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Our Descent Into Clown World

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Before the Woke Wars began in earnest, I once naïvely thought that stadiums where rowdy fans cheer on strong men engaging in physical acts of confrontation — and sometimes bloody violence — seemed like sturdy cultural ramparts capable of keeping leftist indoctrination at bay.  Alas, owner-imposed ideology across leagues and organized intimidation campaigns against individual players have combined with enough force to crash through the gates.


China Genocide Olympics: Horrendous Ratings Damage NBC AND Advertisers

This was supposed to be the big coming-out party of Chairman-for-life Xi with his 100-year-old Communist Party. Instead, it’s turning out to be a massive face plant and it’s hurting both NBC and the games’ sponsoring advertisers… 


US Wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock Wins Gold; Praises God & America

U.S. wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock made history Tuesday, winning gold in the women’s 68-kilogram freestyle final, making her only the second woman — and the first black woman — to win gold for Team U.S.A. in wrestling…