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The Democrats Are Waging War

On Sunday, Joe Biden faced the nation…and lied, claiming that, unlike his own experience or that of his predecessors, no future president will have to deal with Americans dying in Afghanistan. This was a lie because Biden himself hasn’t seen any war deaths in Afghanistan. There have been no American combat causalities in Afghanistan for 18 months, thanks to Bagram Air Base…


Teen Vogue Urges Generation Z To Mobilize & Build A ‘Socialist Future’ Claims ‘No Future Under Capitalism’

Teen Vogue urged its young readers in a recent online publication to “mobilize toward building a socialist future” and “shift the tide in favor of socialism,” describing it as “the only system that will guarantee us a livable planet and life unburdened from economic exploitation, crushing debt, and racial castes,” while claiming, “there is no future for us under capitalism.”


Barak Obama And The Broken Nation He Made Come Of Age

Once the symbol of youthful hipness, the former boss of Hope and Change now lectures “young people” on what they should be doing. His legacy is being carried forward by 78-year-old Biden and the 81-year-old Pelosi. That’s above the average age of 80 of the House Democrat leadership. A entire generation doesn’t remember life before the crises he created...