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While America Sleeps, China Is Stealing The Farm

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American farmers are asleep as a thief strips machinery, barn, bins, and fields of all valuables—and then returns for more. China has breached the inner walls of the U.S. agriculture industry in what has arguably been the most expansive heist in farming history, and is currently attempting to steal or hack every conceivable facet of U.S. agriculture technology…


Amtrak Wants Extra $75 Billion To Create More Money Losing Routes

With “Amtrak Joe” at the helm, America’s premier passenger rail service is going for broke with the release of its 15-year “Corridor Vision.” The company’s plan, which was published yesterday, calls for service improvements along 25 existing routes, the creation of another 39, and the expansion of service to 160 new cities across the country…


US Treasury Calls For Doubling Of IRS Staff To Target Taxes & Crypto

President Joe Biden’s new tax enforcement plan would add nearly 87,000 employees to the Internal Revenue Service, make banks report more information to the agency and require stricter cryptocurrency compliance, according to a new Treasury Department report released on Thursday…


Yellen Pushes For Higher Taxes, Stronger Unions & More Globalism To US Chamber Of Commerce

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling for business leaders to pay higher taxes to support President Joe Biden’s infrastructure program. In addition, Yellen said worker pay inequality stems in part from a lack of union power, and said companies should welcome global competition…