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Troy University Will Train Students How To Combat Woke Corporations

Troy University students this fall will have an opportunity to learn about moral and anti-woke business practices thanks to a free market center on campus. Students will learn about the ‘morals and values of good and ethical business practices.’


Op-Ed: ‘In God We Trust’ Belongs In Our Schools

Texas public schools are beginning to hang posters featuring the national motto, “In God We Trust” in their hallways & classrooms. While that would hardly seem newsworthy, the intense backlash the posters have garnered is newsworthy—and points to troubling cultural trends…


Ways to Win The 2nd American CW

The recent clandestine FBI raid on the home of President Donald Trump leaves little doubt that America indeed is in the midst of a second civil war.  The war thus far is a non-shooting war with multiple “fronts” of attack waged and supported by both domestic and foreign enemies.  If they are successful, they will have effectively nullified America’s constitutional republic and negated most, if not all, of Americans’ cherished constitutional rights and freedoms…