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Victor Davis Hanson: A Therapeutic Middle East Versus A Tragic One

The usual advice is don’t-tread-on-me resoluteness, or what Teddy Roosevelt characterized as “speak softly and carry a big stick.” The alternatives – whether “speak loudly and carry a twig,” “speak softly and carry a twig,” or “speak loudly and carry a big stick”- are far worse...


Johnson Has A Reputation Of Faith, Family & Conservative Convictions

In a sudden and triumphant turn of events for the Republican Party, Congressman Mike Johnson has been elected as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, signaling a return to conservative values that will surely reinvigorate the party’s base. Johnson, a steadfast social conservative from Louisiana, achieved what three nominees before him could not: winning the unanimous support from his fellow Republicans...


Biden Administration To Build John McCain Library With $83M In COVID ‘Public Health Emergency’ Money

Biden paid a visit to Arizona to claim that everyone who opposes him is a threat to democracy, to brag about encouraging former Senator McCain to cheat on his disabled first wife, and to announce $83 million in taxpayer money for the John McCain National Library...