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$80 Billion In New Democrat IRS Funding Will Open Taxpayers Up To Harassment & Abuse

Tucked within the Democrats $3.5 trillion tax-and-spend plan is the largest expansion of the Internal Revenue Service in history. If the Left prevails, the agency will hire 87,000 new agents, more than double its current workforce, and receive $80 billion in new funding to audit and harass taxpayers including American families and small businesses…


Biden Threatens Unvaccinated Americans And Announces His Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate In A Disturbing, Dictatorial Speech

Last night, Joe Biden took to the podium and officially announced a vaccine mandate from the federal level hitting all private businesses with over 100 employees. In making that announcement, he trashed the unvaccinated, threatened them, and generally stoked the flames of division in such a way that should worry everyone. He also asserted himself as a dictatorial figure, able to push governors “out the way” who push back on his tyrannical orders…


The Game in Review

⭐️ Russel & louisiana_mom

The upcoming twentieth anniversary of 9/11 is soon to be upon us and the horrifying videos & images are once again back in our faces…the demolition provides a potent image for what is happening now: smoke billows out of the top floors, rather like a person with his hair on fire… and then each giant structure slumps into total collapse, sending shock-waves of toxic dust through the desecrated dwelling place of civilization, the city. That’s us now in metaphor…


The Australian Government To Seize 24,000 Children & Vaccinate Them In Sports Stadium Without Their Parents

The Australian government is going to seize 24,000 children from it’s citizens and place them in a stadium quarantine camp to be forcibly vaccinated. Parents will not be allowed to attend. This is not hyperbole or an exaggeration. This is actually happening…


Joe Biden’s Surrender Presidency

The seven months of the Biden presidency reveal a theme of surrender. Surrender is to give up possession of something to another, or to give up to some influence or idea. President Biden has surrendered so much on so many levels. The only question is how much is due to his abject incompetence versus a deliberate attempt to surrender America, the country he swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend, to dark forces in the world…