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Harvard Begins Reinstating Suspended Students In Deal With Anti-Israel Encampment Organizers

Harvard’s interim president, Alan Garber announced in a letter on Tuesday that Harvard University will begin reinstating student protesters who have been “placed on involuntary leaves of absence” and enter discussions about the school’s endowment as part of an agreement between university administrators and anti-Israel encampment organizers…


West Point’s New ‘Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion’ Curriculum Teaches America Is Unfair

The motto of the United States Military Academy at West Point is “Duty, Honor, Country.” Or at least that was the motto until DEI took a red pencil to it and replaced it with three other words. Instead of “Duty, Honor, Country”, West Point now has “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.”


DOJ & Ed Department Both Silent After Teachers Use Taxpayer Money To Criminally Push Gender Ideology

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) and Department of Education (ED) are silent after dozens of teachers used an ED-funded online workshop last week to “trade tips” on how to break state laws protecting children from radical gender ideology and help transgender-identifying students transition at school without their parents knowing…