2021 Was The Year Of Vindication For Trump

âœȘ “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.”
— Luke 12:2 (KJV)

This year could not have started any worse for former President Trump. Thousands of his supporters from all over the country, of all different races and religions gathered at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C., to show their support for a president who for four years fought for the forgotten men and women of this country.

They were extremely proud of his many accomplishments.

Even with four years of lies and conspiracy theories about Russian collusion, and a bogus quid pro quo charge involving the president of Ukraine that led to an embarrassing impeachment, Trump still managed to cut taxes, reduce regulations, and preside over the highest labor force participation rate ever recorded in U.S. history, with 157 million Americans working—until the Chinese coronavirus decimated our economy.

Although the Left painted Trump as a sexist and a racist, he started a $50 million initiative to help create employment opportunities for women, offered new mothers the first ever paid family leave plan, and signed a bill that would permanently provide more than $250 million annually to historically black colleges and universities.

Trump rebuilt our military, increased national defense spending, eliminated the ISIS caliphate, negotiated peace treaties in the Middle East, secured our southern border by beginning construction of a wall and through robust law enforcement. He renegotiated unfair trade agreements, stood up to China, and delivered three vaccines and therapeutics during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

He fought for the factory workers in Indiana, the farmers in Michigan, the ranchers in Texas, the truckers in Pennsylvania, the military who kept the peace, and the police officers who kept us safe.

But in the blink of an eye, the real estate magnate-turned-politician was shunted back to Mar-a-Lago after supposedly losing the first ever mail-in ballot election to a 77-year-old feeble and often confused man who campaigned almost exclusively from his basement on the lie that he would restore our national unity. 

The ruling class told us we weren’t allowed to question the outcome of the most bizarre and corrupt election in history, one in which​ tens of millions of ballots were mailed out, without proper safeguards in place to ensure that the identity of the voter could be verified, and where several Democrat secretaries of state illegally changed election laws in defiance of state legislators.

Trump’s 75 million supporters were rightfully outraged, as they saw his election night lead slip away in the wee hours of the morning, while being labeled rubes and conspiracy theorists by the Ruling Class.

Before Trump had even finished speaking on January 6, and told his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard, hundreds of people had already stormed the Capitol Building as a riot ensued.

No one who illegally trespassed should be excused from breaking the law. But contrary to false media reports, the only two people who were killed on that day were two unarmed female Trump supporters, Ashli Babbitt and Rosanne Boyland. Most consumers of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC are probably unaware of that fact, and probably still believe that Officer Brian Sicknick was killed at the rally by deranged QAnon followers.

The leftist corporate media and the Democrats would use the events of January 6 as their final “big lie” of Trump’s presidency, and absurdly claim he had incited an insurrection. Big Tech would subsequently use January 6 as a pretext for de-platforming him from Facebook and Twitter, and a second impeachment farce occurred while he was no longer in office.

According to the Fourth Estate, that event was worse than two 110-story buildings disappearing from the New York City skyline, a gaping hole in one side of the Pentagon, a plane crashing into a field in Shanksville, and 2,977 people murdered in a single day on September 11, 2001.

The goal for these corrupt entities was always very clear: Punish Trump and any of his supporters to ensure that he could never be elected president again.

But try as they may, the Ruling Class has once again failed at disarming Trump. Most, if not all of the false stories and intentional lies that were peddled about him during the course of his presidency—an in-kind contribution to the Democrat Party—have been completely disproved in the last several months.

One by one, the lies of the past five years are now being exposed. 

We now know, as many of us already did during his presidency, that hydroxychloroquine works, and has been proven to be an effective treatment at fighting COVID-19. And we now know the China virus in all likelihood originated from a Chinese lab.

We know, as we did all along, that Hunter Biden’s laptop documenting his family’s corruption and pay for play schemes was real, and was not “Russian disinformation.”

We now know that Lafayette Square was not cleared for a photo op, and the Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters who refused to disperse, after being told to do so by law enforcement, were not generally “peaceful.”

We know now as we did then that Kyle Rittenhouse never was a Trump-supporting white supremacist, but rather a good Samaritan who acted in self-defense, while protecting his friends’ business from being burned to the ground.

We now know as we did then that the “Russian bounties” story was fake, and we know that Trump who loved our military and our soldiers never did call them “suckers and losers.” We know now as we did then that blue state lockdowns didn’t work, and schools should be opened for in-person learning.

We now know that critical race theory is being practiced in our K-12 schools, even if the mouthpieces on CNN and MSNBC continue to deny it, and Trump’s southern border security program was successful before Biden reversed it.

We knew all along that both of the Trump-hating Cuomo brothers were corrupt partisan hacks who are no longer useful for the Left and got the fate they deserved.

We began to wonder, but we now know it was only a matter of time before associates of Hillary Clinton and the DNC were finally indicted for orchestrating a plot to overthrow the president.

And we now know that the current occupant of the White House was exactly who we thought he was. A man who never once had an original thought, an individual who always had a tenuous relationship with the truth, a race-baiting huckster, whose cognitive decline appears to be worsening by the day. A grifter who is owned by the far-Left radical wing of his party, and who does whatever his puppetmasters tell him to do, while they destroy our country, and turn it into a socialist hellhole, all in the name of equity.

It turns out Trump knew who the real enemy of the people was all along. But at least now their lies are now in plain sight. âœȘ

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