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Dr Fauci Reveals Himself To Be A Fabian Socialist: The Communal Good Is Above Individual Rights

⭐️ Michael Brower

Historically, this type of communal outlook has been used as a talking point to justify some of the darkest times in world history. Politicians, eugenicists and some very disturbed world leaders with grand opinions of their own importance, have long espoused this same ideology.  It is a twisted and sick worldview that eventually leads to the same repeated conclusion...


Teen Vogue Urges Generation Z To Mobilize & Build A ‘Socialist Future’ Claims ‘No Future Under Capitalism’

Teen Vogue urged its young readers in a recent online publication to “mobilize toward building a socialist future” and “shift the tide in favor of socialism,” describing it as “the only system that will guarantee us a livable planet and life unburdened from economic exploitation, crushing debt, and racial castes,” while claiming, “there is no future for us under capitalism.”