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The People Who Enjoy Making Everyone Else’s Lives Miserable

Anyone thinking a month ago that the country was putting the tyranny of lockdowns and mask mandates in the past was being unrealistically optimistic. The U.S. is overflowing with an army of nags, busybodies, and stuffy schoolmarms clinging bitterly to the power they’ve had over others since the pandemic began, and the Delta variant arrived for them just in time…


The Deranged Trump-Hating Leftists Are Still Screaming

Conservatives remember well how some liberals and Democrats piteously howled at the moon when Trump won a solid victory in 2016. How thoroughly enjoyable was their dismay.  After eight years of Obama’s self-centered transformation, it was like a dirty work glove slapped across the face of the elite left and the propagandized millions who make their continued political existence possible…


The Secret To Saving America

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The United States of America is in the throes of a full-scale revolution. The new administration, which openly promises to transform America, rewrite her Constitution and “reimagine” all of her bedrock institutions, is being heralded by a shockingly totalitarian censorship campaign targeting everyone in opposition, from Donald J. Trump on down…