Shamefully, it’s no longer a surprise to see how low “intelligence officials” have gone.✪


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