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Flipping France: Will Populism Finally Triumph In France’s Election?

✪ The result of the first round of the presidential election has confronted France with the prospect of power in the hands of Marine Le Pen, the far-right populist leader. She is only two to four points behind President Emmanuel Macron in the lead-up to the second round, a very different scenario from five years ago, when Macron, then an aspiring young leader, defeated Mrs. Le Pen handily...


Don’t Allow The Left To Hijack The Global Magnitsky Act For Their Own Progressive Social Agendas

Congress is considering several bills that would warp how the U.S. applies sanctions—through what is known as the Global Magnitsky Act—against foreigners who violate human rights. The changes would redefine human rights to enforce the left’s abortion-and-gender agenda. That would hobble the fight against real abuses of human rights.