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We Should All Know The Name Henrietta Lacks

On a hot summer day, August 1, 1920, a woman named Henrietta Lacks was born in Roanoke, Virginia. Though blessed with the gift of life, she was not blessed with the advantage of good fortune. At the tender age of 4, her mother died while giving birth to her 10th child. Not too long after, her father moved the family to Clover, Virginia, only to abandon them and leave her to her maternal grandfather...


Cruelty Is The Point: Why The Left Media Continues To Celebrate The Deaths Of The Unvaccinated

Since the American people first began to show resistance to government lockdown orders, the News Media has gone out of their way to highlight — and sometimes celebrate — the illnesses & deaths of those who opposed draconian, government, vaccine mandates. The most recent example is former Congressman Allen West, a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas, who announced earlier this month that he had been hospitalized due to the effects of COVID-19. The moment his tweets hit, anchors in the legacy media could hardly contain themselves...


Conservative Diversification And Enthusiasm Make Us Impossible To Stop: The Antifragile Movement

⭐️ Southern Wolf

I am starting to see blue sky at the far edge of the American political horizon. Make no mistake, the clouds of collectivism and globalism are still overhead, and we are right in the midst of experiencing the hell and fury that their storm brings. That said, better days are visible, and the cause of the cloud break is the newly found antifragility of the conservative movement...