The Democrats Are Going Scorched Earth On Their Way Out Of Power

The Democrats know their days in power are dwindling away, and they’re using what time they have left to make Washington, D.C., as detrimental to incoming Republicans as possible…

“Scorched earth” refers to the military policy of destroying anything and everything that an enemy could use — food, fuel, shelter, weapons, and equipment — as one moves through an area. For the incompetent and malicious Leftists who are scrambling ahead of Red November, it means not giving a rip about the consequences, just doing as much damage as they possibly can to undercut their opponents’ imminent time in power.

Gone are the quaint days when we were outraged by Bill Clinton staffers removing the “W” from White House computer keyboards, damaging them so incoming George W. Bush’s staff couldn’t use them. Such basic prank-level sabotage isn’t in the same universe as what today’s Leftists are doing. No, these Bolshevik-strength statists are destroying the very institutions with which they might be punished for their crimes & corruption.

The weaponized DOJ of the Russia Hoax was one thing; Leftists used its investigative powers to undercut President Trump’s effectiveness and support. Once that effort collapsed into obvious partisan abuse of authority, though, they kept right on abusing the DOJ. They strained its credibility as the FBI raided the offices, home, and hotel room of Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. They seriously damaged public approval of the DOJ when the FBI went on to raid, arrest, and persecute Trump associates, conservative journalists, and elderly January 6th protestors — all while burying the Hunter Biden laptop story and refusing to lay a finger on wildly destructive BLM and Antifa thugs.

At this point, the only explanation for the unprecedented raid on a past president’s home is that Democrats are deliberately destroying Americans’ faith in the DOJ. Why would they destroy something they’ve been weaponizing since at least the Obama Administration? So it can’t be used against them when Republicans take office. If the public has no faith in such an investigation to be anything other than a partisan witch hunt, then it will not support Republicans investigating and prosecuting Democrats, you see. Scorched earth.

But institutional power isn’t the only thing Leftists are destroying on their march toward the exits. They’re laying waste to as much national prosperity as they can, too — and fattening up their bank accounts in the process.

Reconcile $300 billion to your green energy buddies? Check! Three more years of Obamacare subsidies for government-dependent Democrat voters? Check! Send billions to famously corrupt Ukraine, the playground of astute businessmen such as Hunter Biden, with no oversight? Check! The Globalist Left is going to loot every red cent it can from the American people while it still (barely) controls the nation’s purse.

I can’t say it much more clearly than this guy on Twitter:

America’s treasury will be as depleted as our strategic petroleum reserve by the time we can pry Leftists’ grifty little paws off it. Until then, not only will Democrats enrich themselves and their friends, but they will leave fewer funds and less borrowing capacity for pro-America projects such as wall-building and making the U.S. Military great again. If you’re an anti-American Leftist, what’s not to love?

Remember: One of the Left’s ultimate goals is to submit the United States to Globalist rule. Weakening the country is a worthwhile pursuit for them. Not to mention, leaving a mess for their enemies to clean up is a great tactic; if Republicans come into power only to be overwhelmed with solving Americans’ most basic needs such as food and energy, they won’t have time or resources left over to come after corrupt Democrats. ✪

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