Category: Economy

Online Marketplace For Companies Supporting Conservative Values Is Ready To Go Public

A “parallel” online consumer marketplace aiming to provide a solution for Americans who want to shop with businesses which align with conservative values is looking to go public…


Biden Administration To Loan Ford $9 Billion To Build Electric Vehicle Plants

President Joe Biden’s Administration is loaning Ford and its battery manufacturing business partner billions of dollars to help build three new electric vehicle (EV) battery plants as officials discuss Thursday how the president’s green energy agenda is hurting Americans & the economy…


Texas Considering Its Own Gold-Based Digital Currency For Universal Use

Texas could become the first state in the nation to issue its own digital currency based on gold and silver. The Texas Senate could vote on Senate Bill 2334 this week. A similar bill in the Texas House, House Bill 4903, did not advance. If the Texas digital currency proposal becomes law, money could be spent with a debit card by people anywhere in the world, not just within Texas…