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Our Enemies Wait As We Destroy Ourselves

We are becoming a meritocracy that punishes merit and rewards folly. We have all the disutility of a meritocracy—the snobbishness, the restless ambition, the inclination to see merit only in what can be measured or paid for; even the tendency to pull intelligent people out of their native regions and set them down, like gilded tumbleweeds, in places without memory or character. But we get none of the benefits. We punish truth-telling and intelligence, and reward stupidity...


Opinion: Fire The US Marine Corps Commandant, General David Berger

America needs a Marine Corps that wins battles instead of building woke safe spaces.11 Marines came home in boxes after the bombing at Kabul airport carried out by an Islamic terrorist freed from a prison near Bagram Air Base that had been abandoned by Biden. Other Marines were seriously wounded and hospitalized for months after the attack...


Opinion: The Traitor In The White House Must Go: His Administration & He Are Working Against America And For Our Enemies

The news is obsessed with the question of why our troops are not going into Kabul to rescue the thousands of Americans trapped there. The answer is simple and terrifying. We do not have sufficient force on the ground to guarantee that our own forces will not be overrun. We have no one to spare to start patrolling Kabul and transporting Americans to safety…