The Lockdown Will Never End


When the lockdown began in the United States in the Spring of 2020 it was billed as a two-week effort to “flatten the curve” and get ahead of the spread of the virus. With little or no explanation, the authorities that told us this would be sufficient then extended and expanded lockdown measures across the country. It is now nine months later and there is still no end in sight...

In fact, very much to the contrary; a whole host of new excuses for continuing the lockdown have appeared. We must all be vaccinated. We must all produce proof of vaccination. The virus is mutating, and we must respond to this mutation. We need to achieve herd immunity, and Fauci has changed his mind about what that means.

For those who do not yet understand, there is no end to this. The bureaucrats, elitists and “experts” flexing their enforcement muscles do not view this as a temporary exercise. In their minds we would have all been better off long ago if we had simply accepted the fact that they knew better how we should live our lives. They have nibbled around the edges of that concept for many years. COVID-19 has now provided them the opportunity to exert control over literally every aspect of what we used to call personal freedom.

This is only a template. If we let it, it will be applied more generally to every aspect of our existence.

Already, we are hearing rumblings from those who want to use lockdown measures to combat climate change. The basis for this suggestion is simple, and terrifying in its implications. COVID-19 measures have been justified legally by the proposition that the disease constitutes a public health crisis. If we simply label “climate change” as a public health crisis then we will be free to employ equally draconian measures in response and to continue them, in perpetuity, to ensure this “threat” is vanquished.

The push for universal acceptance of this concept is already long underway.

“The climate crisis is also a public health crisis.”


“WHO could provide a strong signal by declaring climate change a public health emergency. By doing so, it would protect and respect its mandate, global public health, the planet, and the wellbeing of present and future generations; it would mobilize political will and funding needed for climate action; and it would convey the urgency of the reality of climate change that we now face. If ever there was a public health emergency of international concern, it is this.”


These are not one-off, out of context, random comments nor are these threats simply extensions of the measures we have already seen to date. Once the principle is established that government can essentially do anything it wants if it claims it is in response to a “health crisis” then it can expand those measures at will. It can also create & introduce entirely new measures at any time justified in the same way.

On that basis, the United Nations is already calling for a total fossil fuels lockdown.

“Under a “climate lockdown,” governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling.” :


“With coronavirus, (the government) has had to act because they had no choice in the matter. With climate change, they need to act in the same way,” “people will die if we don’t do it. And we all need to buy into this as well. It needs to be explained to the public that if we don’t change what we’re doing, it’s going to cost us, big time.”


A government that can order you to close your business, force you to stay in your home and arrest you for appearing in public without wearing a mask has already established that you have no personal freedom. You are no longer living in a constitutional republic in which you are guaranteed certain inalienable rights and the government works on your behalf. You are now a serf. You are a government subject. You are now living under a dictatorship.

Any dictatorial government that requires you to put a mask on your two-year old to board a flight can most certainly dictate what kind of car you can buy, what kind of energy you may and may not use; or, how much you are allowed to drive. For that matter, it can even take away your car, tell you where to live, how big a house you can buy, what temperature you must set your thermostat and how many hours a day you may watch television.

In short, once you have conceded to such a government the ability to rule over you & your life rather than to serve you, you no longer live in a democracy where the power is derived from the people. Instead, it is wielded by the elite, who need only justify their desire for unlimited power & control with vague notions & platitudes about what they are doing “what is best for you.”

Want to know when the lockdown will end? It will never end

– until “We The People” finally decide to end it.