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Compare & Contrast: Recent Key Public Addresses By Volodymyr Zelensky & Vladimir Putin

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NOTE: This thread contains key public addresses made last week by Volodymyr Zelensky & Vladimir Putin (accompanied by corresponding videos). It is presented in the spirit of informational objectivity as The New Americanist takes NO official position for either side in this conflict with the publication of this thread. The text transcripts are presented without any editing, modifications or abridgement: as copied directly from each of their State webpages. I understand the Ukraine/Russia conflict is a hot topic in our community, so please keep all discussions civil, mature and on topic. Please respect any difference of opinion of your fellow community members. Absolutely NO personal attacks or flaming. Thank you for your cooperation & understanding.


International: A Catastrophic Energy Crisis Will Fuel A Revolt Against The Failed Elites

The United Kingdom is on the edge of a tax revolt: politicians cannot shirk away from responsibility now for the extreme hardship millions of people are about to face & experience. This is the summer before the storm…


Flipping France: Will Populism Finally Triumph In France’s Election?

✪ The result of the first round of the presidential election has confronted France with the prospect of power in the hands of Marine Le Pen, the far-right populist leader. She is only two to four points behind President Emmanuel Macron in the lead-up to the second round, a very different scenario from five years ago, when Macron, then an aspiring young leader, defeated Mrs. Le Pen handily...