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In 2003, Joe Biden Filibustered & Voted Against The Nomination Of A Black Woman To The Federal Bench

In 2003, then-President George W. Bush nominated Janice Rogers Brown, an associate justice on the California Supreme Court to serve as a Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. She was the first black woman nominated for the federal bench…


US Treausury Under Biden Admin Issues Quarter Featuring Racist, Anti-Capitalist Poet Maya Angelou

Poetry is all but dead in this generation and the last. And black nationalist poets rank somewhere from terrible (Maya Angelou) to vile deranged racism (Amiri Baraka) to pathetic nonsense (Audre Lorde) to “Does she even understand the concept of poetry or words” (Amanda Gorman)…


Commentary: The New Dark Ages

The woke assault on Western civilization is taking us backwards. If ignorance is bliss, the Western world should be ecstatic. Even as colleges churn out degrees and collect fees, and technology makes information instantly accessible, the basic level of literacy, as measured by such things as reading books and acquainting oneself with the past, is in a precipitous decline…