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California Version Of Green New Deal & October 2020 EPA Settlement Is Creating Container Shipping Backlog

I spent three days calling sources, digging for details and gathering information on the substantive issue at hand. The epicenter of the problem is not what is being outlined by financial media, corporate media and politicians who have a specific interest in distracting from the real issues at hand.  This has nothing to do with COVID-19...


National Security: China Launches Massive War Exercises Near Taiwan

A former, high ranking Chinese military officer declared; China ready to fight at ‘any moment.’ The Chinese military is ramping up massive military exercises in the South China Sea intended to brush back the United States as the Biden administration pleads with the Taliban to bring Americans back home from Afghanistan…


As Afghanistan Disaster Looms, Biden Sends 3,000 Troops & Bribes Taliban

“The likelihood that there’s going to be a Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely,” Joe Biden claimed in July. He denied an intelligence assessment that the Afghan government would fall in six months. The current intelligence assessment is that the Taliban may take Afghanistan by September 11…


World’s Largest Sapphire Cluster Worth $100 Million Found In Sri Lanka Backyard

A massive sapphire cluster worth as much as $100 million has been unearthed by workers digging a well in the backyard of a Sri Lankan home, authorities said…