There Is No Peaceful Solution For America

It’s hard to have faith in any one person to make the necessary changes to save America, after he or she takes the Oval Office. It’s getting even harder to have faith in the American people, who seem to only have sense enough to open their mouths to eat or beg the government for some more “free stuff”, as we see them choose so poorly in one election cycle after another...



he other side of the coin remains a fascist economic system that holds an inordinate amount of influence and power over our Congress and essentially protects the wealthy corporatists today [remember “Too Big to Fail?”] rather than serve all Americans and their interests in the greatest level of freedom and liberty that ensures a high degree of prosperity.

As noted by Albert Schweitzer, doctor, explorer and a man who wanted to save the world…

“Civilization can only revive when there shall come into being a number of individuals a new tone of mind independent of the one prevalent among the crowd and in opposition to it. A new public opinion must be created privately and unobtrusively. The existing one is maintained by the press, by propaganda, by organization, and by financial influences which are at its disposal. The unnatural way of spreading ideas must be opposed by the natural one which goes from man to man and relies on the truth of thoughts and the hearer’s receptiveness of new truth.”

His words inspired the following piece, as I considered what America has been in the past — the Shining City on the Hill — and where She was headed — a Gulag-styled Police State — being driven by the most despicable, dishonorable, immoral and corrupt, traitorous criminals in American history. We can do better. We must do better, if … “IF” … the most weighted word in the English lexicon.

If only a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass every time he hopped. What we are witnessing today is the rape of America.

The old must be made new again, and Americans must be led back to the best ideas of the founding of our nation and far and away from the perversions and subversive notions of Marxist-Maoist communism, which have successfully infiltrated the populace and the highest offices in the land in their slow one-hundred year slog that has recently leapt into a 139 mile per hour race towards the end of our republic.

This nation can’t and won’t survive with its population split between two antithetical ideologies, one — namely Marxism — that should have never been allowed to grow its wings and grow strong enough to restructure and weaponize our institutions in order to dismantle our republic; and, without the luxury of time on our side, this can only eventually be resolved in an armed conflict between those lovers of committees, communism and dictators and free men and women, who reject all who would be their masters.

There’s nothing wrong in using violence against tyrants, who have refused to follow the laws of the land, in order that we may remain free. After all, America was founded in violence and She will be saved by violence and Her hard men willing to make the hard choice.

Yes folks … You can vote, Vote, VOTE and VOTE HARDER, and there will be virtually no changes made in who holds the real power in this country. It certainly won’t be “We the People,” not after sixty years of flooding the country with so many people from regions that embrace socialism and communism and many more years of public education indoctrination and propaganda, that has convinced a growing majority of America’s youthful voters to do the same. And it doesn’t help that the Republican Party opposition to the Democrat Party Communists has increasingly seemed to embrace the notion that the only way they can beat these Marxist-Maoist communists is to become more like them with a twist or two here and there.

Kurt Schlichter, an attorney, author and retired Colonel [U.S. Army], wrote an article [Stop Dooming/9-07-23] not too long ago, suggesting that too many conservatives spend too much time “dooming” and dwelling on all the bad coming down the pike, as he suggested that no defeat is permanent. Well, it can be damned near permanent when the enemy controls the system inside and out and has rigged and changed it in such a manner as to enable it to tighten its grip on power and consolidate that power across the land, at the federal and state level. But sure. Never say never and never quit working and hoping against hope that we can turn back this growing tide of lunatic anti-American, anti-freedom and liberty sentiment that has infected a large segment of our society, like a deadly disease that will eventually kill us all if it’s not stopped dead in its tracks.

But just where is the hope to be found within today’s society and the system as it now stands? That’s the question I put to Schlichter and those like him, who fail to grasp just how far down America has slid towards the dark abyss of a tyranny that would rather destroy everything in its path before relinquishing its power.

Look at Biden’s current far Left policies if you doubt the Democrat Party isn’t intent on totally destroying traditional America, our heritage and the republic, solely to maintain power over all it sees, all in its path.

It’s the bastardized system itself which has been driving the American people into the arms of Big Government and ever increasing authoritarian socialist style governance from the days of Presidents Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Carter on through Obama to the current lunatic madness of the criminal, traitorous Joe Biden. The current manipulations and abrogation of the Constitution are anything but constitutional or mechanisms to defend our freedom and liberty as outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Whether it’s the people on the Left or Right of our political system, there is always a constant hue and cry from the American people for the government to “do something” each time some “crisis” arises that could actually be answered from the private sectors and a coming together of minds to create solutions, as happened all across American history, especially if we consider what the role of private concerns in the expansion of our nation westward, advancements in modes of travel — e.g. the railways and airlines, and modern medicine just to name a few. Essentially, we have become a nation of collectivists, even those who claim to be Republican defenders of freedom and liberty, for very rarely do we actually see the American people reclaiming liberty lost, as Republicans jump on board one Marxist scheme after another, from gun-control and abortion to even climate-change and clean energy, and don’t forget what happened to Obamacare.

Each time an issue is considered by the two diametrically opposed parties, which are inherently pragmatic, at least half of the truth on any given matter is sacrificed and suppressed by a Hegelian dialectic, along with the cause of Liberty, morphing it into something unrecognizable by way of a politically expedient compromise, more times than I can count.

This is the reason Americans witness so many so-called “leaders” on both sides of the political aisle tout deficit spending, direct democracy, lockdowns, redistributive justice and even “human rights” that are questionable at best. But almost always, they fail to understand these are wholly “progressive” Marxist concepts instituted by collectivist revolutionaries determined to suppress our individual liberty and eradicate our republic.

Those conservatives and Christians still voting along party lines currently refuse to face the bitter truth that “their side,” the Republican Party, has abandoned the cause of liberty, by and large, as the past two decades revealed a growing influx of “conservative” members of Congress who don’t really have any problem with collectivism whatsoever, just so long as it’s coming from a flag-waving RINO [similar to the likes of former Speakers John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy] and they’re the ones in charge of the money funding it, witnessed in all its blatant, gross “glory” during the Trump years and since under Biden’s communist regime.

Even worse, America’s Democrat Party Communists and RINOs force the country’s most productive citizens, the Middle Class, fund not just the welfare and warfare states but the enforcement of laws, regulations and taxes that make it near impossible to produce, the barrage of propaganda targeting American patriots, censorship that condemns and suppresses the truth and righteous protest and the totalitarian straitjackets they’ve purchased for us all. Freedom-loving Americans are being forced to pay for our own subjugation and destruction.

Our system, as originally designed, works when our elected officials are morally superior to the rest of us and follow the Original Intent of the Founders to lead the nation down a good path of true equality under the law and prosperity for all. The people America has put into office today are instead the most morally flawed degenerates of America’s entire population.

We can name names if you wish — Joe Biden, Representative Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Rep. Rashid Tlaib, Senator Chuck Schumer and hundreds more throughout Congress and every damned State Legislature in the country.

In 1925, Adolph Hitler noted in ‘Mein Kampf,’

“The most striking success of a revolution will always have been achieved when the new philosophy of life as far as possible has been taught to all men, and if necessary, later forced upon them.”

America is currently struggling against an iron-gripped resurgence of a political movement that didn’t die after 1968. We have witnessed the Black Panther Party revived by way of the Black Lives Matter movement, as Weather Underground propaganda has become truth for much of today’s Democrat Party Communists, as the New Guard leads the Cancel Culture crap in its efforts to hold power forever and protect its dreams and ascendancy towards an American political hegemon.

The bitter truth is Americans fell asleep at the wheel and gave way to the Revolution of 1968 and its “elites” who have since attained many elected and appointed positions throughout our institutions, seeming to have captured them all whether we speak of government offices or positions in the private-sector leadership, to the detriment of our culture and the sciences. The current situation makes the coming war appear to be overwhelmingly in their favor, for the moment, and nearly unsurmountable.

Not only are we currently locked in a Culture War between two antithetical ideologies — the American founding based on freedom and liberty and Marxist-Maoism based on control and tyranny, but we are in a war between Good and Evil, the forces who love Life and Creation against those who love Death and Destruction.

Many have suggested the nation should have an “amicable divorce” between the communists — takers — and the freedom and liberty-loving producers, but this is pure nonsense, since the communists have a heavy presence in nearly every U.S. city, even in conservative “red states.” So even if a large segment actually migrated to the new area agreed upon for their new country, they’d always be looking across whatever new borders were created, as they plotted to take what isn’t theirs, and so too would many Democrat Party Communists refuse to leave red states, as they continued to wreak havoc and create chaos in order to have their demands met.

The biggest lie too many Americans tell themselves is that a “national divorce” could be realized and it would be a peaceful transition.

Almost everywhere one looks, the body politic in America has become heavily burdened by a massive cult of zombie-like Marxist-Maoist communists and their collective mindset. How can only a few, or even several thousand politicians even begin to remotely put a dent in such mass conditioning to relinquish individual liberty, when this conditioning has been underway for at least 150 years? It may be possible, but not soon enough to stop us from falling to a communist dictatorship, which means we will not save America by peaceful means, by voting harder, not today, not tomorrow and not in this decade.

Many believe they can ride the fence and sit the coming troubles out, but they will be forced to make a choice. And as appealing as going off grid and pulling a John Galt may be to many, it will only serve as a temporary respite, since tyrannical government officials and their enforcers can never content themselves to allow anyone within their reach to simply live without answering first to them, in one fashion or another. If America is totally defeated and brought to its end, there is nowhere else to go.

Ever the more radical, hateful and incompetent, the anti-American, red, radical Democrat Party Communists and the Biden regime have shown time and again that there isn’t any moderation in their ranks. They can’t let up even a single mile per hour, not even to slow down a bit when it’s clearly in their interest, often driven by the shrill, screeching demands of their base, their own convictions and the reverence they give to the lunacy and idiocy of their “leaders,” as they worship at the altar of Marx, Mao and Alinsky.

The American radicals and communists have very nearly forced a society upon all of us where literally anything goes. They are destroying the traditional nuclear families and traditional moral values that they spit upon and mock, as they encourage America’s youths, especially those of color, to run wild in the streets, adding to our out-of-control crime problem across the country. Our republic is being dismantled and melting down before our very eyes, and one can only wonder what will happen to this America we love so well once things get even worse, as they surely will if we stay the current course.

America has always undergone changes, but they were most usually changes made after well-considered arguments and discussions between all the people through their own free will. There’s nothing wrong with such righteous change, and our society will continue to change, but its change must not be made by dictatorial measures handed down as “law” after “passing” in some back-alley room in the dead of night and illegal executive orders without the review of the people.

Even though America’s radicals and communists are going to keep racing ahead with their miserable, evil plans for the subjugation of all the American people, the good and decent American patriots still have a short window of opportunity to change our country’s current trajectory and alter the course of history for the better. But if good Americans stand by and do nothing, America’s enemies-from-within — the communist amerikkans — will succeed.

Although most states have laws that require militia’s to be “state approved,” America has moved into a realm where Democrat Party Communists ignore the law and the Constitution at will, and that ship sailed a long time ago. We cannot worry about legalities when dealing with ignoble criminals and a Deep State cabal who has no respect for the original Intent of the Constitution, and we can no longer play by the same rules as our predecessors. We have to organize as we see fit, outside of regular channels and the usual rules of order.

Conservatives must form their own militias at every state and local level, whether they are “approved” or not, and stand prepared and ready to shoot to kill and fight to the death, if it proves necessary to deter the forces of the Enemy-From-Within, by making full use of our Second Amendment Rights and our God-given Right to act in self-defense. We must do so to prevent the federal government — now in the hands of Democrat Party Communists — from holding a monopoly on the power that rightfully belongs to the American people, to be wielded in a righteous manner. If we fail, America will be enslaved. And while I have faith in the power of asymmetric tactics and guerrilla warfare, some 50 million gun owners in America today would be far more effective if they organized to use those tactics intelligently against this current existential threat to all America.

Deterrence is a great defense tactic, but when it fails, it’s better to have many allies than to be left standing all alone in the face of a terrible and deadly enemy with nothing but the wind whistling at your back.

And if one truly believes in freedom and individual liberty and the American idea and Her principles and virtues, a day will soon arrive when each free born American man and woman will have to depend on one another to maintain the security of our respective states, counties and local communities, from criminal, traitorous adversaries acting as agents of the government, as well as from the foreign invasion of Illegal Aliens and the rioters and looters in the ranks of the amerikkan communists within our cities.

Don’t wait ’til it’s too late.

America must eradicate the scourge of communism from every nook and cranny and purge its institutions and private sectors of every last little bit of the Marxist-Maoist philosophy and its influence by every means necessary and every possible means at hand, including expelling the radicals, nihilists and communists from the country, driving them into foreign countries more aligned with their beliefs or into the oceans, or dropping them dead in their tracks where they stand should they refuse.

I’d rather fight a civil war right this minute to decide once and for all the direction America will finally take and to end the communist scourge in America. Fight now, picking up the pieces after the chaos, in order to implement a truly free society that follows righteous law rather than one that follows a tyrannical double-standard of law granting privilege to political cronies to the detriment of political opponents.

Right or wrong, right now I see a situation arising in our country that will end with us having all our rights suppressed for the rest of this century, if we do not rise up and eradicate the current bastardized version of the Constitution and return the nation to an order aligned with America’s original principles and values, the actual founding of America; except with better checks and balances in place this time to ensure that no man or group of men can ever again subvert the nation in so egregious a manner as to put government agendas above the Bill of Rights and our Inalienable God-given Rights.

The American people can hope in one hand and shit in the other, but ultimately, if they wish to remain free, they are going to have to fight.✪


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