The Most Important Question: Who Gets To Determine What Is “Disinformation?”

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isinformation – This is a term that we have not heard about until just a few years ago.  We all grew up in a world were there was an equal exchange of ideas and political discourse.  But in just the last few years, this word, ‘disinformation’ has crept in and has been shutting down speech from almost every conservative outlet out there.  The question here is, Who EXACTLY gets to determine what is ‘Disinformation’ and what is the truth.  So far, the Democrat Party has controlled what is considered disinformation and has in fact weaponized that word for almost every type of political language we have in this country.

Today, when we examine all the arguments we have politically, the left has labeled most of it disinformation.  Probably the GREATEST example of this labeling is Climate Change.  The real data, and climate scientists that are reporting real data that reveals we are in a normal cycle of global temperatures are labeled as people spreading disinformation.  However, the climate zealots that can say the polar ice caps will disappear by this date or that date are hailed as prophets of future catastrophes.  This is a very controlled and directed attack on facts and data that does not support this climate change hoax and it comes down to who controls the information that is being fed to the public.  When a non-climate scientist such as Al Gore can publicly state, “The science is settled” and people with a Ph.D. who are supposedly scientists agree with that statement, real science has been diminished in its true form of forming a hypothesis, testing that hypothesis and continuing the real advancement of science.  This is a CLEAR case of who controls what is considered ‘science’ and what is considered disinformation, and it is not people that do not buy into the climate hoax.

COVID was perhaps the largest power grab by governments across the globe in modern history.  The flow of information was strictly controlled by governments that supported origins, lethality, treatments and cost of this man made pandemic.  The world watched as Chinese citizens were locked in their apartment buildings for weeks on end and it really did not occur to people that it would eventually end up on THEIR doorstep.  Well, in March 2020, COVID hit the United States and the people determining the facts and disinformation came with it.  For example, let’s take a look at Ivermectin.  This is a drug that has been accepted all over the world for curing many ailments.  Initially, it appeared that it was going to solve our little COVID problem, but suddenly, the drug was labeled as horse paste and useless against the onslaught of COVID.  Within WEEKS, the use of Ivermectin was pretty much shut down in the United States because the use of it was labeled as ‘misinformation.’   Instead, the protocol of a Ventilator and Remdesivir was determined to be the treatment of choice for this pandemic.  Once a person progressed to a ventilator, the odds of recovering dropped significantly.  There were, however, MANY cases of people getting better very quickly with the use of Ivermectin but again, those stories where shut down and physicians prescribing it were losing their medical licenses.  Many lives were at stake here; and the control of such misinformation was more important that actually providing people with life saving medication.  Then along came the vaccinations for COVID.  These were hailed as the all the new miracle drugs that would stop symptoms, stop the spread and cure COVID.  But in fact, even after getting multiple injections, people were still found to contract the disease.

Gender is now the current hot topic of misinformation.  ANY sensible human knows that men are men and women are women.  Men cannot be made into women and women cannot be made into men.  Just because you can make a man LOOK like a woman does not make him a woman.  We even had a Supreme Court Justice candidate that, when asked what a woman is, could not answer, when being a WOMAN HERSELF.  Now young children are being indoctrinated into gender affirming care, and if a parent does not buy into this abomination, they are spreading ‘misinformation’ about gender and gender affirming care. Once again, the Left is controlling what is put out as the truth and what is misinformation.  According to the Left, men that have transitioned into women can have periods, can have babies and everything that women can do…and vice versa.  Now the Left is pushing that children as young as 4 and 5 years old are able to determine their gender and if you do not agree, you are spreading misinformation about children not being able to make those life changing decisions for themselves.

With almost every part of our society, there is consistently one side of the political spectrum which controls what is considered misinformation.  In other words, they are pushing what they consider to be THEIR truth or THEIR agenda. Which brings us to the one inevitable point.  The group that gets to control what is considered Truth vs Misinformation controls the speech of the citizens of the country and this is DANGEROUS and can end free speech as we know it.✪


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